What Are All the Different Settings on the Microwave?

Have you brought a new microwave oven to your kitchen? And having confusion about the buttons on the control panel of the microwave oven? If yes, the next question in your mind will be “what are all these different settings on the Microwave?” Right!

Well, the microwave oven has 2 main settings, power level and time. We need to set the temperature and time, based on the amount of food we want to cook. But today’s technology has got advanced and it includes some automatic settings like reheating, defrost…Etc.

These extra settings can lead to confusion.

Don’t worry, this article will make you aware of different settings on the microwaves.

Now, just relax and scroll down for the details.

All the Different Settings on the Microwave

We generally go for the manual book when a new microwave oven has been brought by us. But actually, it’s a good idea to go through a manual before starting any electric/electronic device. But every manual has the same basic setting. So, first, let’s have a look at some of the basic settings in a microwave to set.

Different Settings on the Microwave

Power level

The power level is the basic setting to set before every time you cook food. There are different levels in power setting varies from 100 Watts to 1000 Watts. To set the power level we need to click on the set power level button. It has 5 levels of power setting, namely,

Very Low

This level is suitable for the slow cooking process. This very low power level has a range of 100 watts and less 100 watts power also. There are some foods that require slow cooking like turkey. And you need to remember the cooking depends on the weight of the food.


This low power level is suitable for softening the food. It ranges from 100 watts to 400 watts.

Food like ice cream, butter, cheese, chocolate…etc is melted under this temperature.


This level is suitable for slow baking, and gentle cooking purpose. The range of power level is from 400 watts to 500 watts. This makes the meat tender without drying it.

High Medium

Leftover food works really well at this level. The range will vary from 500 watts to 800 watts. This can be also used for baking purposes.


Food with high water content can be cooked in this category. The power level ranges from 800 watts to 1000 watts. This really helps for fast cooking dishes.

Have a look at the video which explains power level setting with visual pleasure


This comes next to the power level while cooking food yet important to set.

The minimum time is 1 second and the maximum time is 99 minutes and 99 seconds

In order to set the time, click on the “set timer” button on your panel. Set the time depending on the shape and size of the food.

Then click on the start button to start the countdown. The oven will intimate when the time is completed with a bell sound signal.

To cancel your timer while cooking you need to click on the cancel button.


This button will help you to start the cooking cycle. It is pressed only after setting the suitable power level and timer according to the quantity of food.


This button will help to stop the entire cooking in the middle of cooking at the time of emergency. Along with the stop option, some microwaves also have a clear option like stop/clear.

These are the basic setting where you can find in every microwave as common. And here are some additional feature some of the microwave ovens has

Different Settings

The Different Settings on the Microwave are not familiar to us but the usage of these makes our cooking much easier and quicker. Look at some different options on the microwave oven.


This option can be seen in the microwave oven to defrost the frozen food. With the use of a microwave oven, the food gets defrosted rapidly with the microwaves. By setting the button to defrost the oven automatically set the settings to the respective program of defrosting.


The microwave option is used to boil the vegetable which does not require much amount of water to cook. Moreover, it retains the vitamins and minerals in the food after the microwaving process.


Convection mode is based on the type of oven you purchase. If you purchase the convection microwave it has the separate option of convection. This convection mode helps the food to get brown and crisp with the fan inside it. It distributes the heat evenly from all the sides of the oven to food.


The name itself says that it helps the food to get steamed. For this, we need to keep the food like vegetables in the tray and set the oven to the steam option.


This option will grill the food by automatically converting the oven to a grilling machine. But it is suitable for less thickness of the food because of the more the thickness leas to the more uncooked food in the middle of the food. And this will result in the formation of hot/cold spots.

Convection Grill Mode

Convection cooking with a grill option will give much taste to the food. By setting this option, the oven allows the food to get crispy, brown along with the grill.

Upper heating

By setting this option, the oven will allow the upper part of the food to get cooked well. Foods like cake and apple pie require much heat from the top. So, the oven allows the upper heating element to heat the food.

Lower heating

Similarly, some food like pizza requires much lower heat to cook it. So by this option, the dough gets evenly cooked with the heat produced by the lower heating element in the oven.


The different settings are somewhat different from one oven to another by names where some of the ovens have symbols to represent it, but the purpose of these options is the same.

As said earlier, it is always the best option to check the manual before getting started with the new microwave oven you brought. So, do check for your dish code and cook it. Happy microwaving!!!!.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it bad to defrost in the microwave? No, though bacteria gets multiplied in the normal temperature, once the temperature increased to 100 degrees Celsius the bacteria get destroyed with the high temperature.

Can you microwave raw chicken? Yes, we can cook raw chicken in the microwave oven. But we should check for the food whether it is cooked evenly or not as it leads to illness. Even the best microwave is not perfect cooking the raw chicken so check for the evenly cooked food.

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