How Do I Choose a Microwave Oven? Factors to Consider While Choosing

How Do I Choose a Microwave Oven?

Are you fed up with the traditional cooking methods? They really take so much time to cook, right!

Then why you need to get stuck with the old, messy cooking methods, while there are many other modern ways available in today’s market to cook your food within no time along with good texture.

You don’t need to…

Because, among the modern cooking methods, the microwave oven stands always first with its best performance.

Then a question will spark your mind like “How Do I  Choose a Microwave Oven?”

To choose a microwave oven we need to consider some of the basic factors like

  1. Oven Type
  2. A place to Fix it
  3. Inner Capacity
  4. Maximum Power wattage
  5. Auto sensors
  6. Budget Price
  7. Shortcut settings…etc

Factors Considered to Choose a Microwave Oven – Basic Guide

These basic factors will definitely get an idea of which one to choose while purchasing a new microwave oven.

If you are interested in knowing these basic factors in detail then, get rolled down to below as we addressed all the details in this article.

Before buying anything it is better to be aware of the basic things which you need to choose in that product. Similarly, you are here to know the basic things of Microwave oven to choose before purchasing.

microwave oven

Which Type Oven it is? – Oven type for cooking

Basically, the microwave oven has 3 types in it. Namely,

Solo Microwave

This is the basic type of microwave which is used for normal cooking and reheating.

Grill Microwave

The name itself says that is used for grilling purpose. Along with grilling, we can cook, reheat the food in this oven.

Convection Microwave 

This is microwave is a combination of a convection oven and microwave oven. So, this can be used for cooking, reheating, grill, and baking purposes also. We can set the type of oven by setting the buttons on the microwave oven panel.

Choose from the 3 types of microwave oven based on what type of cooking you use more frequently. By Comparing the 3 ovens, a convection oven is the best as it has all types of cooking styles.

Where can I fix the Microwave? – Oven placement

The placement of the oven also decides the type of oven you need to buy. Based on it, the ovens are of 3 types. Namely,

Counter-Top Microwave oven

This type of microwave oven place everywhere in the kitchen and easy to change from one place to another place in the kitchen. There is a particular place that is required in the kitchen for its place. But placing near the power socket will help to get the power supply with any added wire extensions to it.

Over the Range Microwave oven

Over the range, the microwave oven needs to be fixed above in the cupboard area. For this need to check the dimensions of the oven rack fixed to the new microwave oven.

This is suitable for people who have less place in the kitchen for the oven.

Custom Built-in Microwave

People who want to carry their microwave oven for their outing, campaigns,..etc then this custom built-in microwave will be very useful. This can be carried out to any place where you go.

How much of Inner Capacity it has? – Cooking Chamber Space

The measurement of the inner capacity of an oven measured in terms of Liters.

The inner capacity of the oven checked based on the amount of food you cook in the oven. So, the amount of food can easily figure out the number of persons in a house.

The range of liters can vary from 15 liters to 32 liters and above also.

As solo microwave used only for reheating/cooking purposes which differs from grill/convection, the liter capacity will vary from solo to convection/grill.

If your family consists of 2-4 members then 15-20 liters is enough while you choose a solo microwave oven, but you choose a grill/convection then 21-30 liters capacity is enough.

The family consisting of 4-6 members then 25-30 liters capacity is enough while you choose a Solo microwave. If you choose grill/convection then 32 liters or above suitable.

Tip: The space of the inner cooking chamber of the oven checked by placing a large cooking container that you use for the whole family.

How much is the Power Wattage? – Time Takes to heat

To speak scientifically, power wattage is directly proportional to the amount of heat produces in the oven. Literally, the higher the amount of heat release for less time depends on the higher power wattage.

The range of power wattage will vary from 400w to 1200w. Usually, the microwave comes with high wattage. So, choose the range which is present at the back of every microwave oven before selecting.

Does it have Auto Sensors? – Auto ON/OFF

In order to avoid the overcooking problems, we need to choose the auto sensor feature in it.

This will help us to save our energy bill, time to stare at the cooking whether cooked or not, and mainly overcooking.

With the sensor technology, the oven will turn off the heating process if it senses the overcooking of food.

So, do check for the auto sensor feature at the features column of the microwave oven.

How much it Costs to Purchase? – Budget price

Price is the most common yet important thing to consider while purchasing a microwave oven.

In general, the price of the microwave depends on the type, capacity, wattage,…etc. It varies from the model to another model also.

But the price of the microwave oven will available from a minimum of $50 – $5000. So, go for the price which is able to purchase based on your need.

Does it have any additional features? – Shortcut settings

This is the most interesting part to explore while purchasing a new oven. As technology getting advances the manufactures also implementing many additional features to the microwave oven.

Some of the additional features are Child lock, defrost, popcorn, multi-stage cooking, beverages…etc

These shortcut settings make our cooking much easier when compared to the other cooking process. For example, if the microwave oven has the pizza cooking option, this makes the oven to cook the base of the pizza with more heat and the top of the pizza with more heat.

Finally, don’t forget to get the extra trays and a cooking container provided to the customers by some brands in the microwave oven.


It’s always a hectic decision to get a new product to your kitchen. But without any doubt, you can buy a microwave oven to overcome the drawbacks of traditional cooking. I conclude that, make a list according to your needs by referring to the above basic factors, which you want to have in your microwave oven. Happy Microwaving!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we cook a cake in the solo microwave? Yes, we can cook a cake in the solo microwave oven. But you cannot get as fluffy which you bake in the convection microwave oven. For cooking a cake you need to set the power level of the oven to 100% of total efficiency.

Can you put metal in a convection microwave? No, you should not keep metals in a microwave oven as it does not allow the microwaves to penetrate into it. And this will result in uncooked food. There are also chances for arcing also.

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