What are the Microwave Oven Health Problems?(According to the Research)

Microwave Oven Health Problems

As we know that microwave oven is one of the popular and frequently used appliances in the kitchen, and we love it. It serves our favorite food with hot fumes, whoever gonna miss it? No, one right! On the other side of this beautiful tale, A microwave oven usage can potentially cause some serious threat to our health. The microwave oven basic principle is, it generates heat radiation to heat/reheat the food and the usage of plastic containers in a microwave oven poses serious challenges of microwave oven health problems.

So, if you are a frequent microwave oven user or just bought your brand new microwave, may be planning to get one then you must know all these serious health problems a microwave oven can cause.

Let’s face it! So, what are the microwave oven health problems? The following are the few serious health problems that attract on prolonged usage of a microwave oven,

  • Nutrition less food
  • Vitamin Less food
  • Changes in Heart Rate
  • Damage to Eyes
  • Leads to Insomnia
  • Increase in cholesterol levels
  • Tumors formation
  • Change in blood
  • Food Poisoning

Surprised? I know you are, so without further delay lets jump into each of these problems caused by the microwave oven to be aware and protect our health before it gets worse.

What are the Microwave Oven Health Problems?

Apart from the technical problems which microwave oven face, we face some health problems with the usage of a microwave oven. Just keep scrolling for details of Microwave oven health problems in depth.

1. Microwave oven gives  Nutrition Less Food – Dead food

Generally, the food in the microwave oven heats up by the to-forth bouncing moment of microwave inside the food.

The water molecules move around in the food with high frequencies which results in heat formation. So by this, the food tends to heat up.

During this process of heating, the nutrition in the food gets destroyed because of changes in water molecular structure also changes the nutritional content in food which makes the food as nutrition less.

2. Vitamin less food – Causes Anemia

B12 vitamin is one of the most important Vitamins to keep our body away from Anemia.

This vitamin also helps us to make DNA genetic material in cells, keeps the nerves and blood cells healthy.

A microwave oven makes food that contains B12 vitamin to vitamin less food. The food like beef, pork, fish, cereals is rich in B12 vitamin.

If you keep the food that contains B12 vitamin, the heat in the oven will turn the B12 vitamin to inactive vitamin (According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry).

3. Change in Heart Rate – Chest Pain

The frequency of the radiation for a microwave oven is about 2450 MHz. This range of frequency will create a little change in the heart rate.

If you eat the food that is cooked in the oven daily you may experience a change in heart rate. So, it’s better to avoid if you found any symptoms of chest pain.

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4. Damage to the eyes – Loss in vision

The radiation from the microwave oven is not safe for the eyes. It is the most blood vessels sensitive area, where there is an absence of blood vessels which helps to pass the heat through blood cells.

So, if you expose your eyes to the radiation from the oven it may lead to the damage of the cataract present under the lens of the eye and results in the loss of vision also.

5. Leads to Insomnia – Sleepless nights

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that usually occurs when you are exposed to radiation, stress..etc.

Being a high level of microwave radiation exposure from a microwave oven can also lead to Insomnia. Due to the heavy leakage of the radiation is the main cause of this type of health problem.

It also leads to many reasons like Headache, Dizziness, night sweats which creates a sleeping disturbance.

6. Increase Cholesterol Level – Fat gaining

Apart from cooking the food, many people use this microwave oven for the reheating of the processed food.

When this processed food is kept in microwave radiation it will help to the formation of Cholesterol oxidation products which helps in the cholesterol formation in coronary arteries.

And also while reheating processed food it promotes the growth of rare bacteria of botulism. These bacteria cannot be killed by microwaves in reheating.

7. Tumors formation – Leads to Cancer

If we cook food in the oven in a plastic bowl it will lead to having a tumor/cancer. Plastic contains some dangerous compounds of hormone disrupt like BPA or biphenol-A which leads to causing cancer, obesity, thyroid..etc.

Ideally, it is a bad thing to heat the food in a microwave oven with a plastic container. You can use a plastic container that is labeled with microwave oven use.

8. Change in the blood – Less Immunity

The food we eat which is cooked in a microwave oven can also lead to changes in the blood.

Research has found that the people who ate microwaved food observe some changes in blood like there is a decrease in white blood cells. A decreasing number in white blood cells is an indication of low immunity power.

Breast milk in microwave oven will kill the bacteria fighting agent in the milk. So, it is better to feed the infants the milk which is not heated in microwave oven.

9. Food Poisoning – Vomit, Nausea…

We cannot judge whether the food in a microwave oven is completely cooked or not. Sometimes we find some part is not cooked properly.

If we consume the uncooked part of the food, this will lead to food poisoning. Because the uncooked part of the food contains bacteria and microorganisms which are very dangerous to eat.

So, it is very important to check the food is completely cooked or not before eating whether it is cooked in an oven or stove.

10. Stress Increase – Mental disorder

Strangely the habit of eating microwaved food will also lead to an increase in stress. Because the radiation of microwaves will increase the number of leukocytes. If the amount of leukocytes increases then it increases the level of stress.


To warp it up, It is quite evident that a microwave oven causes potential damage to our health and it is completely based on how often we are consuming the food from the oven. It is suggested to eat microwaved food only when you are running out of time.

But if you continue to eat the microwaved food i.e., regularly then you are putting your health at stake.

Also, try to use the oven only for cooking the vegetables but not for the reheating purpose.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q) Does microwave kill bacteria? No, Microwaves will not kill the bacteria but the heat produced by the microwaves will kill the bacteria in the food. So, it also depends on the irregularity like shape and size of the food. Because, the food which is in an irregular shape, and size will not be cooked evenly.

Q) Is it safe to cook eggs in the microwave? No, it is not safe to cook eggs in the microwave oven with a shell. It is safe to cook the egg by whisking it before placing it in the oven. Also, we should not cook the food which has covered with a layer like egg, grape…etc. Instead of that, we can cut or chop the food before using it otherwise these things will explode. Click here are the best ways to cook in Oven

Q) Is microwave popcorn safe? No, the microwave popcorn has a serious disease of Lung popcorn. The substance which is used for buttery flavor and aroma is the reason for causing this lung popcorn.

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