Is my Microwave still Safe to Use if the Glass on the Door Broke?

Microwave still Safe to Use if the Glass on the Door Broke

As a homemaker, I always try new dishes for my family which makes them feel happy as well as tummy full. On the account of my routine, 2 days back, while I am thawing dark chocolate in the microwave oven, I observed a small broken trace on the glass door of my microwave oven. Microwave still Safe to Use if the Glass on the Door Broke

Then immediately I pressed the stop button, because, days back I heard some fishy details about the damaged microwave oven.

As a small broken trace on the glass door also a part of a damaged microwave oven, then I started searching. “Is my microwave still safe to use if the glass on the door broke?”

Then I found an answer like” Definitely, No. Because the broken glass door will let the microwave radiation to come outside, however, the microwave oven radiation is very dangerous to human lives. Not only the broken glass door, but a small outlet will also lead to microwave radiation leakage”

Actually, I am safe because I stopped microwaving as soon as observed the damage.

But there are some other questions like what is this microwave radiation, why it causes danger, how it produces, what are the consequences of microwave radiation….etc which I decided to explore.

And the same as me, if you also interested in knowing the answers, let’s get started!

Microwave still Safe to Use if the Glass on the Door Broke

What is Microwave Oven Radiation?

The microwave oven radiation, a type of radiation released by the microwaves in the oven. In general, radiation is the amount of energy released by a particular thing. In order to have a clear understanding of microwave oven radiation, we need to know how it produces.

Firstly, the microwaves in the microwave oven produced by the magnetron, a vacuum tube in it.

These microwaves passed through the waveguide attached next to the magnetron in the microwave oven.

The microwaves then enter into the inner cooking chamber through a stirrer which is present at the top of the cooking chamber.

Stirrer will the microwaves to spread evenly throughout the cooking chamber.

In the inner cooking chamber, the walls painted with the reflecting material of microwaves.

So, the spread of microwave gets reflected several times and releases energy in the form of radiation called microwave radiation.

Thus, microwave radiation formed in a microwave oven.

Why Microwave Radiation is Dangerous?

It is to say that, during my research I found some scientific details of microwaves causing danger.

Like, that the microwaves are the short radio waves of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this spectrum, there are many wavelengths with different frequencies, each range of frequency represents the different from of waves/rays.

This spectrum basically divided into 2 radiations namely, Non-ionized radiations and, ionizing radiations. Among the different rays/waves, the microwaves under the non-ionized radiation where are not dangerous to humans.

But, according to scientific research, the continuous exposing of microwaves also cause danger to human.

And the ionizing radiations are very dangerous to the human even for a single expose also.

Thus, microwave radiation cause danger to humans only when we exposed continuously to it.

On that note, I am happy to say that an oven with a tightly closed door cannot cause any danger as the radiation remains inside the oven itself.

But the danger happens if there is any leakage on the microwave oven which leads to the microwave oven leakage.

So, do check for the leakage causes mentioned below.

Causes for Microwave Oven Leakage

There are many reasons to consider leakage on a microwave oven. A few of them listed below.

Improper door functioning

Yes, the problem that I faced earlier(as said earlier), improper functioning of the microwave oven door will let the microwaves of the oven to the outer surface.

Like, door with damaged latch, spring, broken glass will allow the microwaves to the atmosphere rather than keeping inside the oven.

Damage to the protective shield of the door

Along with the door, there is also a protective shield mesh that is present next to the door of the microwave oven. This mesh shield has small holes with enough radius to reflect back the reflected microwaves.

So, any damage to the mesh will lead a problem to the human eye while staring at the food inside the oven as they considered as the sensitive parts of the body with fewer blood vessels

Lesser the blood vessels the lesser chances to transfer the heat to another part through the blood. And this will lead to the problem of cataract in the eyes.

So, check for the above 2 causes and keep away from staring inside the microwave oven for the safe side.

To get relief from the above causes, you can follow some remedies to protect yourself from the leakage.

Remedies for Microwave Oven Leakage:

-Whatever the damage happened to the oven, should be checked immediately and get a repair/replace the part as soon as possible by the technician.

-It is better to stay at least 2 inches away from the microwave oven while cooking food because the intensity of microwave radiation decreases with increases in the distance.

-If you have a doubt of leakage and want to check for the leakage, then buy a microwave radiation leakage detector in the market and test the microwave oven bt yourself. Watch a video for how to check the leakage of a microwave oven with the microwave radiation leakage detector.


I conclude that maintenance is the best option you can choose in order to use a microwave oven without any leakage.

From then I call for a technician to do the regular maintenance of my microwave oven. It actually helps the microwave oven to last long too.

So, you also get your microwave oven maintenance done in a particular interval of time in order to have happy cooking!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a microwave used without the glass plate? Yes, you can use a microwave oven without a glass plate. The main reason behind the glass plate in the oven is to get the food cooked evenly by turning the glass plate. If you microwave food which does not requires even cook then you can cook it without a glass plate.

Can old microwaves be dangerous? Probably yes, because, the life span of a microwave is about 9 years. So, there might be a danger of radiation leakage from the old microwave oven. For a safe side replace the microwave with a new one with the latest technology.

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