What is the Best MCT Oil to Diet & What are the Health Benefits?

In this article, we can learn about MCT oil, the best MCT oil, the best MCT oil for keto diet or ketones, best MCT oil powder; how MCT oils are used for weight loss to coconut oil, etc. So go through the article and choose one that suits you best. Most bodybuilders, athletes use this supplement in their diet.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT is a supplement made from a fat MCT means “Medium Chain Triglycerides.” MCT is easy to digest and absorb in the bloodstream quickly. Especially the keto fatty acids pass faster than the LCTs from the stomach to the liver. If people want to reduce the fat stored as body fat, MCT is the best solution. The carbon atoms are quick and easy to digest than the fats like olive oil.


Using the MCT oils, the fat will readily convert into ketones which avoids the fatigue that accompanies the early stages of ketosis. MCT oils are high in calories also helps to improve digestive health and athletic performance. Some consider MCT oils as an alternative source of brain fuel. MCT oils, prescribed for Alzheimer’s and epilepsy diseases.

What is the Best MCT Oil?

There are different brands available out in the market. Here are some of the best MCT oil for the keto diet and the best MCT oil powder with features.

Best MCT Oil for Keto

Kiss My Keto C8 MCT Oil

Kiss My Keto, best mct oil for keto dietKiss MY Keto MCT oil C8 is a Caprylic acid that is the most effective form of MCT and can raise ketones. It is tested for potency, integrity, and purity. This keto oil is a naturally efficient source of energy on a low-carbon diet. The C8 will increase the extraction of ketones which is approximately three times more than C10.

It comes with a 32 OZ bottle with a dosing pump. It ensures that no unpleasant taste or odor transferred to the oil in its lifetime. Store the MCT oils in a cool and dry place to be no risk of developing plastic aroma or taste. This oil is easily digested, has energy-enhancing C8 fatty acids. Mix up with coffee, ghee butter, salad dressing, and smoothies.

Kiss My Keto is premium quality MCT oil that blends easily with drinks without separating or floating. The MCT oils are responsibly sourced and sustainably harvested by protecting animals, people, and the environment. Kiss My Keto is suitable for all low carbon, keto, paleo, Atkins, vegetarian and vegan diets. Kiss my keto is the best MCT oil for the keto diet.

Cost: $33.99

Natural Force Organic Oil
Natural Force Pure C8 MCT Oil

Natural Force Organic MCT oil, a 100% pure C8 exclusively from USDA organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. It provides 14 grams of high-quality Caprylic acid per 1 tbsp serving and no sugar, no carbon, and only 125 calories per serving; the MCT Oils are the perfect source of ketogenic fats for low carbon keto coffee smoothies and cooking. Natural Force is the best MCT oil for the keto diet.

The package comes in an infinitely recyclable, non-toxic, pure glass bottle. It is a non-GMO verified keto, paleo, kosher, and vegan; the C8 keto oil meets and exceeds rigorous purity and quality standards. Every batch is produced with a cGMP certified facility and a 3rd party lab-tested heavy metals, gluten, molds, and more.

It promotes ketosis, gives instant energy, and is brain fuel. Natural Force is the perfect and best MCT oil for keto diets; C8 converts to ketones faster than any other MCTs, making them ideal for increasing energy levels and fat burning while on a low carbon ketogenic diet. It enhances focus and reduces appetite by modulating blood sugar levels and increasing the satiety hormone leptin so that the hunger reduces up to 50%.

Cost: $44.99

Best MCT Oil Powder

Garden of Life Organic MCT Powder

Garden of Life for ketones

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Keto contains MCT from sustainably grown organic coconuts. It is hexane-free and non-hydrogenated with no palm oil or other filler oils. Just one scoop of unflavoured MCT Oil powder contains 6 grams of fat (3.5 grams Caprylic acid, 2 grams Capric acid, and 0.5 grams Lauric acid), organic prebiotic fiber, and 1.5 billion CFU of probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum in an easy to mix powder.

It is the best MCT oil power, used in shakes, coffee, smoothies, and cooking. This product is USDA organic, NSF gluten-free, non-GMO, Keto, vegan, and paleo certified. It is a fast fuel for the body and brain. Dr. Formulated Keto line specifically crafted to help people enter into ketosis or stick to a low carbon diet for health purposes and weight loss.

Garden of Life Organic MCT Powder is the perfect addition to the keto pantry while providing convenience, no messy oil to deal with. It is perfect for travel, and those on-the-go-just throw it in the luggage or gym bag. It readily absorbed and digested.

Cost: $21.69

Nutiva Organic MCT Powder

Ketones for Keto diet

Nutiva Organic MCT powder is with prebiotic Acacia fiber that delivers digestible fatty acids, which convert quickly to ketones. It also gives the brain, muscles, and other tissues fast and sustained energy. MCT powder is easier to blend in beverages and more gentle on the digestive system. 3g of fiber from prebiotic acacia keeps the gut happy and healthy and maintains zero net carbons.

It contains MCT powder, acacia fiber, tapioca maltodextrin. We must store the powder in cool and dry places, no need to store it in refrigerators. Nutiva is the best MCT oil powder, available in classic coconut, vanilla, matcha, chocolate, and tropical turmeric flavors used to make smoothies, energy bites, etc.

Nutiva is a naturally extracted powder for perfect energy, wellness boosting, ketogenic, paleo-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, whole food diets, etc. It is 100% organic virgin coconut oil. And also patented USDA certified. It partnered with organic farmers to source the world’s finest fresh non-GMO organic coconuts to deliver superfood, which is good.

Cost: $31.01

Science-Based Benefits

Four types of MCTs exist, and people use only Caprylic and Capric acids, most commonly for MCT Oils. There are seven scientific health benefits of adding MCT oils to the diets.

  • MCT oils support weight loss by increasing fat loss, fullness, ketones production, improving the gut environment, etc. 
  • This oil transported and absorbed easily throughout the body, and used as an instant energy source.
  • It potentially increases fat burning and reduces the need for carbons during exercise.
  • The oil improves brain function and helps people who have Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Epilepsy.
  • MCT oils have fatty acids, which reduce the growth of bacteria and yeast. This MCT has different types of antifungal and antimicrobial effects.
  • MCT oil helps to reduce risk factors of heart diseases like cholesterol, weight, and inflammation.
  • This oil potentially helps to manage people with diabetes by reducing fat storage and burning it. In this process, the blood sugar managed.


People want to get plenty of fats from nuts, fish, and other whole food sources. There are plenty of benefits to consuming more MCT supplements as a part of the diet. MCT easily absorbed and does not require bile or pancreatic enzymes to absorb. When selecting one of the best MCT oils, choose the C8, which is highly ketogenic. Avoid cooking or using the oil in hot dishes with C8 MCT oils.

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