What are the Common AC problems and its Troubleshoot?

What are Common AC problems?

As the temperature of the earth getting increases, an Air conditioner has become a basic necessity for people, especially for those who live in high-temperature places. Because AC stands always first to maintain the proper temperature in the surroundings where it placed. There will also be common AC problems everyone has to face.

Persons who are habituated in the living room with AC, cannot be able to live at normal temperature. And a day with troubled AC will be a horrible day to spend, probably it is impossible. Not every troubled AC has a big issue to resolve only by a serviceman. There are some common problems which can actually sort out on our own.

But, What are the Common AC problems and its Troubleshoot ? is the question

These are some very common AC problems which you need to be aware of. 

Less cooling Effect

Water leakage

Hot Air Blowing 

Noise production

Bad smell from AC

In order to make your AC to work properly without any of these problems, you need to know that in-depth details along with troubleshooting.

And I am here to let you know about the Common AC problems and it’s quick troubleshooting.

So, let us get started.

Common AC problems

Common AC problems and its Troubleshoot – Explained

Here are some of the common problems where can you sort out with a simple troubleshoot.

Less Cooling:

The main motto of an AC is to cool the area of its surroundings. An AC with less cooling effect will be no use of using it at all. If you face this problem, then you should immediately check for the filters of an AC. The role of the filter to filter the circulated air. The clogged filters are the main reason for the less cooling effect. In some cases, damaged filters also cause a less cooling effect by the deposition of dust in several internal parts of AC.

Simple Troubleshoot:

If you found any of your filters with dust then immediately, you should take out the filter for vacuuming and then wash it thoroughly to remove all the dirt deposition. Ans place the filters in its place after completely dry.

Water Leakage:

It is common to have water leakage as apart of the condensation process happens inside the AC. But if you observe the continuous water leak from the AC unit either from inside of the unit or outside of the unit for all day long then you should check for the drain pan, drain line which is used to drain the condensed water from inside to outside is damaged/clogged. This happens because of the more condensation process taking place inside the ac unit.

Simple Troubleshoot:

Finding the more water leakage, you should check the drain pan, drain line firstly. If they are clogged with dirt clean it with a normal vacuum. Or if they are damaged, try to replace the things with a new one. A heavy water deposit will also cause water leakage, so try to clean it with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Hot Air Blowing:

It’s really strange to observe hot air blowing from an Air conditioner when it is not set the heater mode. The main reason for the hot air blowing from an AC is due to the less refrigerant level in the evaporator coil which is present inside of the ac unit. The refrigerant is a type of liquid that has the ability to observe heat in the room. So, the low level of refrigerant will freeze up the evaporator coil results in hot air blowing. And dirty filters also cause hot air blowing from AC.

Simple Troubleshoot:

If you get hot air from the AC then it’s better to clean the evaporator coils first and refill another refrigerant with a serviceman. Also, check for the cleaned air filters.

Noise Production:

AC is not only known for the cool air blowing but also known for its silence while running, especially the latest AC’s have very low almost zero noise production, and for the normal AC’s we can observe the fan motor sound as very common. But if you found any weird sounds from AC like cracking, humming, squealing…etc then you can come to know that there is something wrong with the internal parts of an AC. These sounds occur due to the loosen bearings of internal components, freezing evaporator coils which cause due to the frozen evaporator coil..etc.                                                                                                                                               

Simple Troubleshoot:

If you found any of the noise from an AC, then try to fix it by tightening the loosen bearing of the internal components. To remove the cracking sound set the AC to heat mode to remove the ice from the evaporator coils.

Bad smell:

It is weird to hear but yes, bad smell from an AC tells you that there is something wrong inside the working of an AC. The reasons for this bad smell are refrigerant leaks, blown fuse, animal decomposes in air ducts, mold formation on evaporators coils …etc.

Simple Troubleshoot:

Bad smell from an AC will be eliminated by keeping the internal part free from mildews, decomposes just by cleaning air filters of AC with proper solutions. And by replacing the damaged/fuse blown parts with new ones.

If you don’t have any of these problems then click here to know some other Common AC problems.

However, all the above troubleshooting can be done by us only if we have some basic knowledge of electrics. Or else, it’s better to call a serviceman than dealing with these troubleshoots by ourselves.


Even though a call to a serviceman is not a big deal, the cost of repair and his service will be more even for a small problem. So, you are now safe from spending more money just by referring to the above article. But make sure before every troubleshoot you need to unplug the main supply to the AC unit will be the safest way to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Can we switch on AC without a remote? Yes, we can switch on AC without remote if the temperature you set before is ok for you. Because by using a remote we can change the temperature where you cannot change in the AC panel like ON/OFF.

Q) What are the signs of a bad AC capacitor? There are many signs for a bad AC capacitor like it won’t get turn On Immediately, and blow warm air instead of cool air.

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