Best Rain Gauge 2021 – Features & Benefits of Rain Gauge

What is a Rain Gauge?

The rain gauge definition is a device for measuring and collecting the rainfall amount. It is also known as udometer, ombrometer, pluviometer, and hyetometer. The rain station is an instrument used by hydrologists and meteorologists to measure and gather the amount of liquid precipitation of an area in a pre-determined period. This article finds the best rain gauge, wireless rain gauge, digital rain gauge, rain station benefits, rain station, etc.


Rain stations, designed to measure and gather the rainfall that. This useful for meteorologists and farmers to predict the weather to grow crops. It can also use as a casual gardener and hobby horticulturist’s great tool to care for flowers, bushes, outdoor plant life, and veggies. When choosing the best rain gauge, look for the device that meets the need and lifestyle. Ensure the usage is decorative for the yard or wireless rain gauge to read from the indoors.

Rain Gauge Benefits

Below are some of the rain station benefits that help the farmers more.

  • Rain Station is an old century’s tool, and most of those records of rainfall patterns still exist. The data is invaluable for the researchers who study the weather patterns and compare them with today’s climate.
  • Now a day’s many people are using the digital rain gauge. But the original design has not altered much in the past hundred years. Most of the rain stations include a cylindrical cup and a funnel system.

meteorologists rainfall

  • One of the important uses of the rain station is to monitor droughts in agricultural areas and some cities that do not get much rain. The cities frequently experience droughts that will devastate both home gardens and commercial agriculture in the nearby area.
  • Meteorologists will also use a rain station to measure the rainfall forecast and help them create a weather forecast. These gauges will also warn the farmers when will be the next rainfall.
  • A great understanding of the rainfall patterns will help meteorologists to prepare for weather-related natural disasters. They will recognize the recent rainfall patterns, which will indicate a serious storm is on the way.

Best Rain Gauge

AcuRite Rain Gauge

AcuRite Digital Rain Gauge

For the gardeners or those who have a basement that leaks when there is too much rain, using this magnifying AcuRite rain gauge, will help determine whether to water the garden or check for flooding. AcuRite rain gauge measures up to 5inches of rain to monitor for more than a day and is designed to magnify rain measurements over 35% for easy view. It is the best rain gauge and also a digital rain gauge.

With the AcuRite rain gauge, everyone can check how much rain has gotten for that particular day to know when to water the garden or lawn. It is durable and weather-resistant acrylic construction with an easy set-up integrated with a hand hole for wall mounting. The stake sets easily into the ground for use as a landscaping/garden rain Station.

Cost: $29.26

ECOWITT Digital Rain Station

ECOWITT digital rain gauge

ECOWITT Digital rain gauge is also a wireless rain gauge that measures rainfall with 0.1mm/0.01inch resolution, humidity, and indoor temperature with accuracy and precision. It allows monitoring the rain condition in the backyard, garden, farm, land crop, etc., with 300FT/100M wireless rain gauge transmission. It will display rain rate, rain event, rainfall total of 1h/24h, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Twenty-four monthly rain history and 730 days have rainfall records; it also displays a rain grade graph display.

It has a programmable rain alarm and customizable alerts for rain rate, rain event, humidity, and indoor temperature to warn when there is a flood condition and when to turn on the sprinklers. ECOWITT digital rain station will monitor rain comfort with the help of history of high or low records plus timestamp, calendar (time, week, date), and an alarm clock function. The wireless rain station with funnel-shaped rain collector and is easy to install.

Cost: $49.99

Stratus Precision Gauge

Stratus Precision best rain gauge for rainfall

Stratus Precision is of high quality and the best rain gauge everyone needs to buy. The precision is accurate to 1/100th of an inch and easy to read and built according to the US weather Bureau standards. Stratus wireless rain station is easy to install on a post with its exclusive quick connect bracket, removing the cylinder for easy measurement or cleaning quickly. STratus Precision is constructed of heavy-duty, rugged, UV-resistant polycarbonate.

The rain station will stand up to years of rough weather and full sun without rusting or fading and heat and frost resistance. The versatile first inch of rain funnels through the 4-inch diameter top into a specially calibrated measuring tube. Even the light shower registers clearly in increments of 100th of an inch. Besides the rainfall, 11 inches were contained in the outer cylinder until measured separately in the calibrated tubes.

Cost: $37.99

La Crosse Technology Wireless Rain Station

La Crosse Technology for rain fall

La Crosse Translucent wireless rain station with humidity and temperature to know how much rain got overnight. It has a wide-mouth rain bucket self-empties from a collection rocker and transmits over 330 feet. La Crosse is with adjustable settings and customizable rain alert, and an optional backlight feature allows personalizing the display. It requires 6 AA batteries for complete operation.

It has an optional backlight which requires a USB power cord. There is also a language option to select accordingly, like English, French, or Spanish. On-demand backlight requires a power cord for intensity settings, an auto-dimming feature and sensor signal strength icon, and sensor search. La Crosse is having a low battery indicator, free-standing only display.

Cost: $45.90


What does a rain gauge measure?

Rain gauges are meteorologists’ instruments to measure the rain precipitation in a period per unit area. The rain station consists of container collection that can be placed in an open area.

Where should a rain station place?

Keep the rain station open area, far from the obstacles like trees, houses, fences, etc. The gauge, which has a level, is a great way for accurate readings.

What is the Rain Station size?

The rain station size will not matter because it is not the volume but the height of the water it measures.

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