What is the Highest Wattage for a Vacuum Cleaner?

Highest Wattage for a Vacuum Cleaner

Are you still using the outdated, worn-out vacuum cleaner to clean your home for hours long at weekend instead of enjoying after completing it within minutes? If yes, then why don’t you get a brand new vacuum cleaner to get the work done with less effort and time? After decided to buy, we generally go for the one with high performance. In that case, we all heard a statement that the best performance depends on the highest wattage for a Vacuum Cleaner. Well, some of you don’t, like me.

According to the statement, the higher the wattage, the higher the performance of the vacuum cleaner. But, What is the Highest Wattage for a Vacuum Cleaner? to choose. Well, the highest wattage of a vacuum cleaner is around 2500 watts. The range of vacuum wattage can vary between  20 – 2500 watts depending on the type of vacuum. But the government is banning the vacuum cleaner which has the reading above 1600 watts because the average standard wattage of a US home circuit breaker is 1800 watts. 

Yes, this circuit breaker wattage makes us think twice before choosing the highest wattage of vacuum. But what makes us choose the best vacuum cleaner? is the question…Well, the grades on a new rating label on a vacuum will give a better option to choose the best one. 

If you are not aware of the rating label of vacuum cleaners then don’t worry, this article will let you know which vacuum is suitable for you based on the new rating label, and complete details of the rating label.

Without any delay, let’s get started by scrolling down.

Understanding the Vacuum Cleaner rating label

Finding the best vacuum cleaner not a big deal unless when you’re aware of the new labeled rating on it. This rating label is a part of EU Standards which helps the consumer to have a clear view about how powerful and how efficiently it works.

This labeling was started in 2014, which has rating alphabets from A to G. The vacuum cleaner score is displayed in the form of alphabets like A, B, C, D, E, F, G based on the energy and performance. 

This is how a rating label looks like,

At first glance, we may get confused about the label. But after knowing everything in detail you can realize how easy it is to understand, for sure!!!

For a better understanding, let me explained one after another clearly,

Company name:

If you see a roman number I at the starting of the label, which displays the name of the company it manufactured. 

Model Number:

Right next to the company name we can a roman number of II which displays the model number of the product.

Energy efficiency:

We always go for the one with more energy efficiency as it is an important factor to consider in a vacuum. In this label, we can see a rainbow-colored level of bars which indicates the efficiency in the “A to G” range. The color of green indicates that it has more energy efficiency labeled as “A” and the color of red indicates that it has poor energy efficiency labeled as “G”. 

The level labeled at the right top corner. You can select the vacuum with a level up to the “C”. 

Energy Consumption:

Next, to the rainbow levels, we can see a rectangle box which has kWh/annum units. This will tell you about how much energy consumed in kilowatts in hours per year. Here, the number should be very less as it will reduce the electricity bill. So, go for the less number in energy consumption.


Right below the energy consumption, there is a box with a volume symbol along with the units of dB which tells you about the amount of noise it emits. However, the noise measured in decibels(dB), the lower number of decibels indicates lower noise production.

Note: It is believed that lower noise results in lower suction power.

Hard Floor Cleaning Efficiency:

This is present at the bottom right corner with a label of ABCDEFG. It indicates how efficient is the vacuum performance on the hard floor while cleaning. Similar to the energy efficiency, the one with A grade indicates the high performance. So, choose for the vacuum with grade A in the hard floor cleaning efficiency.

This option not labeled on the vacuum with no hard floor cleaning feature.

Carpet Cleaning Efficiency:

It is a common yet important option to choose for a home cleaning purpose. It also has the grade sequence of ABCDEFG and the one with A grade indicates that it is very efficient in carpet cleaning efficiency.

The area marked with a not available symbol when the feature of carpet cleaning is not present in the product.

Filters efficiency:

The filtering efficiency indicates how efficient is the vacuum in preventing the dut from re-emitting into the air. It is present at right above the carpet cleaning efficiency.  It also has the grades from A to G, the one with more filter efficiency has the grade A.

Finally, this is how you can choose an efficient vacuum cleaner by the grades on the rating labels. Isn’t that so simple?

In addition, you can also refer to the following video for a better understanding. Click on the following video, 


So, choose the best vacuum cleaner with the help of this new rating label system. Go for the one which is suitable for all your needs including the carpet, hard floor cleaning..etc. Remember, the one with the best performance indicates grade A in the rating label.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How many amps is a good vacuum cleaner? There is no direct relation between the amps and the performance of the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with fewer amps can also work efficiently. The general range of amps ranges from 7 to 12 amps.

Q) What happens if the amperage is too high? It is very obvious that it can cause damage to the device. And the low amperage will never start the vacuum cleaner. So, the moderate range of volts is suitable for a vacuum cleaner to clean.

Q) Can you vacuum hard floors? Yes, you can use a vacuum to clean the hard floors only when it has a hard floor cleaning option. Make sure that you should not use a vacuum cleaner for the hard floor when it is specially designed for carpet cleaning.

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