Why my Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air? How to Fix the It?

Why my Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air?

It is very obvious to say that no matter how unexpected the weather is, an Air Conditioner is the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to relax after a hard-pressed day. Even, I turn on my AC, right after when I am home. As my days are going well, one fine day I found that my Air Conditioner is blowing warm air.

Generally, everyone picks up the phone and makes a call to the serviceman when they found anything fishy with their appliances. But I just want to know, Why my Air Conditioner is blowing warm air?

As per the search, I came to know that there are many reasons/causes for the problem of warm air blowing by an Air conditioner are lies inside the components of the AC inner and outer unit like, 

Compressor fails

Refrigerant Leak

Dirt on Condenser unit

Air Filters Dust

You might get confused with the technical terms if you are not aware of some basic details of the AC. But not me …Coz I have the basic knowledge about these terms.

Then No worries, I am here to tell you about these technical terms and causes along with quick fixations. Before starting, you need to know these terms for clear understanding, so, it’s better to begin the article with…

The Working of an AC

Basically, the working of an AC depends on 5 components. Namely,



Expansion Valve


Refrigerant (liquid component)

Firstly, a refrigerant in AC is one of the main reasons for causing the cooling effect inside a room. This refrigerant is filled in both the connected coils of the Condenser (set of coils) and Evaporator(a set of coils).

These Condenser coils are located outside of AC and the evaporator coils are present inside the AC unit.

The refrigerant filled in the connected coils first passes through the compressor, which is present outside of the ac unit. The role of the compressor in the AC unit is to increase the level of refrigerant pressure too high. Because, the main principle of ac to the high-pressure substance to the low pressure, which results in the formation of coldness where you can practically see in the deodorant spray.

When you spray deodorant, the are of your skin feels some cool effect because the liquid comes from the high-pressure spray bottle to the lower atmospheric pressure. And this what actually happens in AC in a little high amount. Coming back to working again, the high pressured liquid coming from the compressor will pass in the condenser coils. Here a fan is fixed back to the condenser coil blow air outside.

Then the liquid is passed through an expansion valve, which converts the high-pressure liquid to the low pressure along with cooling effect. The low pressure/cold fluid then reaches the evaporator coils and makes the coils to reach low temperature.

Finally, a fan fixed back to the coils blows air through the coils and makes the room cool. This is how AC works. 

Now, with the above reference, we can move on to the causes of hot air from an AC along with fixes…

Causes and Fixes for an Air Conditioner blowing Hot Air 

The following are the causes for hot air blowing in Air Conditioner along with simple yet effective fixes.

Compressor fails

As we discussed earlier, the compressor is present outside of the AC unit, any contamination, overheating and pressure to the compressor will result in damage to it. The contamination by the water, dirt, air…etc will reduce the effective working of the compressor and converts the refrigerant to the normal pressure than usual. Low pressure from the compressor means a low cooling effect. You can also refer to the article (Click here) for the other reasons which lead compressor to fail. 

Quick Fix:

In order to fix the problem quickly, you need to check the condenser unit whether it has contaminated or not.

Dirt on Condenser unit:

If the working of a compressor is ok, then stay back at the outer unit, because you need to check the condenser unit which is also present at the outer unit. As it is located outside, there are high chances for the dirt formation on this unit. The dirt formed on this unit will reduce the release of high pressure than usual reduction by a fan fixed back of it. And this also results in less cooling effect which I mentioned above.

Check the video for how to clean the outer unit coils,

Quick Fix:

Remove the dirt on the condenser unit with a brush and cloth if you found any.

Air Filters Dust:

It is to say that, there are air filters present inside the inner unit. These filters, filter the air of the room and allow it to pass through the evaporator coils again. The damage/dust-filled filters will allow the dust-filled air on the evaporator coils which results in the dust formation on evaporator coils. And finally, it reduced the cooling effect.

Quick Fix:

Take out the air filters and clean/wash to remove all the dirt formed on it. Use a toothbrush to remove the dirt effectively.

Refrigerant Leak

If you have a dustless filter, now you need to check for the refrigerant. Leakage in refrigerant results in less refrigerant presence. Lesser the refrigerant lesser the cooling effect. 

Quick Fix:

However, we cannot check the refrigerant level on our own. So, if you are ok with all the above issues, then you need to call a serviceman for the refrigerant level check.

Finally, pick up your phone and make a call to the nearby serviceman for an immediate fix……

Conclusion for Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

I can conclude hereby with a solution for a random mistake we do without our hand i.e turning on the heat mode. Do check for the heat mode function and turn it off if you found it on. Something the button will get enables without our hand too. So, do check…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is AC gives hot air? Yes, an AC can blow hot air when it has a heating pump inbuilt. This option can be enabled with the help of heat mode in your remote.

Q) How quickly should AC cool? The cooling power of your AC depends on many factors like its power, size, brand…etc. But a properly working AC can cool the 4 rooms within 3 hours.

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