What is Magic Shaving Powder? How to Use Magic Shaving Powder?

Hair removal is an excruciating process. We can remove hair by waxing that hurts our skin, shaving, which causes too many cuts and nicks. Still, after two days, only the growth of hair starts, and the other way is to use a depilatory. This chemical hair remover cream generally applies and leave for a few minutes then wipe off, which causes the depilatory effect. Now there is a product which is a white colour scented powder, Magic Shaving Powder. Many people do not know how to open and use magic shaving powder.

What is Magic Shaving Powder?

SoftSheen-Carson Company is behind the Magic Shaving Powder. There are different types like Gold Fragrant, Extra Strength, Regular Strength, and platinum conditioning with Vitamin E and Aloe. Magic Shaving Powder is to remove unwanted hair without using razor or wax. People who suffer from issues like razor burns and ingrown hairs, etc., will use this powder.

Magic Shaving Powder Gold Fragrance

Just mix the powder with water which creates a paste, after applying this paste will break down hair. It is the favourite product of Black men because men with deeper skin will be more prone to ingrown hairs and razor bumps which are very frustrating. The hydroxide in the shaving powder will control the pH level, and the carbonate absorbs moisture to reach closer shave. Magic Shaving Powder is for beard, legs, and even facial hair.


The ingredients in the Magic Shaving powder differ for every line of products.

  • Shaving powder with extra strength ingredients: Zea Mays, Corn Starch, Calcium carbonate, Barium Sulphide, Calcium Hydroxide, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Perfume/Fragrance, Citral, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellal, etc.
  • Ingredients for Gold Fragrant shaving powder: corn starch, calcium thioglycolate, calcium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, polysorbate 21, fragrance, alpha-iso methyl ionone, linalool, eugenol, benzyl benzoate, etc.
  • Shaving powder of Regular Strength ingredients: calcium carbonate, corn starch, calcium thioglycolate, guanidine carbonate, calcium carbonate, polysorbate 21, etc.
  • Ingredients for shaving powder Platinum: corn starch, barium sulphide, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, fragrance, limonene, Citral, Benzyl Salicylate, citronellol, etc.

how to use magic shaving powder

How to Open Shaving Powder?

Open magic shaving powder can use a knife, end of the spoon, screwdriver, can opener, etc. Do not use fingernails to open the shaving powder.

How to use Magic Shaving Powder?

Shaving powder used instead of Razor

  • Use the shaving powder, mix the powder with the equal quantity of water approximately 0.5 to 2 tsp.
  • Stir it well until it becomes paste-like consistency which is not too runny or thick.
  • Now apply the paste to the area where hair to be removed.
  • After applying, leave the paste from 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Wipe off the paste with a washcloth and rinse with cool water.
  • Don’t use the powder within 36 hours of using razor previously on the skin.
  • A shaving powder with the 4.5-ounce container will last for 10 to 15 uses.

Side Effects

It is better than a razor, which causes razor burns and ingrown hairs. But the shaving powder also has chemicals that create irritation to the skin. People with sensitive skin are especially suspected of rage. Test the powder before using as we do it for all other skin products. Apply a patch of it at a small area and see how it reacts.

Where to Buy Magic Shave Powder?

People can visit Amazon online store to get a Magic Shave Powder at a reasonable price, and with the fastest delivery. Apart from online, we can get it at any drug stores, retail stores and even Walmart across Canada and the US.

Cost: Ranges from $3 to $34 dependng on the sixes and types of Magic Shave Powder

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