What are the Best Bearings for Longboards & How to Install Bearings?

Longboard Bearings

Longboard bearings are tiny ceramic or steel balls between the inner and outer race that works with longboard truck and wheels to allow the wheel to spin on board. Choose the high-quality longboard bearings or skateboard bearings that ride long spin, speed, and precision to enjoy the ride truly, so look for the best bearings for longboards available in the market.

best bearings for longboards

We can use the same skateboard bearings to the longboard but must get the larger spacer dimension for large longboard wheels. Ensure the bearings spacer dimensions; when the wheels are small, use 8*8mm spacers, and for large wheels, use 8*10mm spacers. Longboards bearings with high-quality will completely change how smooth, quiet, and fast the longboard will roll while riding. All the bearings are not created equally; if noticed, there will be a difference between the good set of bearings which changes the way of riding.

Best Bearings for Longboards

Here are some of the best bearings for longboards with features and pick them according to the acceleration, speed, and even beginners can choose accordingly.

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

Bones Reds Skateboard

Bones Reds are the best bearings for longboards and skateboards in the world for their awesomeness. The tool, along with the spacer, is decent. These bearings are a good deal for beginners of a longboard. The bearings will spin better than the other bearings when the force is applied. These bearings will allow the longboard to move fast and give a smooth ride.

The bearings’ size is 608 that measures 22mm outer diameter, 7mm width, 8mm inner diameter. Unlike other spacers, each dragon spacer is precision cut for extremely tight tolerances and designed for 8mm axles. Each tool has a 9/16 inch kingpin, ½ inch axle, 3/8 inch hardware sockets, 1/8 inch Allen, and #2 Phillips drivers made from hardened steel with chrome finish.

Cost: $19.95

Yellow Jacket Premium Longboard Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium longboards

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings are used for skateboards, longboards, inline skates, electric skateboards, etc., and have the highest precision in the market. These are pre-lubricated with high-speed racing ultra-fast lube and minimal friction, and the yellow shield will seal the lubricant inside the bearings and wheel. It has cool engraved colored seals for bright colors.

It gives protection from rocks, dirt, and dust and even lengthens the bearings’ life to maintain precision—the Yellow Jacket bearings, built for racing and durability at a fraction of the cost. Yellow Jacket bearings, hand-inspected before packaging to make sure the highest quality for customers. These bearings are designed to last longer than other bearings available in the market.

Cost: $16.99

Heady Shake Pro Bearings for Longboards

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard

Heady Shake Pro longboard bearings are precision bearings lubricated with a special lubricant to make the smoothest and fastest bearings out. It offers a quiet rotation, high-spinning speed, and long-lasting durability for more efficient support. Top-quality bearings used for different skates, including roller and inline skates, longboards, skateboards, and even kick scooters.

The Heady Shake inline bearings don’t just boast sleek, skater-friendly designs; they come complete with eight professional-grade bearings, four skateboard spacers, and a waterproof sticker. Heady Shake longboard bearings, backed with superior craftsmanship, reliability, and a true satisfaction guarantee.

Cost: $22.99

Magneto Slicks Race Bearings

Magneto Slicks Longboard Bearings

Magneto Slicks with high-speed precision race bearings made for speed. ABEC 9, rated with high-quality materials and construction. The Magneto, oiled up and ready for speed with pre-lubricated with high speed, super low friction lubes, resulting in fast speeds right out of the box and made with high-quality stainless steel.

The stainless steel balls heat treating makes the bearings harder and reduces their contact area resulting in even higher speeds and improves durability. It is with a super low friction nylon retainer to keep the balls in place and spinning freely. It is very important to keep the interior of the bearing clean and free of debris. The shield does that without sacrificing the speed.

Cost: $14.99

How to Install the Bearings for Longboards?

skateboard bearings

To install bearings, spacers, and washers is a bit confusing but is very simple. Every wheel of the longboard requires two bearings, so get eight-pack bearings. The washers and spacers are small in size that goes on the axle with bearings, and provide the clearance needed for fast spinning bearings.

Install best bearings for longboard

The bearings will rely on the wheel hubs for placement, and the axle nut must not tighten fully, leading to misaligned bearings. Washers known as speed rings give the bearings extra clearance from the truck hanger and axle nut to spin freely. The order of installing must be as below from truck hanger to axle nut.

  • Washer (Speed Ring)
  • Bearing
  • Spacer
  • Bearing
  • Washer
  • Axle Nut


Depending on the riding style and also the budget, we must choose the best bearings for longboards. People who want longboards for cruising or downhill racing must choose the bearings from the above-given brands. Select the bearings that are great features, within the budget, and with long-lasting durability.

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