Best Pool Vacuum Head 2021 – Need to Know Factors before Buying

What is Pool Vacuum Head?

Who doesn’t love the swimming pool? People love to splash around the pool on summer days. Many of them enjoy playing and dancing in the hottest summer. The problem here is cleaning the pool before and after using, and no one wants to talk about it. Choose the best pool vacuum head available in the market to clean the pool.

Swimming pool maintenance is difficult; it needs plenty of repairs and cleaning. The pool cleaning is worse in winter; sometimes, the dead leaves, debris, hair, and fungus will pile up. If the pool left without cleaning, it dries, and critters will form and take residence down.

Best Pool Vacuum Head or Best Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head

We must clean the pool regularly by using a quality vacuum head. The pool vacuum head makes the pool cleaning well with both in-ground and above the pool. The pool vacuum head efficiently collects concrete and acceptable debris with its robust system; it also can be attached to the pool cleaning system. So below are some of the best pool vacuum heads for the year 2021.

What is the Best Pool Vacuum Head?

Aquatic Pro Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Aquatic Pro Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Aquatic Pro is a premium 14 inches flex swimming pool vacuum head. With an aluminum handle, it cleans all pools effortlessly and keeps the pool convenient and straightforward. The vacuum head is with a premium design. The weighted flexible pool vacuum head sticks to the ground and also covers the surface, including corners.

It works with standard telescopic poles and pool vacuum hoses or pipes. Pole is omitted and needs to but separately. The vacuum head has a heavy-duty head, eight weighted plates, strong and long-lasting wheels, an aluminum handle, flexible handle with EZ clips for a fast and efficient finish.

Cost: $29.95

POOLWHALE See-Thru Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head

POOLWHALE Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head

Poolwhale see-thru is the best vinyl pool vacuum head. It has a specially designed vacuum attachment that sinks into the deep end of the pool. The pool head has a triangular plastic body shaped for maneuverability so that the head twists and swivel through corners, walls, and also into crevices that may escape from other cleaning devices.

The vacuum head has an EZ clip handle that fits standard extension poles for extra reach. It has rotative hose fitting, which makes it easy to vacuum without twisting the hose. There are bottom brush and ball wheels at good positioning for more effective cleaning. The triangle-shaped vacuum head molded from soft and elastic, avoid impact and damage to the pool.

Cost: $28.99

Poolmaster Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Cleaner

Poolmaster vinyl liner swimming pool cleaner

Poolmaster is the best vinyl pool vacuum head. It has deluxe nylon bristles along the perimeter and underside of the vacuum. The vacuum head also has stainless steel tension spring handle to help keep the vacuum submerged and level with the pool floor.

There are two air relief valves adjustable to set the suction level that works best for above ground and fiberglass swimming pool and spa cleaning needs. The swivel-function hose adaptor helps in maintaining kink-free cleaning operations. The Poolmaster has deluxe air relief and vinyl liner vacuum work with 1.25 inch and 1.5-inch vacuum hoses.

Cost: $29.39

Fibropool Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Fibropool Professional Flexible Vacuum head

Unlike other vacuum heads in the market, Fibropool created using high-quality materials. It has traditional stiff wheels and a PVC body that upgrades to a thermoplastic urethane to ensure ease of maneuverability along all pool surfaces regardless of contour and material. Fibropool does a generous cleaning measuring 14.4 * 10.5*2.25 inches that provides a more efficient cleaning experience.

It has flexible thermoplastic body hugs every curve and contour of the surface of the pool. The vacuum head also has a chrome-plated metal handle that attaches to standard-sized extension poles while ensuring durability. The vacuum suction port connects to a standard1.5 inches hoses for convenience; proprietary accessories are required.

Cost: $ 35.95

Milliard See-Thru Triangular Pool Cleaner

Milliard See-Thru swimming pool vacuum head

Milliard See-Thru is the best vinyl pool vacuum head. The vacuum head weighted, so it sinks to the bottom of the pool. The triangular shape makes it easy to maneuver along with the corners and walls for complete cleaning. The see-thru design allows seeing everything happening with the vacuum head. There is an 11-inch wide cleaning surface with seven sets of nylon bristles. Those bristles are soft enough for delicate, vinyl-lined pool floors.

The vacuum port fits standard 1.25 inch and 1.5-inch vacuum hoses. The handle has spring-loaded locking clips, which makes it easy to attach to standard extension poles. The vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic, making it comfortable, lightweight, extra durable, and resistant to typical pool chemicals. There are rubber bumpers for the Milliard head edges, which prevent the pool surface from scratches.

Cost: $24.99

What are the factors you need to know before buying?


Now we are looking for the best pool vacuum head, so we also must make sure whether it fits the pole. Some of the products will adjust with any standard type of pole, but some will only go with the brands. Before purchasing, make sure whether a new pole is needed and useful to go when it arrives. It also has to fit the standard sizes and hose.

See-Thru Head

The See-Thru feature will not be available with most vacuum heads, but this feature makes cleaning more convenient. It has a see-through head to view the bottom and ensure to clean the debris without missing any.


With any cleaning product, the wider the product, the fewer strokes required to clean. I prefer mostly 14-inch broad vacuum head, and sometimes the size of the pool is also considered.


Triangle shaped vacuum heads are preferred because it can clean even the hard to reach places and corners of the pool bottom. So it makes it easier to clean every inch of the pool above and in-ground.


The weight of the head is significant while purchasing. All the heads will differ in weights, but heavily weighted heads sink to the pool’s bottom and ensure not to work harder to reach the bottom and stay there.


Sometimes with the pool vacuum heads, the pool’s surface gets bumped, and even scratches form. So to avoid this, look for the product that comes with rubber bumpers around the edges. There will be smooth movement even at the difficult to reach areas where more force required cleaning.


The pool vacuum head’s suction is an essential aspect, as it collects all the debris from the pool. Look for customer reviews, if not sure, with the brands considering cleaning the pool without any residue.

Quality Wheels/Bristlers

Choose the quality bristles or wheels for easy moving at the bottom of the pool. So that the wheels will not get reliable and hairs don’t get shed easily. Purchase the quality one to clean the pool every time.


How often should a pool be vacuumed?

Check the bottom of the pool whether it needs to be cleaned. It is better to clean twice a week during summer and keep the pool clean and hygienic.

If a pool cover is used, we can clean it with more extended periods between vacuuming, but it is better to lift the cover and clean the pool frequently.

How to use Pool Vacuum Head?

  • First, attach the head of the vacuum to the hose line.
  • Now attach the head to the telescopic pole so that it reaches a longer distance.
  • After that, the other end of the hose attached to the intake section of the pool.
  • Now push water through the pole to take the debris with it and clean the pool.


Vacuuming the pool is nobody’s favorite job, but it is something we need to do to keep the swimming pool clean and hygienic. By the above information of the best pool vacuum head, people can choose that fits their pool accordingly.

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