What is the Purpose of an Air Conditioner Filter & Types of Filters?

Purpose of an Air Conditioner Filter

When the topic of AC rises, many of us discuss energy bills, sickness, cooling effects, etc caused by it. Isn’t it? In spite of that, none of us knows all these factors depend on the filters present in an AC. Yes, an air filter can decide most of the factors which cause an AC to run. You can know this if you are aware of the purpose of an Air Conditioner Filter….

Wait…By the way …Do you know what is the Purpose of an Air Conditioner filter? 

The role of an Air conditioner filter is to keep the circulating air of AC clean by releasing the fresh and clean air back into the room. The cleaning involves trapping all allergens, bacteria, germs, viruses, through the filtration process by the filter in AC. 

In simple, the filter in AC is to filter all contaminants in the air that passes through AC. Knowing much about the filters in AC will actually help in many aspects of maintaining a good conditioned AC.

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It is to say that we are done with the purpose of the AC filter just now. So, let’s start with the type of filters in AC we have.

purpose of air conditioner filter

Types of Air Conditioner Filter

A filter is a minor yet crucial component among other important components of an AC unit. This crucial component has many types in it. Namely,

Fiberglass Filters:

This is the cheapest filter among all the types as it can be disposable which causes less effect of strain towards cleaning. Fiberglass is the best option if you go for the one time use and throw.

Plastic Mesh Filters:

As the name itself says about the type of material is made up of. This plastic mesh is quite expensive yet durable for a long time. Reusability is the added asset to this fister as it can be washed with a normal dishwasher and can be replaced back after drying completely.

Pleated Fabric Filter:

This type of filter has more ridges and layers of fabric to trap the contaminants very effectively. It also costs a little expensive but also gives a worthy performance. In addition, it is very suitable if you go for more durability.

HEPA Filter:

The abbreviation of the HEPA filter is the High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. According to the Department of Energy, this filter will trap up to 99.97% of all the contaminants that pass through it. People who choose for the high-efficiency filter, this filter is best to filter allergies causing germs and viruses. 

Electrostatic Filters:

This is quite different from other types of filters as it works by magnetizing the dust, contaminants from the air with the help of electrostatic electricity. These trapped dust particles are removed by washing with water or by vacuuming also.

Though the main function of ac filters is to filter the contaminant the efficiency will vary based on the types.

If you are not sure about the type of filter you can even check for the MERV Rating on it.

MERV Rating…..?

What is a MERV Rating?

The abbreviation for the MERV is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This is a type of rating that tells you about the efficiency of a filter in the number based on its performance.

The range of rating is from 1 to 16. More the rating, states the high performance of the filter which involves removing the contaminants from the air.

Choosing the filters which have a moderate rating around 9-12 is the best for AC filtration. Because the one with more rating will have a high efficiency of filtration and also obstruct the airflow to the AC.

The obstructed normal airflow will result in some damage to the AC unit.

Check out this video to find out which is suitable for you

It’s really fine till now about air filter of air…but, what about a filter if it gets clogged with dust after usage.

Dirty Air Filter in AC:

This is the important thing to know in order to summarize the air filer details. 

The circulated air inside the AC room also circulated dust and contaminants with it if the filters are not cleaned/changed frequently.

It is always the best option to check for the dust-filled filters at least once a month.

Consequences of Dirty AC Filter:

The dirty air filter causes many problems for humans as well as the AC unit too. Some of them are

Hike in Electricity bill, the clogged air filter will make the AC unit work more hard in order to cool the room which results in high energy consumption.

Increases allergies/asthma, the clogged air filter will not work efficiently to filter the allergens, germs…etc

Freezing up internally, due to the inadequate airflow the cold air ends up freezing inside components internally.

Damages the components, the dust that entered without filtering will enter into the internal components and make the components to work improperly by shutting on and off frequently.

Finally, whatever the type of filter you have, you just need to monitor it every month for better performance and get the HVAC Service done at regular intervals of time.

Air Conditioner Filter Conclusion:

Having known all the details about AC air filters now might be aware of what to choose in an air filter of AC, which one is the best according to your needs along with the consequences that happen if we don’t keep it clean. So, take care of your AC filters. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Why do my air filters get black so fast? It always depends on how much dust is present in the AC surroundings/room. The more dust in the room results in making your filter black fast.

Q)  Is the AC service necessary? Of course, Yes. It is always the best option to service your AC for regular intervals of time in order to make up the AC for better performance. 

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