Best Body Pillow 2021 for Side Sleepers & Pregnant Women

Body Pillow

A body pillow is a long, narrow pillow that most people choose to prop up the leg while sleeping on their sides. The pillow helps relieve pressure and aligns the spine and hips as the pillow is a body pillow; many people will choose it for comfortable sleep. People use them under their heads, arms as an added support and comfort. There different styles and models available in the market like an anime body pillow, nezuko pillow, etc., with different shapes like U shape, C shape, rectangular. The best body pillow is used mostly by side sleepers, pregnant women, people with back pain, who are recovering from surgery, stomach sleepers, chronic pain, etc.

best nezuko pillow for pregnant women

The usage of the body pillow depends on its style and shape. Each style and shape will carry distinct benefits. Some of them wrap around the body, and the others will rest on one side of the sleeper. People looking for full-body support can choose u-shape or c-shape pillows, and rectangular pillows are best suited for those looking to prop up their legs or lean on the pillow. Some people say that these pillows will improve sleep quality by increasing comfort and reducing the joints’ pressure.

Benefits of Body Pillow

  • Body pillows will help to relieve shoulder, back, neck, and hip pain. In addition, these pillows will relieve joint pressure, promote proper spinal alignment for stomach and side sleepers, improve blood circulation, and improve overall sleep quality.
  • These pillows will help people train themselves to sleep on the side instead of their back, reducing snoring.
  • Most of the doctors will suggest the best body pillow to reduce pregnancy complications. 25% of pregnant women experienced health benefits for themselves and the fetus in their third trimester and also reduced their sleep time on their back.
  • Pregnant women can avail themselves of health benefits and have comfort and quality sleep during their pregnancy.


Body pillows have different styles and shapes in the market. However, each shape, style, and material has its potential benefits to make it better suited for sleepers.

Styles of Body Pillow

  • The C-Shaped body pillows will provide support around the body of the sleeper. These pillows lie underneath the sleeper’s head, front of the body, and between the knees. This kind of support for the neck, head, and knees will be especially appropriate for pregnant women and people who suffer from aches and pains.
  • U-shaped pillows are for the sleepers looking for cradling sensation that they have a pillow on both sides of the body. These body pillows are one of the best and popular for pregnant women.
  • Rectangular body pillows are a kind of conventional bed pillows stretched out. These pillows are long, narrow, and side sleepers use as back support. Sometimes these pillows are along the front and give rest to arms and legs. It is one of the most common shape body pillows available in the market at an affordable price and provides pressure relief and support.

pregnant women

Filling Material

  • The body pillow is filled with materials like memory foam, polyester, latex, down, etc. These pillows use solid or shredded polyfoam or memory foam. Polyfoam is more breathable than memory foam, so it is the perfect solution for people who tend to sleep hot.
  • Some pillows use synthetic or natural latex, which is popular for buoyant feel and regulate strong temperature, and will suit the people who change their positions a lot while sleeping. It is eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, so most of the shoppers prefer it.
  • Most of the body pillows use fiberfill, and that polyester is the more common fiber used. These are breathable and will suit the people who sleep hot. Many of the polyester body pillows are hypoallergenic and easily washable. People who are allergy sufferers and who maintain a clean sleep surface will choose this type of pillow.
  • The down body pillows are typical with a plush feel and regulate strong temperature. It is always associated with durability and luxury, so people who are exceptionally looking for a luxurious body pillow will prefer this type. However, the pillows filled with down are more prone to lumpiness, spikiness, noisiness, and smells than the other options.

Best Body Pillow

The best body pillow must-have comfort, easy to use, give pressure relief, etc. Below are some of the body pillows with features and prices.

Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow

Snuggle Pedic for pregnant women

Snuggle-Pedic body pillows are for adults to provide premium quality and cozy comfort. These are also pregnancy pillows that are great for cuddling. Snuggle is the best body pillow filled with memory foam; the long pillow contains shredded foam, which helps to support all back and side sleepers. The shape and buoyancy allow the back, hips, knees, feet, and legs. It is to make sure and also make correct alignment all through the night.

The Snuggle-Pedic is a perfect balance of firm and fluffy; these pillows are for everyone who sleeps a lot. It is a big body pillow that lulls while keeping the people cool on hot nights with its luxurious extra-breathable micro vented cover. Each pillow is with high-quality fabric and has a soft, luxurious, extra-breathable bamboo cover in it, and it also has a GreenGuard Gold certification.

Cost: $69.99

Comodo Anime Body Pillow

Comodo Anime body pillow

Comodo Anime Body pillow is a two-way smooth kit with Japanese fabric or batting with polyester and silicone Japanese fabric from Toray and Teijin. It has a special technique for inserting batting and compressed luxurious 2.1kilos of batting into the pillow. All the steps like cutting the fabric, inserting batting, sewing, and packing everything will be performed by hand. Anime pillow employs a two-way stretch knit featuring a proprietary blend of polyester and silicone batting that results in the pillow with a squishy and soft texture.

Anime pillow reduces the slippage between the pillowcase and the pillow to the fullest extent possible that makes sure a snug fit. The smooth textures allow even the anime body pillowcase and other special cases made from urethane materials which will slip on with ease. By using high-quality fabric, the anime pillow will maintain resilience and durability.

Cost: $109.98

Kimetsu Nezuko Body Pillow

kimetsu nezuko body pillow

Kimetsu Nezuko body pillow fabric surface is very delicate and is anti-wrinkle with cotton canvas. The pattern printed on the pillow is on both sides, a good choice to send as a present to the cared one. The material is soft and durable with 100% high quality. In addition, it has a hidden metal zipper closure and a customized pillow cover.

The Kimetsu Nezuko body pillow is the best and will provide great relief from stress and tension. It also helps to get through the night and helps alleviate some pain in the neck, back, spine, hip, and buttock. It has exquisite artistry with a beautiful appearance and unique design that makes the pillow the best choice. Kimetsu nezuko body pillow is also the perfect choice for gifting and collecting.

Cost: $22.29

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Nezuko anime Pillow

PharMeDoc is a body pillow that best suits pregnant women. It has a zipper-removable 100% jersey-knit cotton pillow cover and is machine washable. The body pillow, U-shaped, helps to support the back, hips, neck, head, and knees. It also helps ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, sciatica, and more. In addition, the pillow features a detachable extension that is useful as its full-body pillow or attached for additional back or belly support.

The pillow is excellent for pregnant women with measures 53 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 7 inches high. Although it is an ideal contoured support pillow for the belly, legs, back, and neck, it also provides more support for people recovering from surgery and tired of using separate pillows for neck, head, legs, and back support.

Cost: $47.95


The best body pillow is available with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. These pillows will help people to feel comfortable while sleeping. These pillows especially useful for pregnant women and, apart from that for the people recovering from surgery, people with posture-related back pain.

People who want to get a body pillow must go through the benefits, features, types, and budget before purchasing. There are different types of body pillows available in the market, so choose the best according to the requirement.

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