Our Story

The Home mantra is an independent content publishing agency, which is born out of a community of writers at night party.

It was me ( Jim Dasky),  who pointed out my hassle in finding out a best washing machine for my home over the internet this prime sale, I was disappointed with the lack of clarity and information available for the products. I felt there is a need for the expert advice on these topics.

Oh! did I mention, the whole point of this discussion was started on a beer (technically I was gulping  3rd beer) and I doubt my friends Gregory, Curtis seems enjoying my talk.

Though this discussion was lasted for a while, It caught Gregory’s attention.

To cut short, Next morning Gregory brought up this topic and suggested to build a resourceful website to educate users. I and Curtis were little curious and excited to research further.

After a thorough discussion and understanding the intricacies, we decided to launch The Home Mantra to educate visitors and make internet a better place.

This idea seem’s to be a cake walk for Gregory and Curtis because both of them previously worked at consumer electronics store. Gregory was with technical department and  Curtis was dealing with customer relations.

Both of them are exceptional in their work. So, I need to push little harder to make it happen.

That’s it, end of the story !


Jim Dasky.