What is Air Conditioner Dry Mode? How to set a Dry Mode in AC?

What is Air Conditioner Dry Mode?

Have you ever felt mugginess during early mornings while waking up, especially in the Rainy season? Yes, right!!! This mugginess might disturb our sleep and let us wake quite earlier. Fortunately, If you have an Air conditioner in your room then you are safe. Because the dry mode in AC will actually help you in Rainy Season from coldness which is caused by the extra humidness.

But, What is Air Conditioner Dry Mode? It is a type of settings in AC to remove the extra humidness in the air which has a high level of moisture. This process also called dehumidification. The dry mode will keep the area cool and dry where the AC is located.

Check it if your AC remote has the Dry Mode…If you found it then you will be worry about how to set a dry mode in your AC remote.

Nothing to worry, this article will let you know about the details of Dry Mode in Air Conditioner like it’s working, setting..etc. So, let’s get started by scrolling down.

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It’s better to start from the basic before any explanation, that which makes sense about what is being explained. On that note, you need to know the working of an AC first than the dry mode. 

How Does an AC Works?

The main principle of working an AC is transferring the high-pressure liquid to the low pressure where it results in the formation of the cool area like a deodorant which makes us feel cool while released from high-pressure containers to the low-pressure atmospheric area. 

air conditioner dry mode

Coming to the working of an AC, it involves 4 components. Namely, 

  • Compressor
  • Condensor
  • Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator

We know that AC consists of 2 units, one is the inner unit which is present inside of the room and the other one is the outer unit which is present outside of the room. Compressor, Condensor, Expansion Valve are the components present in the outer unit and the evaporator is the only component present in the inner unit.

Along with the above component, there is another liquid component called refrigerant, present in the 2 connected coils which are present in both in the outer unit and inner unit with a coil connection and with a continuous refrigerant flow.

Here the role of a compressor converts the normal fluid to the high-pressure fluid. So, the normal fluid then converted to the high-pressure fluid and then reaches the condenser.

The condenser is nothing but the pipes which are present in the outer unit. You can observe a fan fixed in this unit which blows out the heat released by the condenser.  The high-pressure fluid is passed through the condenser and reaches the Expansion Valve.  

The Expansion Valve will allow the fluid by converting into the low-pressure fluid which makes the coil cool(According to the example of deodorant). So the cool fluid is then passed through the evaporator, a piping unit present inside the internal unit of AC.

The fan present in the inner unit will blow the air to the outside i.e room bypassing through the cool fluid flowing pipes, which results in blowing cool air. This is how an actual working behind the AC running.

You can ever click on the below video for visual understanding.

OK, but, what about our main question, “Dry Mode”. No worries, Let’s figure it out…

How Does Dry Mode in AC Works?

The main need for this mode is to reduce the moisture level in the room which contains a high moisture level.

During the working of an AC, the air in the room passed through the filters attached at the above AC internal unit which is in the room.

The moisture-filled air also enters into an internal unit while the dry mode is on.

Here the evaporator component in the internal unit dries the moisture in the air and releases the dry air back into the room which results in the reduction of moisture level in the room.

This mode will not make the room completely dry but reduced the moisture level just by drying the air.

Now, you came to know how the dry mode works in AC, and FYI, Dry mode consumes less energy when compared to the other mode in AC because this mode runs the fan motor at low speed and the compressor for a shorter duration.

Till now, it’s fine to know the unseen things like working but what about it’s physically setting like, How to set a Dry mode in Air Conditioner?

How to set a Dry Mode in AC?

An AC controlled by an AC remote provided to it while purchasing. So, the dry mode enabled with the help of an AC remote.

Generally, we can see 4 modes on the display like Auto, Cool, Dry, and Fan.

By pressing the “mode” button on the AC remote the settings will change to these modes one after the other.

Once the Dry mode displayed stop pressing the button. Now, the dry mode on your AC enabled.

To remove the Dry mode, you need to press the same mode button to your desired more until it displays on the screen of the AC remote.

and this is how you can maintain the Dry Mode in your AC according to the moisture level in your room and can reduce the energy costs.


I hope that with this journey, you are now aware of the complete details regarding the dry mode in an AC. So, don’t let your morning sleep spoiled by this humidness in your room when you have an AC with Dry Mode Option. Happy Morning!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) When should I run my AC in dry mode? As it reduces the moisture level in the room, it better to run your AC on this mode during the times when there is a high level of humidity in the room like rainy and spring seasons.

Q) What is the dry mode symbol in AC? Generally, the dry mode symbol will be a water drop but it will change form one company to another. 

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