How to make Homemade RF Bug detector? Where to Buy?

RF Bug Detector

RF Bug detector or sniffer are devices that help measure radio signals’ strength and detect hidden wireless gadgets or devices that emit radiofrequency. The detectors used to detect hidden electric surveillance installed to monitor a particular person and secretly know their plans. We can make homemade RF bug detector to save money. We can make homemade RF bug detector to save money.

RF Bug Detector
Police, secret agents mostly use bug Sweepers and detective agents to track suspected criminal behavior. They detect the hidden cameras and devices at beds, cupboards, flowerpots, tables, anywhere sources of RF emissions that are simple to find a bug.

Tools & Materials Needed to make Bug Sweeper.

  • BNC connector
  • Wire strippers
  • 41-AWG enameled copper wire
  • Brass Tube
  • Glue
  • Toothpick
  • Epoxy
  • Solder
  • Screws
  • Cotton swab

How to make homemade RF Bug Detector?

  • First, take all the material and place them on the work table.
  • Secondly, remove the ends of the 41-AWG enameled copper wire using wire strippers. After doing this, the two wires will be exposed.
  • With the 41-AWG, make a coil of 19 turns wire around one end of a toothpick. Do the rounds with one end of the copper wire.
  • Apply glue to the coil’s end. The glue must stick permanently. Run another end of the wire through a brass tube with a 0.09-inch diameter. Now strip another 0.5-inch wire starting from the tube end with the wire strippers.
  • Now connect 41-AWG copper to the BNC connector. There are two wires from the stripped wire. Solder one wire to + of the BNC connector and the other to the – contact of BNC connector.
  • Attach the BNC connector to the brass tube with epoxy and dry it. Apply glue to the cotton swab and rub on the outer side of the wire coiled around the toothpick.
  • Place a toothpick in the brass tube and push the glued wires to attach their sides to the brass tube, and let it dry.
  • Screw the BNC connector to the female BNC connector of the RF voltmeter and turn it on.
  • Test whether it works by moving the brass tube around. If the number displayed increases on the RF voltmeter, the detector caught another frequency from another electronic device or bug.
  • Now successfully made the bug detector at home.

Where to buy Bug Detector?

Amazon is the best place to buy RF Bug Detector at its best price.


To secure privacy, whether in business or at home, a bug detector is the best tool to detect unwanted surveillance. These are used to detect hidden recording devices like cameras, GPS trackers, wireless phones, etc. These are for personal privacy also. It is better to make a homemade detector than to purchase one from the market to save money.

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