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Beer Tender

Beer Tender manufactured by Krups with a joint venture of brewer Heineken. It is a keg-tapping system used at home. Krups is a worldwide leader group for small appliances. Heineken is a leader in premium imported beer from Europe. BeerTender is the ultimate draught beer to experience at home.

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Krups & Heineken jointly launched a few models

Krups C75 Beer Tender Home Beer is having a Tap system with Heineken Draught keg Technology. Beer Tap-system with a 5 liter Heineken Draught Keg (sold separately). It has carbonator pressure technology which maintains the freshness of beer for up to 30 days.

The BeerTender is having an LED display by which we can view the volume and temperature indicators. It has a silent cooling system that provides constant and consistent cooling of 5liter Heineken Draught Keg and keeps it at 41-degrees F ideal temperature.

Krups C75 Beer Tender is having a detachable pour handle, draw spout, and a removable tray. It is easy to operate and clean, in the beer tender 10 disposable draught keg tubes included.

Krups C75 BeerTender Home Beer

Just run the kegs plastic tube to the BeerTender tap and we are done, inserting the keg takes just 15 seconds. The product dimensions are 18*12*19.5 inches and with 15.85 pounds weight. The product is having a one year warranty.

Cost: $399.99

Krups C75 BeerTender Home Beer

BeerTender from Heineken and Krups B90 Home Beer

The product dimensions are 19.5*12*18 inches and with 13.23 pounds weight. The product is not having any warranty.

Heineken and Krups B90 Home Beer

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender

B100 Beer Tender maintains beer at an ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees F. It is engineered to work exclusively with Newcastle Brown Ale, Heineken, and Heineken Premium Light. The BeerTender has an ultra-quiet and efficient Peltier cooling system that provides consistent and constant cooling of the keg.

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The product dimensions are 21*12*18 inches and with 14.3 pounds. The company is giving a two-year worldwide warranty.

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender

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