Will Air Purifiers remove Cigarette Smoke or Filters the Air?

As smoking is injurious to health no one listens to it. It makes everyone to addict to it slowly and permanently. And results in emerging a chain smoker. Speaking the fact, the people who inhale cigarette smoke equally affected by who smokes a cigar. So, there are also equal chances for both the people who inhale and smoke. Will Air Purifiers remove Cigarette Smoke

It is also one type of air pollution. But no one is ready to face any other pollution as the health conditions are getting worse by inhaling the pollution.

Meanwhile, many of us, even everyone likes to have fresh and clean air right in their homes by purchasing the best air purifier. 

But, the question is “Will air purifiers remove cigarette smoke?”

Yes, there are some specialized purifiers with advanced technology are helps in removing cigarette smoke in the air. The filters in the purifiers are the main component to remove the smoke particles in the air. 

Are you the one who is searching for in-depth details of the above topic, then relax, you have reached the right platform.

So, spent your time wisely by referring to this article than smoking a cigar…

Will Air Purifiers remove Cigarette Smoke filters the air

How does an Air Purifiers remove Cigarette Smoke?

Before starting with the main answer it’s better to know what cigarette smoke contains. The cigarette smoke contains many harmful gaseous mostly pollutant gaseous which can easily travel a longer distance and affect the non-smoker with the same effect of smoking a cigar. 

When it comes to the air purifier, the working of it depends on the filters used in it. Every type of filtration required a special type of filter to remove the impurities in the air.

So, let’s make it more clear by discussing it’s working to remove cigarette smoke.

Will Air Purifiers remove Cigarette Smoke?

Process of Purification

  • Firstly, by switching on the air purifier the fam motor in the will start rotates and takes the air inside the room into it.
  • After taking the polluted air, the purifier will allow the air to pass through the pre-filter.
  • In this pre-filter phase, the polluted air containing large dust particles like dust mites, dog hair, etc will get trapped by the filter. Due to this filtration, the further strain at filtration will get much easier for the air purifier to purifier the polluted cigarette smoke air.
  • Next, the half filtered polluted air will get pass through the Carbon activated filter. The carbon activated filter used to remove the gases and odor from the cigarette smoke which is not possible by the normal filters. This filter gets to trap the particles which cause smoke and odor by cigarette smoke.
  • After getting filtered by carbon activated filter, there will be a chance for the micro and nano-articles of smoke will get released by it.  In order to filter these particles, we then need a high rated HEPA filter at the end.
  • A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency particulate air filter that will trap the dust particle of 0.1 to 0.5 micro range. This results in filtering the cigarette smoke and odor from the air. 
  • However, before passing the cigarette smoke through the HEPA filter there is a chance for many other filters to place behind it for better purification like Ionic filter, anti-bacterial filter, photocatalyst filter…etc
  • Finally, the clean and fresh air which is free from cigarette smoke will get passed through the fan motor fixed-right next to the end of the blower. The fan motor fixed her will increase the speed of filtration and blowing fresh air into the room.
  • This is how an air purifier traps the cigarette smoke by using the filter in purification.

Now, let us know what happens if we got attacked by cigar smoke…

Cigarette Smoke Effects:

Scientifically, there is no way to escape from the cigarette smoke even though you are far 25 feet away from the person who is smoking. You will still have 64% of risks by inhaling it.

Feeling anxiety and tired, lung cancer, bronchitis, blood pressure, blood clots, hair loss, graying, mouth cancer…etc are some of the effects caused to the smoker and second-hand smoker too.

People who are suffering from asthma and breathing problems, then they need to face more risks than normal as it will increase the range of the disease.

Check out the video for more effects of cigarette smoke,

This is all fine to know, but what can we do to avoid cigarette smoke as second-hand smoke?

How to remove Second-Hand Smoking?

Here are some tips to follow which will help to remove the second-hand smoking.

Take out all the curtains, pillow covers, sheets, towels..etc, and soak it in a warm mixed with detergent for washing.

Vacuum the areas of carpet, couch, floor to remove the residue of second-hand smoke.

Clean the floor as often as possible and use a fan to blow out the smoke outside. 

Try to repaint the walls with the new paints.

Following these tips will actually help in stopping the cigarette smoke from your indoors.


Even though there are many advanced technologies to remove cigarette smoke from the air. It is always the best option not to get exposed to it and be as far as possible to avoid the second-hand smoke effects. This makes you and your family free from all the risks caused by it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Does cigarette smoke contain nicotine? Yes, cigarette smoke contains nicotine in it. The nicotine released by it may also affect the second-hand smoker with the same effects of nicotine who smoked.

Q) What absorbs the smell of smoke? Activated charcoal is the best thing to absorbs the smell of smoke which acts as a neutralizer and removes the smell.

Q) How long does it take for cigarette smell to wear off? In General, it takes 45 mins for a single cigarette smell to wear off from clothes. And the time gets continuous tot he further 15 min on taking another cigarette. 

Q) What kills the smell of cigarette smoke? Ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, charcoal, ammonia, steam will help in killing the cigarette smoke.

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