Best Rice Dispenser 2021 – Benefits & Factors Considered

Rice Dispenser

Rice Dispenser/Rice container makes life easier when rice is the common ingredient in day-to-day life. The best rice dispenser must have a large enough capacity and a reasonable size that suits the shelf/counter space. The Tupperware rice dispenser is available in many sizes; the largest storage is a 50 lb rice dispenser for restaurants. Before buying one, consider the factors like high-quality, easy to clean, with reasonable cost and storage.

50 lb rice dispenser

A dispenser is a storage unit for storing and holding the rice at home. It is an appreciating kitchen device. These are designed to keep the rice fresh, insect-free, dry, and easy to grab the required rice quantity by pressing a button or pulling a drawer. The rice container’s main advantage is to easily top-up rice without worrying about using the old rice first.

Best Rice Dispenser

People looking for a perfect and best rice dispenser for the kitchen can go through the below features.

Aroma Housewares

Aroma Housewares

Aroma Housewares will eliminate clutter and keep the rice fresh for a long time. It is the perfect container for rice and whole grains and beans. The compact design of the dispenser is made to fit any pantry or cupboard. It can store up to 22 pounds of rice and a pre-measuring system of 1 cup of rice per button push. It also has a smooth funnel design that prevents clogging for easy dispensing every time.

The Aroma Housewares is a unique dispenser on the ARD-125, which allows for a variety of small bulk foods to be stored. It allows a large capacity of contents preferred to be stored in a space-saving container that fits nicely on any countertop for easy access. Aroma Housewares has a convenient dispensing system, and to add, it has a unique funneling design that allows effortless use without the risk of clogging the machine. It is a Tupperware rice dispenser.

Cost: $49.89

CookMax Stainless Steel 50 lb Rice Dispenser


CookMax Stainless Steel dispenser has a smooth modern shape that adds to the interior’s elegant atmosphere and a decorative effect. It keeps the rice fresh for a long, convenient dispenser and eliminates clutter. It is also great for beans, whole grains and fits in a pantry or cupboard. CoolMax is a 50 lb rice dispenser with pre-measured rice or grains dispensing system. The dispenser has a smooth funnel design that prevents clogging.

The rice container suits best for the people who cook rice frequently and for keeping large stock at home. This dispenser is the ultimate accessory for storing rice and grains safely and easily. It has a feature of closed-end design to prevent insect and bug infestations. Just select the rice amount that flows smoothly into the drawer at the dispenser base and fit easily anywhere.

Cost: $149

Letusto Storage Container


Letusto rice storage container is an easy one-touch automatic dispenser. Just set the amount of rice needed by pressing a one-touch button. It keeps the rice fresh and clean, prevents bugs and insects. It comes with a double-sided lock buckle design to provide safe sealing and avoids dust and moisture. Letusto is a Tupperware rice dispenser that stores up to 26 lb of rice with its maximum storage capacity.

The Letusto container prevents rice grains from falling out when the rice is taken from the bucket, and the outlet channel closes automatically. Due to its design, it will dispense the first poured rice (old rice) to consume. By this, the rice condition will be best at all times. It also helps to organize the kitchen so that everything looks nice and tidy.

Cost: $59.95

Panghuhu88 Food Storage


Panghuhu88 is the Tupperware rice dispenser for which the countertop is big enough. The capacity of the container is 33 lb which meets the family’s needs. It has a seal locking lid that prevents moisture and keeps the grains fresh and efficiently. The transparent design makes it possible to see the remaining ingredients inside clearly. The sealed storage is suitable for storing rice and flour, nuts, grains, sugar, cereals, snacks, beans, and even pet food.

The rice container storage is made with PP material; there is a drawer for rice at the bottom to ensure that no grain is wasted. It has a transparent body so that we can see the rest rice inside. The measuring cup has a tight and good seal to block the moisture in the air. With this feature, the grains will be drying and guaranteed to be fresh.

Cost: $51.99

Benefits of Using Rice Dispenser

There are multiple benefits of using the dispenser; below are some of them.

Best rice dispenser

  • With the dispensers, there will be excellent space to store the rice. No need to worry about bugs; moisture getting into the rice. The dispenser container is airtight and keeps the rice fresh for a long time.
  • The dispensers will keep the rice and the room tidy without any messes.
  • Many people purchase rice in bulk so that the rice gets cheaper. To store rice in bulk quantity, a dispenser is the best option to fit many pounds of rice.
  • Dispensers will have the pre-selected option so that just pressing a button or pulling a drawer gets the required quantity of rice. People can select from a quarter cup to a full cup of rice.
  • While filling the dispenser, old rice comes first and finishes first before using the new rice. No need to worry about the rice; we get fresh rice to cook.

Factors Considered Before Buying

While purchasing the dispenser, we need to consider factors like capacity, material, size, performance, design, and cleaning.

Tupperware best rice dispenser


If anyone plans to get a rice dispenser, they must use the rice in their day-to-day life. Choose the dispenser that is well-constructed and with durable material to last long. Most of the dispensers made with plastic; if the plastic is high-quality and non-toxic, we can use it for a long time. The parts of the dispenser, especially the drawers and the buttons, should not be flimsy.


The key factor that should consider in the dispenser is capacity. Purchase a dispenser according to the usage of rice. If people get 50 pounds of rice, then get a container with a 50 lb rice dispenser so that there will be no need to store the remaining rice in the cupboard. If people use rice often, less can go for the dispenser with a smaller size. It will be easy to store on the counter space.


The regular rice dispenser does not come in fashionable designs. They look like desktop computer towers, typically in cream or white. People who look for simple designs or the dispenser’s counter space don’t grab the attention can go with basic design.

Some people look for dispensers looking for them; the dispenser with soft edges and modern minimalistic design will fit. The dispensers made with a stainless steel look beautiful when placed between the steel devices and details in the cooking area.


The size of the dispenser depends upon the capacity. Purchase the rice dispenser depending on the kitchen counter space and the utilization of the rice.


Clean the dispenser regularly to eat fresh rice; if it is not cleaned, the dispenser becomes dirty, and rice will also become dirty.


Read the rice dispenser performance reviews like the device operation will the rice spill out, is the container seal tight? The other important factor to consider is its dispensing quality. Many dispensers will allow controlling the number of rice spills with each button press.


People who want to avoid the kitchen clutter and save cooking time can go for the dispenser. Most people use rice in their day-to-day life; for them, a 50 lb rice dispenser is the best option. Go through the reviews and recommendations on the important information and make a decision. Finally, make sure that the dispenser needs and get one according to the budget.

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