MOQI I7S – The Best Gaming Smartphone for Android


Mobile gaming is growing in popularity over the last few years, booming along with the Smartphone revolution. In the App stores, we get access to and convenient distribution for game developers and graphics.  Most mobile gamers are settling on-screen controls and different imitations. Devices like Sony PSP, GameBoy, Nintendo DS, etc., are battling for the same niche that currently seems compensated to Smartphone. MOQI I7S is also one that every gamer wants to get on their mobile phones.


MOQI is not the lone survivor in the Android handheld realm in the small crowd as one of the powerful and well-equipped consoles. The first thing to notice in MOQI I7S is the tasteful and premium package. The package consists of the unit, a snug plastic cradle, accompanied by good-quality USB type-A to type-C data and charging cable, a slick-looking and quality feeling black quick charge unit that is perfectly capable of pumping out 18W.

Design of MOQI I7S

MOQI I7S is made with unmistakable and sports gaming-centric aesthetics and designs. It uses the snapdragon 710 processors to give the users a perfect balance of efficiency and power while optimizing AI, power, rendering, and performance for the mobile gaming experience. It is also compatible with EU/NA/Asia phone carriers, supports Android 8.1, 6.0 inch full HD, 6 GB RAM, 64GB ROM with expandable memory.

Smartphone mobile gaming

We can spend less time charging the Smartphone and can spend more time playing because of Qualcomm QC 3.0, which has fast charging technology and will increase in charging times over conventional charges. It charges 40% more when compared to other devices because of its QC, introduced first by MOQI. This device also has Qualcomm smart speaker power amplifiers to create a stereo sound experience for any videos and games.

Gaming Features

MOQI I7S can deliver gaming sessions with Wifi 802.11ac/abgn, Bluetooth 5.0+HS, GPS+AGPS, support Qualcomm aptX. It has a powerful 6000mAh battery that lets to game all day. We can run multiple apps without draining the power down quickly to get more enjoyment. It has a liquid cooling technology that efficiently sustains the working temperature. It has Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by), 4G:(LTE TDD), (LTE FDD). 3G: (TD-SCDMA), (WCDMA), (CDMA2000). 2G: (GSM), (CDMA)

MOQI Mobile gaming

It has a 360 degrees joystick, so no need to be in front of a computer or console to get the feeling of playing E-sports games. MOQI has a built-in tracking and connection. No one will experience any lag between moving joysticks and in-game avatars. People can set and change any game controls to fit the play-style while playing and also can create macros and link several combinations of buttons to activate at once.

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