Does the Usage of Microwave oven cause Intestinal Cancer?

We might have heard about the scary side of using a microwave oven to cook/heat food, won’t we? Among those scary things, we probably heard about Microwave oven cause Intestinal Cancer.

Does Microwaves cause Intestinal Cancer? In general, no microwave oven food causes any type of cancer. There are only chances that if you are directly exposed to microwave radiation. Intestinal cancer occurs in the small intestine, there is no chance of causing intestinal cancer by microwave oven food. Because the food in the oven heats up only by vibrations of water molecules.

In simple, no microwaves causes intestinal cancer. If you are interested in knowing the complete details of the research we made then gently scroll down to below.

No Microwaves causes Intestinal Cancer

If we expose our body continues to the microwave radiation emitting from the oven, then we are likely to attract cancer. These expose happened in any way like through loose contact of microwave oven doors or leakage in a microwave frame.

As the topic is all about the Intestinal Cancer, let us know what an intestinal cancer is?

What is Intestinal Cancer?

In general, the main cause of cancer is the formation of a tumor by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells.  These abnormal cells formed by the remains of old cells (damaged) which are not dead. This leads to the formation of tumor/cancer cells.

However, in intestinal cancer, the cancer cells formed in the small/large intestine. There is no particular reason mentioned for this type of cancer.

Usage of Microwave oven cause Intestinal Cancer
Usage of Microwave oven cause Intestinal Cancer

Thus, there is no link between the formation of cancer cells to the microwaves. Hence, it is clear that no microwaves cause intestinal cancer.

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Remember, according to the Food and Drug Administration, every microwave oven should meet the basic regulations/limitations to release it to the market. In this case, if the microwave ovens are that dangerous to humans they don’t find a place in the market, right!

So, there is nothing to worry about cancer. But, go on a periodical check-up of your microwave oven to stay safe.

Frequently asked question

Q) Can you get cancer from sitting in front of a microwave? No, the microwaves have no such huge intensity to cause cancer human life. But, on a prolonged usage and exposure to microwaves produced causes cancer.

Q) How microwaved plastic cups related to cancer? There is no direct relationship between the plastic usage and cancer. But it is better to use the ceramic, glass, or metal container to cook/heat food in a microwave oven.

Q) Can a broken microwave cause cancer? Yes, the damaged microwave oven emits the radiation beyond the standards. So, if you expose continuously to this radiation then are like to prone in the area of cancer.

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