How much does it Cost to Replace a Magnetron in a Microwave?

Cost to Replace a Magnetron in a Microwave

Hey, I came across a problem with my microwave oven that, it’s not heating the food kept in the oven. What a poor thing. So, I started browsing about the problem that I have and came across a point of “magnetron is the heating element of the microwave oven and any damage to it will affect the heating process in a microwave oven”. And after huge research, I realized to replace my damaged magnetron. how much does it cost to replace a magnetron in a microwave?

Because it is always the best way, to replace the component that is damaged than to replace the whole device. But the question arises when it comes to the Cost to replace a magnetron in a microwave, isn’t it?

So, how much does it cost to replace a magnetron in a microwave? Well, the price of the magnetron to purchase is around $100–$150 and may vary depending on the model. While the cost to replace includes the callout charges by the technician and the problem happened to the magnetron also.

Even you can also replace the magnetron by yourself. And I would like to share my experience with you as it will help you when you came across the same problem(probably your facing).

So, let us know what exactly a magnetron does? causes for magnetron fail, testing.etc in the following article. If you are interested in knowing further details then scroll down.

Before getting started by you, it requires some basic details to know about magnetron…

What does a Magnetron do in a Microwave?

Magnetron plays a key role in the heat production of a microwave oven. It is a vacuum tube connected to the electric power inlet. With this, it converts electric energy into radio waves. The below image shows how a magnetron looks like.


Working of Magnetron:

Firstly, it takes the input of electricity from the inlet power supply of a microwave oven.

The magnetron has a circular cathode and surrounded by a hollow outer tube with cavities in it which acts as an anode.

There exists an electric field in the middle of the tubes. Then a magnetic also exits to the perpendicular of the electric field.

When the current passes through the cathode the temperature increase and make the electrons to excite to the anode.

Due to the presence of a magnetic field, the excited electrons rotate in the circular motion to the outer tube.

These electrons pushed towards the cavities present at the anode and began to oscillate with the frequency equal to the frequency of microwaves.

Thus the microwaves are produced by magnetron.

working of a magnetron

The produced microwaves are then passed through a waveguide and reach the cooking chamber.

These microwaves penetrate the food and make the water molecules to vibrate.

Due to the friction, the heat thus produced in the food and makes it cook well.

Operation is perfect…. but what causes a magnetron to fail

What causes a Magnetron to fail in a Microwave?

A magnetron is the main source in the microwave oven to produce microwaves. And these microwaves are the reason to vibrate the water molecules and produce heat.

So, the heat is indirectly produced by the magnetron, any damage to it can reduce heat.

Here are some causes of the failure of a magnetron.

Insulator Breakdown

This created some sparks on the magnetron insulator and finally cause burn out to the magnetron which increases every time while cooking.

Overheating of Magnetrons

This happens when the reflected microwaves get back into the magnetron causes high temperatures due to the friction and results in the overheating of the magnetron.

Burned Dome

It is also called an antenna cap. Reflecting the microwaves also causes damage to the antenna cap by melting it. This results in the sparking inside the microwave oven while cooking.

Loose connection of magnetron terminals

It is a common yet dangerous to be considered as the damage-causing sign. The terminals which connected to the magnetron are the high voltage terminals. The loose connection of this terminal not only results in damaging the magnetron but also cause damage to the devices which are adjacent to eh magnetrons by burning.

If you are not sure about the inner causes then look for the symptoms while cook/heating an oven.

How do you Test a Microwave Magnetron is Bad?

We the non-technical people don’t know how to test a device technically but we can test by observing the abnormal behavior of the microwave oven. Here are some symptoms to figure out the damage that happened to the oven.


  • No heating
  • Loud Hum and arcing Sound while cooking
  • Burning smell while cooking
  • Low heat

If your microwave has these symptoms then you come to know that there is something wrong with the magnetron in your microwave oven.

Check out the test can be done to improper working of Magnetron by clicking here

If you observe continuous damage to the microwave then it’s better to replace it with the new best microwaves in the market.

Or you can repair it by yourself.

DIY Magnetron Replacement Guide

If you think that have enough basic knowledge about the electric stuff and no one is available for magnetron replacement then here is a video that will guide you to replace the magnetron from your microwave oven by yourself.


I request you to replace the magnetron with a new one by the service person. Don’t go for the new things to experience, that too in electric kinds of stuff because the chances of danger are super high.

The best way to overcome this problem is with proper maintenance and gets your oven checked for particular intervals of time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If my microwave sparked does it need replacement? It is advisable to figure out the problem of causing and replace it immediately with a new one. If you continue to observe the same problem then it needs to be replacing with a new microwave. Click here to know the reasons behind microwave sparking

What is the major drawback of a microwave oven repair service? The cost of repair services is a major drawback. Apart from the cost of repair, we need to choose the best technician who is good at sorting our microwave problems out effectively. This makes the worth microwave oven repair service.

Why did my microwave catch fire? Microwaves are the reflecting waves in the cooking chamber of a microwave oven. If we place any metals inside the oven which makes the microwaves reflect will result in sparks and sometimes leads to catch fire also.

Does arcing damage a microwave? Yes, the arcing can damage a microwave because there are chances for the reflecting back of arcs into the magnetron results in damage to the magnetron and also to the microwave oven. So, if you observe any arcs while cooking immediately turn off the oven.

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