10 Common Microwave Oven Problems and it’s Troubleshoot (Must Read)​

A Microwave Oven is the best way to get our food served with hot fumes. It plays an important role in our kitchen. The usage of the microwave oven has been increasing day by day. It is quite obvious that every electronic good faces some or other problems during its usage over time. We need to know the common microwave oven problems.

A microwave oven is no exception, so the users must know about the common and frequent microwave oven problems to eliminate panic and fix them easily. Then, What are the common microwave oven problems? The following are the most common microwave oven problems that arise over time,

  • No moment of the plate inside a microwave oven
  • Bulb light suppression inside a microwave oven
  • Ir-responsive microwave buttons
  • Witnessed some sparkling inside a microwave oven
  • Sudden stops while cooking
  • No heating
  • Microwave Oven Door not opening
  • Display not working
  • Taking too much time to cook
  • Switching on the button by itself.

This article will let you be aware of the common problems we face while using a microwave oven and the quick troubleshoot you can perform. Then, what are you waiting for? let’s dive in

Common Microwave Oven Problems and its Troubleshoot

One or other problem mentioned above might have brought you here, so please go through the entire article to find out its fix and save money.

1) No moment of the plate inside a microwave oven

It is important to cook the food evenly on all the sides, and this will only happen when the turn plate inside the microwave works. We can’t imagine a situation like this when we have cheesy pizza to heat up and serve. The turnplate may not work in some conditions, a common problem we face while using a microwave oven.

Cause of the problem:

  • The turnplate works based on the motor fixed inside it. So, check the motor whether it is causing any problem or not.
  • Check if it has any fault in the main control board or checks for the turning plate button is on/off.


If you observe any damage to the motor, then it can be easily replaced by an electrician. Or try to resolve it manually by cleaning/resetting the parts under the turnplate.

2) Bulb light suppression inside the microwave oven

It is the craving part to check for the food whether it is ready or not. But what happens if you have a dusky light or dark inside the microwave oven. This puts off our mood, for at least me. This problem may happen when the bulb inside the oven is not working properly.

Cause of the problem:

  • The fuse of the bulb got damaged.
  • Insufficient power supply to the Microwave oven.


When your bulb gets damaged, replace the bulb with the new one. This can be easily done by switching off all the power supply to the oven, finding the bulb’s socket, and replacing it with a new one. For an insufficient power supply, check/change your wiring connection of the socket.

3) Unresponsive Microwave Buttons

It is important to set the particular temperature for the food we heat in a Microwave oven. This may vary from recipe to recipe. So, with unresponsive buttons, we cannot cook or heat the food at our required temperature. This is a nightmare, seriously.

Cause of the problem:

  • The working of the Control panel may affect this
  • Damage to Switch membrane by continuous use
  • The problem in the main control board


If you bought the oven by shipping, there are some chances of unplugging/loose connecting the wires to the control panel. So check, the panel connection to the oven is fixed or not by opening the cabinet. If you observe some buttons are working and some or not and with the display as working, then the membrane switch needs to be checked with the multi-meter where you can observe the ohms reading of resistance. Ask your electrician to replace it with the new one. Or else check for the main control system for the proper supply.

4) Sparkling inside the Microwave Oven

We generally get a little worried when we see any sparkling inside any electronic device, and that is the same case with a Microwave oven. So,?If you see any such scene with your microwave oven, immediately plug off your microwave power supply and find the cause of the problem.

Cause of the Problem:

  • Due to Waveguide cover damage.
  • Paint Peel-off inside the Microwave oven.
  • Diode Burn Out.
  • Some times even due to vegetables we place in microwave


  • The waveguide cover helps the microwaves to stay safely inside the cavity of the oven. So, any damage will lead to the sparkling in the oven. A new waveguide can replace this.
  • Peeled off paint also causes sparkling where the microwaves get reflected by the walls of the cavity, and the problem can be replaced by applying the new layer of paint.
  • Strangely, the sparkling occurs due to the vegetable which we keep inside the oven because the minerals in the food reflect the microwaves and cause sparkling, which indicates you to turn off the oven immediately.

5) Sudden Stop of  Microwave Oven while heating

It is terrible to find your oven stops suddenly while cooking food in it. This leads to food wastage, efforts to cook, and time.

Cause of the problem:

  • High Voltage causes damage to the transformer
  • Damaged motor, touchpad, and door switch


Including the transformer of a microwave, all other parts are needed to be replaced immediately after the damage.

6) No heat production in Microwave Oven

It is pointless to use a microwave when it does not heat food. The general heating components of the microwave are diodes and magnetrons. These components will allow the microwaves to pass through food to heat food. Any cause or damage to these components makes the microwave oven stops producing heat.

Cause of the Problem:

• Damage to heating components of magnetrons and diode.


  • Replace the damaged magnetrons and diode with new ones.

7) Microwave Oven door not opening

The Microwave oven starts heating only when the door closes properly. So, damage to the door disturbs the functioning of the oven. The Microwave oven door mainly depends on or operates on the latch lever to open/close the door with the help of a spring within the latch.

Cause of the Problem:

  • Any damage to the latch lever, door hook, spring.


To troubleshoot the problem, we need to replace the latch lever with the new one by removing the broken/damaged one. This can do by removing the door unit and control panel also.

8) Microwave Oven Display not working

This is a very common problem which we face while turning on the microwave oven. The reasons for this problem are quite usual.

Cause of the problem:

  • Fault in the Power supply.
  • Any damage to the Circuit board.


The simple troubleshoot for this problem is to restart the oven for about 2-3 minutes. Or change the plug into the other socket for the fault in the power supply. Still, if it doesn’t solve the problem, check for the damage in the circuit board and fix it by soldering or changing the faulty capacitor.

9) Taking Too Much Time To Cook

Generally, This is not a technical issue, and it is caused due to the quantity of food you place in a microwave oven to heat up. The oven is very efficient to transfer the magnetrons from food to heat it.

Cause of the problem:

  • Higher the quantity of food, the higher the heating time.


Simple, reduce the amount of food you want to heat. There is also scope for microwave leakage tests. This test involves testing the microwave radiation levels around the microwave oven by the microwave level detector. The limit of radiation should not increase by five mW/cm2.

10) Switching on/off  the buttons by itself

It gets a little confusing when the oven operates on its own without our involvement. It is the most important thing to clear as it will damage the microwave oven and create dangerous health issues if further, the problem exceeds.

Cause of the problem:

  • Problem with a diode (Triac)
  • If Switches Struck
  • The troubled Heat sensor panel
  • Improper functioning of the Control Panel


  • The Triac is to be checked by resetting the oven for this problem.
  • Switches that struck by themselves is a common problem that activates the oven to start by itself.
  • The heating sensors in the oven will react just by the heat sensation of the heating pan.

For more understanding of microwave oven troubleshoot, check out this video.


Wrapping it up, These are some basic problems of microwave ovens you see on prolonged usage. Before you begin any troubleshoot, make sure that you are well aware of basic electrical knowledge. And the most important thing is safety. Take care of yourself by electrical shocks and other serious situations.

To be free from all these minor and major damages to your oven, make sure to service it regularly as it is one of the important and dangerous appliances we deal with within the kitchen.

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