How often should Air Filters of Air Conditioner Changed?

Air Filters 

Do you know that having clear and fresh breath will make you more productive and healthy all the way possible without allergens?

Yes, doctors often suggest us to have fresh air than the polluted because fresh breath will make you feel healthy inside and even mentally which makes up your mind to think more productively.

It’s not always possible to have fresh air by nature, right!!! The only way we can get fresh air in the house is through the filters. And it’s quite common to have air filters in AC.

In order to maintain fresh air, we need to maintain the filters clean. But, How Often should Air Conditioner Filters Changed to maintain fresh air? 

There is no particular time to change the AC filters, as it depends on many factors like the type of filters, frequency of AC usage, allergies percentage in the family members, the number of pets in the home,..etc. All these factors make a difference in the time of changing an AC filter.

So, make yourself aware of these factors in order to maintain the fresh air at home by following the below article.

This article will let you know all the factors that involve in changing an AC filter which had mentioned above. 

Let’s get started…

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Factors depend on How Often should Air filters Changed

As we discussed earlier, there are many factors that tell you that it’s time for you to change the air filter of AC. So, check some of the following before changing it.

Type of Filters:

In general, as the topic is all about the filters to change, so, it’s better to know the type of filter we are using. There are mainly 3 types of filters that use in the home. Namely, 


This type of filter is very thin and costs very less like cheaper. Using this filter may cost less but it cannot hold the dust for a long time. So, we need to change this fiberglass filter at least once a month.


This filter is probably the most used air filter among all the air conditions. It has a thick layer with the little pouches where it can hold all the dust for days long. It is quite better when compared to the previous one. So, we can change this type of filter once in 3 months. 

Pleated cloth fiber:

This stands first and the highest quality air filter available in the AC filters. This has several ridges and layers in it to stop all the allergens in the air. So, this filter can be changed at least once in 6 months.

Among the above types of filters, it’s better to go for the expensive one i.e pleated cloth fiber, as it performs very effectively to remove all dirt and stays longer than the cheaper once.

Frequency of AC Usage:

It is also important to consider how many times an Air Conditioner is used. The changing gap can change if it is used more times than normal. If you use the AC in your vacation home then it requires only once filter change in a year as the usage is very low. If you live alone in then as a normal you should change the filter every 4-6 months or if you live in a family then the filter should be changed every 3 months on normal.

Allergens Percentage:

It is always the best option to avoid using AC frequently if you have high allergens. As the allergens cause many other nasal problems by polluting the air very quickly. The high percentage of allergens in the air requires changing the filter every 1 month.

Having Younger Childrens:

Younger children are more likely to get attacked by allergens, bacteria in the air. So, it better to change the filters every 2-3 months.

Number of Pets in the Home:

The home which has pets will definitely have less air quality. Because the dust, germs, allergens carried by the pet’s fur into the home will lessen the air quality. So, if you have a pet at home, then you should change the filters every 2 months. Or if you have multiple pets then you should change it for every 20-25 days.

Check out the video for more information about the main topic,

Fine …after figuring out the suitable factor it time for you to change the filter?

How to change the AC filter?

Before this, let us know the role of an air filter in AC for better understanding. An AC works by circulating the air inside the room by filtering it from all allergens, germs, bacteria..etc with the help of filter in it. Taking the hot/normal air from the room and allows it to pass through the filter which results in releasing the fresh air to the blower again into the room. 

So, by this, we came to know that AC filters are located in the core part of any AC Unit.

Now, get into the main topic of how to change it.

The changing process of an AC filter involves 5 phases. Namely, 

  1. Firstly we need to switch OFF the main power supply to the AC before changing.
  2. Now, remove the old filter by locating it where it presents right next to the open lid of an AC unit.
  3. Here, you need to check the condition of an air filter whether it is filled or not.
  4. If you observe the dust on the filter then clean it if the filter is reusable or change it with the new filter
  5. Finally, insert the cleaned/changed filter back into the slot and close the lid.

I know it’s not possible to remember all those factors and change the air filters. So, it’s better to check the filters at least once a month whether the filter is dusted or clean for further use. This method of checking is far better than considering many factors. 


It is to say that changing an air filter will not only give fresh air but also helps in saving money. Because the clogged air filter makes our electricity bill to rise the peaks. So, do check for the clogged air filters and reduce your energy bills wisely by considering the factors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What happens if you don’t change your AC filter? It fails to work properly by allowing the dust to pass through it and also damages the components in AC.

Q) Do better air filters make a difference? Yes, better air filters will work more efficiently on filtration.

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