Is Leaking a Microwave Oven Dangerous? Causes for Leakage in Oven?

Is Leaking a Microwave Oven Dangerous?

A microwave oven is the best solution for cooking food in the quickest way. Yes, It is a very useful appliance for the people who have no time to spend in cooking food. But Is leaking a Microwave oven dangerous due to microwave radiation?

Along with the useful side of the microwave oven, it also has some sad things to know.

Among the sad things, Have you ever heard about the leakage of microwaves?

If yes, it’s natural that you start questioning like,

“Is Leaking a Microwave oven Dangerous?” Yes, the leakage in a microwave oven includes the emission of microwave radiation which is dangerous. If humans are exposed to this radiation continuously then it causes some serious health problems.

Now, you may look for details of how it happens, it happens how to detect, it limits…etc, right!

Don’t worry, we made a research about the details of leakage in a microwave oven for you. If you are interested then scroll down to the further…

Leaking a Microwave Oven Dangerous

As we all know that the oven is the best appliance to heat/cook food within a short period of time, but is not safe to use when we observe a leakage in it. Because the microwave radiation always tends to get out of the cavity if it is not protected properly with a protective shield.

Leaking a Microwave Oven due to microwave radiation

Let’s know the reasons behind the occurrence of leakage in a microwave oven.

Causes for the Leakage in Microwave Oven:

  • Damaged door latch: A door is an important part of the microwave oven as it will protect us from microwave radiation. Small damage to the door will result in leakage of microwave radiation.
  • Absence of protective shield: Along with the door we can observe a mesh with it. It has small holes enough to protect our eyes while staring at it. An improper mesh will also lead to a radiation leak.
  • Using Oven without a proper Maintainance: Maintenance is the key for every device without proper maintenance the oven can lead to leakage.

If you are not aware of these symptoms then you can test the leakage by yourself.

How to Test your Microwave Leakage

There are 2 ways to test your microwave leakage which include the DIY test also. One of them is testing the oven leakage with the help of the cell phone. The other is with a microwave leakage detector.

Cell phone Microwave Test

For the cell phone test, you need 2 cell phones and a unplug microwave oven which you want to test.

The reason to perform this test is that the frequency used in the cell phone signals is nearly equal to the microwave oven frequency i.e 2.4 GHz.

So, by keeping one of the cell phones inside the oven will stop the signal flow to it as the protecting shield is the main reason to stop the flow of radiation to the outer world from the oven


It is a very simple test to perform whether your oven has leakage or not.

Firstly, you need to unplug the power wire of the microwave oven.

Then place a cell phone inside the oven and close the door

Make sure that you closed the door properly or not.

Now, take another mobile and make a call to the number which is in the oven.


Observe that the call is ringing are not. If you heard anything like “not reachable, switched off, out of coverage area” then your oven is safe from leakage.

Or else if the phone starts ringing then your oven is in the danger of leakage.

Isn’t that simple!

You can also watch a video of a cell phone microwave test,

Now let us go for another professional test with a microwave leakage detector.

Microwave Leakage Detector test

For this, you need to buy a detector from the market ( Amazon Affiliate link) at your affordable price.

The things you need before starting the test is a cup of water, a microwave detector, and an unplugged oven which you want to test.

A cup of water is required as running the oven empty will cause damage to the oven by the microwaves which are produced by magnetrons.


Firstly, keep a cup of water inside the oven. Close the door tightly and turn on the oven.

Now place the detector by pressing the max button (as the device allows the highest reading )

Move the detector along the seals and leaks where you want to test.


If the meter shows below 5 milliwatts per square centimeter, then your oven-safe from leakage.

Or it shows more than the limit then you need to replace the product immediately.

Check out the video about the detector test of microwaves


Now you got an answer about danger of a microwave oven leakage, Right! Whatever, the test you perform it is mandatory to check the oven at regular intervals of time which includes proper maintenance.

You can even try the simple DIY at home to make sure about the leakage of microwave radiation and replace it with a new part or whole oven with the damaged part or oven.

Frequently Asked Question:

How long a microwave oven lasts? The oven can last for about 9-10 years if it is maintained under proper maintenance.

What is the limit of microwave oven leakage? The maximum limit to a microwave radiation leakage is 5 milliwatts (mW) per square kilometer.

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