Best Longboards 2021 – Types of Longboards for Cruising


Many people don’t know that longboarding roots are from Hawaii. Longboards were from1950s when surfers modified their skateboards to Longboards by giving longer decks and bigger wheels to mimic the rolling motion of the water waves to improve the surfing techniques even on land. Look for the best longboards for beginners and the best longboards for cruising.

Best Longboards for beginners

Longboards are a type of skateboard that is longer than conventional skateboards. These are available in different shapes and are faster because of their wheel size, construction material, and precise hardware. These longboards are also used to travel, cruise, downhill racing, and attract most surfers and skateboarders. Likewise, the popularity rose for high-quality longboards and became more affordable.

Longboards Types

There are three types of longboards according to size, shape, and flexibility.

Flexible Drop-Through Longboards

These longboards have a lower center of gravity, and trucks are mounted by dropping through the deck. It improves the board’s stability, and stress decreases on the hips and lower body so that the brake pushing with the feet becomes easier. The longboards’ flexibility serves o dampen external forces and impacts that help avoid discomfort when gone for longer rides.


Traditional Cruiser Shape

These longboards are medium-length boards that are popular because of their smaller size and kicktail presence that bends upwards and allow for deep carving while minimizing the potential of wheel bite. The traditional cruiser-shaped longboards are maneuverable when getting through crowds and over sidewalks with lesser incidents because the kicktail makes them very easy to control. These types of boards are the best for beginners because of their wide platform and small size that easily accommodate the rider’s front foot.


These longboards are almost like a cross between the flexible drop-through model and the traditional cruiser shape model. It is a top-mounted cruising longboard with more leverage over the trucks that make the board great for cruising or carving on flat surfaces to quickly and smoothly get around town or campus. The board has wheels placed at the end of the deck and is super stable and forgiving.

Best Longboards

Below are the best longboards for beginners and cruising with features; go through the products and choose the best one according to the requirement.

Apollo Longboards

Apollo Skateboards

Apollo is one of the best longboards for beginners and professionals and only uses high-quality and durable material while manufacturing for top-end longboards. It is a sturdy 40inches longboard deck made with eight layers of maple wood that gives you the most awesome cruising, carving, and free riding adventures anyone ever experienced.

Give the kids these longboards that are built with people who have passion and knowledge on longboarding. A team with experience in longboarding and designing will make a longboard complete. These are made with lightweight aluminum and rugged trucks with durable wheels for a smooth and enjoyable cruise. It is best for beginners with a stable run and cool design.

Cost: $139.04

FISH Skateboards

FISH Best longboards for Beginners

FISH are the best longboards for cruising and also suitable for all-level skaters. It comes with a 41-inch design for beginners and pro doing some basic stunts and other tricks. These are stable and durable with high-density eight-layer grades and Canadian maple wood with emery non-slip surfaces. It provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating. It is made with high-quality thick aluminum trucks and steel axles to make them reliable and sturdy.

The maximum supporting weight is 330 lbs which are suitable for adults and kids. With super-smooth HR82A anti-shock PU wheels with super smooth degree Abec-9 chrome steel and SHR95A super, soft bushings deliver a very smooth ride. It comes with All-in-one skate T-tool with everything needed to tighten up or repair the skateboards.

Cost: $65.99

Magneto Longboards

Magneto Best Longboards for cruising

Magneto is the best longboard for cruising and beginners, also with a kicktail cruiser option. The deck is nice and stable without much flexibility that makes it easy and safe to ride. The wheels are soft and nice for extra grip while turning and a smooth ride over rougher roads. It is a versatile board with 44 inches, designed for cruising and skating. Its kicktail makes the board super functional for all sorts of riding styles.

The deck is made with bamboo veneer on top and bottom with a maple core to add strength and stiffness. Magneto makes the deck beautiful and super durable. The sand grit finish provides grip for the feet and shows the beautiful bamboo design. Magneto longboards feature gravity cast aluminum trucks with a 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees.

Cost: $79.99

Retrospec ZED Skateboards Complete Cruiser

Restrospec ZED skateboards

Retrospec longboards are freshest nods to the 1950s make-shift backyard longboards with classic surfboard shape and feel. ZED pintail not only carries here and there but transports back to a time of sun, salty air, surf, dewy nights, breezy days, and reverb-doused hits of yesteryear. It is made with an anti-bite technology that avoids wheel bite at all costs.

Precision ball bearings in the ABEC-7 tolerance grade are ideal for high speed and extreme running accuracy. It has the capability of handling all of the adventures. Enhance the ride with smooth and shock absorbent 70mm polyurethane wheels, plus a rock finish for superior grip. ZED, made from 8-ply Canadian maple, and sustainably sourced bamboo forms an infallible hybrid of strength and pliability in ZEDs deck construction.

Cost: $60.67


What is the difference between a skateboard and a longboard?

A longboard is longer and wider than a traditional skateboard, as its name implies. Longboards make it stable and easier for keeping the riders balanced, especially for beginners.

Are Longboards best for cruising?

Yes, some of the longboards with Pintail are a good option for cruising. These cruising longboards are heavy and also suitable for computing-related usage.


Finally, people who want to get a longboard with strength, stability, and quality can go through the above longboards with features and prices. There are many types of boards for beginners, cruising, and some used as skateboards. Choose the best one according to the need and budget.

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