What is the Difference Between Air Conditioner and Air Purifiers?

Difference Between Air Conditioner and Air Purifiers

We do have many appliances for pure air at home. Among them, AC and  Air Purifiers are the appliances where most people use for better, clean air at home. But what makes them different from each other? Have you ever thought about it??

Like, What is the Difference between Air Conditioner and Air Purifiers?

The main difference between the Air Conditioner and Air purify is Heat and Humidity Removal. Yes, Air Conditioner is used to remove/maintain the heat and humidity if the air inside the room whereas the air purifier cannot do it, because it is designed to remove the dust and contaminants from the air.

If you are still in the confusion, then don’t let the confusion ruin you. A better in-depth explanation is waiting for you to clear your confusion…..Just Scroll Down to release it…

Difference Between Air Conditioner and Air Purifiers – Detailed

I hope that you are still here because to know the detailed information about what makes them different from each other.

You can get a clarty of you are know the working behind each device. So, let’s begin…

difference between air conditioner and air purifiers

How does Air Conditioner work?

Though there are different types of air conditioners, they all have the same working process and principle. The principle of an AC is producing a cool effect by converting the high pressure of gas/liquid to low pressure. 

The working of an air conditioner contains mainly components. Namely,

Compressor: The component used to convert low pressure to high pressure.

Evaporator Coil: It is a set of coils that allows the flow of cool liquid i.e of low pressure.

Condenser Coil: It is also a set of coils that allows the flow of hot liquid i.e of high-pressure liquid.

Expansion Valve: This component used as a valve to transfer high pressure to low pressor along with cooling effect.

Refrigerant(Cooling Agent): It is a type of liquid component used to flow in both connected coils of the evaporator and condenser coils.

  • Firstly by switching on the AC, the hot air in the room will get inside the AC inner part by passing through the filters, which are placed right next to the open lid.
  • Meanwhile, the refrigerant in the connected coil starts flowing from normal to high pressure after through the compressor. 
  • The high pressured hot liquid is then passed through the condenser coil and allow the excess heat to blow out through a fan attached there.
  • The high pressured liquid is then passed to the evaporator coil by the expansion valve which makes the liquid cooler.
  • The cool liquid will now pass through the evaporator coil, which makes the coils to freeze up or cold.
  • However, the filtered hot air from the room then passed through the evaporator coil which results in blowing cool air from it though another fan fixed before the evaporator coil.
  • Finally, the process will again start when the coolness of the liquid losses after a certain time and enters back into the compressor for the next cycle of cooling.
  • However, the air conditioner will circulate the same air inside the room by taking hot air and blowing cool air along with filtration which results in removing heat inside the room.
  • And the humidity also removed by an ac after changing the mode to dry. By using the dry mode the humidity in the air will be removed by the air conditioner.

Also, check the video for a better understanding of the AC working…

Now, let’s move on to the working of an air purifier…

split ac on

How does Air Purifier Works?

When it comes to the air purifier, the components involved in air purifier working are

Fan Motor


  • Firstly, working starts with drawing the dust-filled air inside the room.
  • After drawing the dust-filled air, it is then passed through the pre-filter to remove the large dust particles from the air.
  • The partially filtered air then passed through different types of filters to get more cleaned, odorless, contaminate-free air.
  • The filtration process involves many types of filters like HEPA filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV filter,…etc. Each filter has its specifications like small particles filtration, odor removing, germs killing respectively.
  • Cleaned, odorless, fresh air then passed to the fan motor which allows the clean air to blow out effectively.

Check the video which can help you for better understanding

This is how an air purifier works only to filter the air in all aspects.


Concluding hereby that, each device has its way of working and use. So, better to choose the one which is better for the specific need. You can also run the 2 appliances when needed but also think about your energy bill too…. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Does the air conditioner work as an air purifier? An AC consists of a filtration process in it. But it is not that effective as air purifier does. So, a slight filtration done in an AC to prevent the dust particles to enter into the unit.

Q) Can I smoke in the AC room? Though there are chances for smoking in an AC room, it’s better to avoid it. Because the air will circulate inside the which makes the odor spread all over. If you have advanced technology in filters of an AC then you can smoke as you want.

Q) Do air conditioners bring in outside air? No, the air conditioner never brings in outside air. Though, there is an outer unit in split AC there is no chance for air exchange in AC. The purpose of an air conditioner is to remove the heat from the air but not the hot air inside the room. 

Q) Does AC give fresh air? If you think that fresh air is about adding oxygen, then an AC cannot give fresh air. The air in the room is just pass through the filter which makes it as the contaminants free only.

Q) Does outside temperature affect the air conditioner? Yes, the outside temperature will affect the refrigerant temperature at the compressor which requires working more to produce the more cool effect. 

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