Understanding the Different Types of Modes in an AC

Different Types of Modes in an AC

To buy an AC we just need some money for the purchase and installation. But, the problem comes when we see the remote with multiple modes, isn’t it? Having brought a new Air conditioner to our home is not a big task when compared to the confusion about different types of modes in an AC setting for some people.

Fortunately, you are not alone, because, I’m also the one among you, who always get confused about the mode settings in an AC and always choose the ON/OFF mode. Then I have decided to clear my confusion by understanding the different types of Modes in an AC. 

However, my remote has some modes like Cool mode, Turbo, Sleep, Fan, Auto, Dry, Power Saving…etc. Along with these modes, there are some physical options like Swing, Air direction, timer, and the Fan speed of high, medium, low…etc. 

But, I continued my search for in-depth details about the different types of modes in an AC. Fortunately found some better information about these…

Now, I came to release how I had missed the comforts and savings in operating the appropriate mode. And today, I would like to share the information that I have learned which changed me from a beginner to a pro.

I hope to see you as a pro by the end of reading this article…Come on, let’s get started.

Understanding the Different Types of Modes in an AC – In detail

But, first lemme tell you that there are many brands and types like Slipt or Window AC, which have different names for the same mode of operation in their remote/manual. So, it’s better to make up your mind to understand the basic meaning of the mode first and then go for the desired mode according to the operation it does(Don’t worry, I have mentioned the maximum stuff for better understanding).

modes in ac

Now, get into the main topic….

Cool Mode: 

Cool mode is the basic mode of every air conditioner. As the name itself tells you that it is used by AC to blow the cool air in the areas where it is located.

When you enable the cool mode, the compressor in the ac starts working effectively to produce more cool by taking the hot air inside the room and blows the cool air.

During this, fan speed can be changed from low to high, and also the temperature by changing it in the remote.

Suitable situations to use this mode is when you have hot air surroundings.

As the compressor needs to work more effectively, the energy for its consumption will also get increases. 

Learn a few more things about cool mode by referring the article here

Fan Mode:

If you are not much familiar with extreme heat or cold conditions then this mode is very useful to get fresh air.

Unlike other modes, it doesn’t need any compressor/cooler operation, it just works on the fans fixed inside an AC.

The speed of the fan can be changed from low to high without any temperature change.

Extreme cool weather or when there is a need for another fan like situations are suitable for this fan mode.

Due to the absence of compressor operation, the energy consumption by the fan mode is less compared to cool mode.

Dry Mode:

I think many of us are not aware of what this mode is about. But it is one of the useful options for the people who are living in the city near to the sea. Due to the high humidity levels have a humid day. Yes, even a humid day will cause discomfort to live.

However, this dry mode designed to reduce the humidity levels in your surroundings.

For this, the AC operated the fan at low speed and the compressor for the shorter periods to dry the humidness in the air.

As said earlier, this is the best option for situations like high humidity levels.

 It also consumes less energy with low fan speed and shorter compressor operation.

Till you can compare the above three modes by clicking here

Auto/6th Sense/ Power Saving Mode:

This is the automated mode, which changes its mode depending on the surroundings. Like, if the surroundings are cold then it switches to heat mode. If the surroundings are hot then it switches to heat mode.

The operation of an AC is common like the compressor and fan works accordingly and the fan speed also adjusted automatically.

This is not a situation based mode, but it is an energy-saving situation mode.

Sometimes, the compressor and fans off when the desired temperature reached. Thereby saving the energy by adjusting itself to the surroundings temperature. So, the energy consumption also saved according to the usage.

Turbo/Quick/ Power Mode:

We might come across some extremely hot weather at least once in a year. This mode is useful for the people who want the chilled temperature in a room.

For this, the operation of a compressor needs to be more and the fans need to run at high speed. Usually, this mode will take the temperature to the least number possible in an AC temperature reading of nearly 16-17 degrees Celcius.

And most importantly, the energy consumption is more compared to all the other modes.

But, in general, it is better to avoid running temperature in this least temperature as possible. 

Sleep Mode:

Sleep mode is the user-friendly mode and a must needed option for every person to have a good night’s sleep. This mode is also an automatic mode which we need to set the time it needs to run

After setting the time, the temperature will slowly increase to 1 degree/ half-degree every hour automatically.

This will save the room from overcooling and energy consumption.

As the name itself says, it is used mostly during our sleep at night.

Upon all these modes if you want to run your AC on an ideal mode i.e without any mode then you need to maintain your AC temperature between 25-27 which is the best temperature to maintain all the time.


Finally, I can conclude that these modes in AC made me think about the cooling effect and energy consumption by the end. And I am happy that few people like me are now able to figure out the Different Types of Modes in an AC by referring to this article and able to operate on their own. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Which mode of AC consumes less electricity? AC consumes less electricity when it is in the fan mode because this mode only enables the fan to rotate without the working of other components.

Q) How long should your AC run a day? It really depends on how long your AC takes to finish the complete cooling cycle. 

Image source: airecoolmechanical

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