Which Vacuum Cleaner has the Most Suction & Role of Suction Power in Vacuum Cleaners?

Which Vacuum Cleaner has the Most Suction?

It’s always been a big task to clean up our home on weekends with a vacuum cleaner. I spend nearly a whole day to clean my home with 4 rooms. Unfortunately a bad weekend!!!

Although vacuum cleaner reduces the time in cleaning, and it entirely depends on how good the suction is in the vacuum cleaner to clean the tiny dirt in one or several strokes.

Why I’m pointing the suction of vacuum here? Coz we can clean it with a single stroke with less effort, right!

But, Which Vacuum cleaner has the Most Suction? The Vacuum cleaner which has a high suction power reading has the most suction. This suction power is measured in many ways like Watts, Amperes, Water lift, Horse Power, Air Watts, and Airflow. Each measured suction has different units to display.

Finding a Vacuum cleaner with high suction power is not that so difficult if you go through the article which makes you aware of depth details of Suction power measurements of a vacuum cleaner. Spend your time wisely by referring to the article below…

Wait.. we can get a clear idea if we know about what actually suction power means in Vaccum cleaner.

What is the role of Suction Power in Vacuum Cleaner?

Suction is a process of partial vacuum creation, where it draws a high-pressure area to the low-pressure area(vacuum)i.e which forces the lighter particles to suck inside the vacuum space. 

Similarly, this phenomenon works in the vacuum cleaner where the suction helps the vacuum to suck the dust particles. To get the dust particles very effectively, the vacuum cleaner requires certain power to suck it, called suction power

However, the vacuum(low-pressure area) here in the vacuum cleaner is created by the motor fixed in it. So, this is what the suction power means in a vacuum cleaner, which is one of the important factors to consider.

Now move on to the question, How to check for the suction power on Vacuum? 

How to Check Suction Power in Vacuum Cleaner?

As said earlier, the suction power is measured in the different types of units, Let us get into the details briefly,


This is the common unit to measure the unit of power supply. But this measurement will not tell you about the performance of the vacuum cleaner, it states only the amount of power supplied to rotate the motor in the vacuum. The more the watts supply, the more the motor rotates, which results in high suction power. However, the range of the watts in a vacuum cleaner is about 250 watts – 480 watts.


Ampere measurement in the vacuum tells you about the power supply taken by the whole Vacuum cleaner including the light bulb, power nozzle motor. Generally, the range of the amperes in the vacuum cleaner is about 4 – 12 amp.

Upon all the electrical components, the vacuum motor consumes more amps which makes them rotate. So, the more of amps range is the more of suction power to the motor.

Water lift

This measurement is somewhat different from all the other measurement because it is a kind of test which tells you about the suction forces of the vacuum by measuring water level increases. It is also called the seal suction unit. This is the pure suction force measurement test where it has a tube filled with water in a sealed unit.

The test starts by switching on the vacuum. We need to observe that, higher the level of increase in water indicates the higher of suction force.

Maximum suction power will reach nearly 9 inches from the initial level.

Air Watts

It is measured for the unit of air carried from the vacuum nozzle to the watts used by the vacuum cleaner. Probably, you can see this type of measurement on most of the vacuum cleaners in the market. The range of air watts measurement in the vacuum cleaner is about 100 AW – 220 AW.


This measurement is also called CFM which means the Cubic Flow per Minute which means the amount of air sucked in a minute within the cubic feet by the cleaner. It is a very important measurement to calculate the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Here, the higher of CFM reading the higher the suction power of a vacuum.

Usually, the range of CFM is about 45 CFM – 200 CFM.

You can even test the CFM of your vacuum cleaner for better suction.

We came to know that the main advantage of having a high suction power is high and effective performance. 

But what about the disadvantages,

Yes, higher suction power also has disadvantages too…Let figure it out.

Disadvantages of the high suction power of Vacuum cleaner

High suction power results in more energy consumption which leads to a quick increase in electricity bills.

Also, there is an increase in noise while working. The AC motor in the vacuum the main reason for the suction power to make noise when switched on. But we can observe less noise in a vacuum which has DC motors.


Finally, it’s you to decide the range of the suction power because the range will depend on the purpose it is used for. If you want to clean your home, then go for a moderate range of suction power. Or If you want to use it for an industrial purpose, then choose the high range of suction power. 

So, do check for a suction power range right in the column of products feature while buying.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is a higher wattage vacuum better? In the case, if you want a vacuum cleaner for industries, then a high wattage vacuum cleaner is suitable. If not choose a medium wattage for home, office purpose. Because of the higher wattage results in more energy consumption and increases in electricity charges.

Q) How many watts does a vacuum cleaner use per hour? It depends on the number of watts that a vacuum cleaner runs. For example, if you are using 1000 watts Vaccum cleaner then it uses 1 kilowatt per hour.

Q) Are expensive vacuums worth it? Probably, No. It’s not about the bucks you purchase it about the performance of the vacuum cleaner. There are some vacuum cleaners with fewer cost performs well when compared to an expensive one. For example, check out the video of Good Mythical Morning which proves that cost is not at a matter to consider for better performance. Click here for the respective video.

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