Can Vacuum Cleaner Remove Dust Mites? How Dust mite Causes Allergy?

Can Vacuum Cleaner Remove Dust Mites?

Can Vacuum Cleaner Remove Dust Mites

Dust…Dust…Dust….We see dust everywhere around us, even on the display, which you are looking at now. Just wiping off with a cloth, will not remove the dust completely, some micro not, nanoparticles remain on it. Yes, we are living with unknown housemates at our home which causes allergies. Among them, “dust mite” is the one. 

Fortunately, one of the best ways we have, to clean dust is a Vacuum cleaner, In that case, “Can Vacuum Cleaner Remove Dust Mites ?”  Yes, Vacuum Cleaners Remove Dust mites that have a specific filter in it. And also, the vacuum should consist of high suction power which is enough to capture the dust mites along with the dust.

The allergy-causing dust mites need to be vacuumed very often. But what about the type of filters we need to choose in Vacuum to remove dust mites? Want to know then Just scroll down to the below article. 

Before getting into the details, it is always a wise thought to know the basics. So, lemme explain How can a dust mite cause allergy? 

How dust mite Cause Allergies?

Firstly, dust mite is the microscopic organisms that are present mostly on the bed, couch, upholstery cloth carpets…etc. Probably, impossible to see with a naked eye, because of the size, about 125 micrometers long.

These are not that dangerous organisms like others. Dust mites do not harm humans by biting or even irritating.

Dust mite causes breathing problem

Surprisingly, they feed on the human dead skin without harming humans at all. The main reason for causing allergies by dust mites is that inhaling the excretion of the dust mites.

Yes, by consuming the dead skin, dust mites excrete a material called pellets. These pellets got absorbed into the air by breaking into pieces when it disturbed. 

When we inhale the air containing these pellets, it directly enters into the lungs.

And can lead to some problems like squeezing, itching in the nose, running nose, watery eyes, cough, facial pressure,..etc

For your Information, an adult dust millet has the ability to produce the eggs about 100 in their lifetime. So, imagine how many dust mites are there on your couch, bed..etc.

So, a vacuum cleaner with proper filters helps in removing the dust mites in your home.

But which type of filter helps most?

Which Vaccum filter is best to remove the dust mites

As dust mites are nano in nature i.e. unable to see with our naked eye, a vacuum with a greater suction power and the perfect filter will remove the dust mites.

More Suction power:

When it comes to the suction power, choose the one with more suction power number. However, the suction power is measured in terms of watts. So, the more the watts, the more the suction power.


And then when it comes to the filters, HEPA filter and  ULPA filters are the best to remove dust mites.

HEPA Filter:

HEPA filter that has the filtration i.e High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration method. This filter uses the electrostatic field and special sizes fibers to lock the dust particles being passed through it. However, the invention of this filter was done during WW-II because to reduce the radioactive dust from the plant, which it tells how efficient it is to stop the micro dust particles. It filters the dust at the range of 0.3 micrometers. It also satisfied the British and german norms of filtration.

ULPA Filter:

This is another efficient filter used in vacuum cleaners where it has the ULPA filtration i.e Ultra Low Penetration Air. It filters the dust at a range of 0.12 micrometers. These types of filters are mostly used in pharmaceutical labs to maintain good air.

Although the filters are very efficient, the improperly sealed products in the vacuum may tend to the duct leakage. So, do check for properly sealed product and choose the vacuum cleaner with high suction and best filter to remove the dust mites from your home.

Precautions to avoid dust mite:

Days back, these dust mites are found on the bird’s nest, but the days pass by they entered our house and became a common house organism. So, follow some preventions to avoid the dust mites at the home.

The reason behind the dust mites’ growth is due to the humidity presence because the dust mites are very sensitive to the dry air without humidity. So by maintaining the less humidity we can eliminate the dust mites.

Washing the fabric with the high-temperature program will kill dust mites.

According to research, nearly 10,000 dust mites are found in a bed on an average. So, covering the pillow and bed with a tight fabric material will reduce the growth.

If you have a steam cleaner then use it to clean dust mites areas very often as said, high temperatures will kill the dust mites.

Finally, if you found any traces of the dust mites infection, then it’s better to get an air purifier to home, as these pellets of dust mites are present in the air which makes us a danger to inhale.


Dust mites are a serious problem for people who are very sensitive to dust, especially kids. Though they don’t harm humans, we are likely to get breathing problems. So, following the precautions and vacuuming them with a good filter and suction, will help us from being attacked by these micro fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kills dust mites naturally? Eucalyptus oil is the best natural ingredient to kill the bed bugs. Soak the fabrics for about 1 hour in the water mixed with eucalyptus oil or else spray the water mixed eucalyptus oil on the bed to kill dust mites.

Can you feel dust mites on you? No, we cannot feel dust mites crawling on us because it does not cause any harm to humans but they just feed on the dead skin of humans.

Can dust mites live in your hair? NO, a dust mite cannot live in your hair.

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