How Does an Air Purifier Works? Working Process In-detailed

How Does an Air Purifier Works?

The environment is getting worse with a lot of pollutants, where the air is not an exemption. Air pollution has become common in our routine life, especially at home. Fortunately, people are safe who have an air purifier at home. Air purifiers are the best solution for air pollution at home, office…etc. On hearing this, people who don’t have this air purifier will definitely go to buy a new air purifier… isn’t it? But before buying it is better to be aware of the basic of any product. Like, Have you ever thought of How Does an Air Purifier Works?

An air purifier is used to filter the air with pollutants to the fresh air in several stages of filtration. The working of an Air purifier has 3 main basic steps namely, pre-filter, deodorized filter, HEPA filter. Though the basic working is common, the purification depends on the type of technologies used in the purifier. 

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Air Purifier Working – In detailed

Remembering the above-mentioned works, the working of an air purifier involves 3 basic stages. And the components involved in working are,

Filters: The air filters have many types of filters in every stage of purification.

Housing: It is like a case to cover all the internal components of the filter in it, nothing but an outer case of the purifier.

Motor fan: A fan in an air purifier will help in sucking and blowing the air through the filter fixed in the middle of the air purifier.

working of an air purification

All these components work together to blow fresh and pollutants-less air. When it comes to the working of an Air purifier, it has 3 main basic stages.

Pre-filter: Firstly, the pollutant air inside the room will get sucked by the air purifier from any of its inlet side. It may be either from the top, bottom, or sideways. The whole process works in only one direction.

The sucked air will get cleaned by the pre-filter first by passing through it. This pre-filter will filter the large dust particles like pet hair, dust mites…etc.

Deodorized filter: After getting passed through the pre-filter, now this air will pass through the deodorized filter. The deodorized filter will filter the air which contains abnormal odor and also clean the air with gaseous. This stage will reduce the maximum pressure of air to get tolerated by the next stage.

HEPA filter

The large dust and gaseous free air will now pass through the HEPA filter(for example). In this stage along with the HEPA filter, we can also observe many filters with several technologies that help the purifier to get more clean air. Here, EPA filter is used because it has the capacity to filter 99.97 % of pollutants in the air. 

Finally, the filtered air will come out through the housing of an air purifier with the help of a fan motor.

Check out the video which might help you in understanding better with visuals.

Now, you got to know how an Air purifier works. But there are many air purifiers in the market.

Different types of Air Purifier Filters:

As the purification is all about the filters, some of the types of air purifiers also named based on the type of filter used in it. Namely, 

Ionic Air Purifier:

This is a type of air purifier which has an ionic filter in it. The ionic filter will produce some negative charge to the dust particles to settle on the next filter which is generally has a positive charge surface. But during the process of purification, some of the parts of dust along with negative charge will get settled on the surface of the furniture which makes the purifier not effective.

HEPA Air Purifier:

HEPA is a well known and effective filter used to filter the maximum dust particles in the air. This HEPA air purifier also consists of this HEPA(Highly effective particulate air) filter. The filter has a capacity to capture 0.3 micros size of the dust particles in it.

Electrostatic Precipitators:

This is another type of air purifier which is similar to the ionic purifier. Electrostatic precipitators work in the electrostatic energy produced by the filters inside it. There are 2 more filters in this purifier in order to produce an electrostatic force where one of the filters has a positive charge and the other has negatively. 

The charged filters then created an electrostatic force like a magnet and attract the dust particles in the air while purification.

UV Air Purifier:

The name itself suggests that this filter uses UV light to filter the air from dust. During the process of purification, the UV light is placed at the end of purification which reduces kills the bacteria, viruses from pollutant air. As there is no official UV Air purifier, this filter is used along with the basic filtration of HEPA, electrostatic…etc


On knowing these many types of filters and their working, you are now enough aware of the basic details of Air purifier. So, decide to buy a  brand new air purifier which suits you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How long does it take an air purifier to work? The duration takes by an air purifier to work depends on many factors like room size, purifier capacity,….etc. But in general, the range of duration it takes id from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Q) Are air purifiers worth it? Probably yes for those who really need the air in the room to be cleaned fast with the purifier. But the air purifiers are designed to clean the debris which gets settled on your furniture.

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