Can Vacuum Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs? How to Vacuum Bed Bugs?

Can Vacuum Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs?

Every day good night sleep is as important as drinking water for humans. A Soft Mattress with suitable temperature is all we need at the end of a hard-working day. But is it impossible to sleep on the bed which has a bed bug? Almost unthinkable.

It’s really irritating to have bed bugs on our bed. Though the bugs are in microscopic size, the nuisance they create is what matters most, especially at night. 

After keep fighting, we then finally go for the options to clean the stubborn bed bugs from the bed. 

By good fortune, a vacuum cleaner will provide a solution for bed bugs. But the question is

Can Vacuum cleaner Kill Bed Bugs, for sure? No, a vacuum cleaner will not kill the bed bugs completely. But a high suction power vacuum will help in sucking the bed bugs that clings on the fabric, mattress…etc where half of the killing bugs are done by vacuum suction itself. 

However, the capturing of bed bugs is the most difficult task because these bugs will wedge in cracks.

So, Now, it’s time to get rid of these bloodthirsty bed bugs. This article will help you to choose a vacuum cleaner for bed bugs and how to vacuum the bed bug. So, let’s get started.

Which vacuum is best for Vacuuming bed bugs?

Firstly, a vacuum cleaner with great suction power is the best to vacuum the bed bugs

This suction power is based on how fast the motor rotates and creates a vacuum inside the machine. The vacuum is a low-pressure area, helps in sucking the dirt outside(high-pressure area) inside.

And finding a vacuum cleaner with the best suction power is not a big deal if you are aware of the basic things in buying a vacuum.

One of the basic things is to check the suction power of a vacuum by the sealed suction method.

In this method the vacuum cleaner id connected to the closed tube filled with water. By switching on the machine the level of the water should increases. A vacuum with good suction power will reach approx. 90 inches. 

If you don’t have the sealed suction method, then you can refer to the feature column of the vacuum. There the suction power is mentioned in the terms of watts. So, go for the highest watts where it means, more the number in watts indicates the more suction power.

By referring both the measure select the one with great suction power. After selecting, how can we vacuum them by capturing?

How to Vacuum Bed Bugs?

As said earlier, the vacuum cleaner only sucks the bed bugs but not kill them, so here is the process of capturing them by vacuum.

Before vacuuming, connect the extension services hose to the vacuum. 

Switch on the vacuum and start vacuuming all over the areas where you can find them.

Mostly adult bed bugs are present in the cluster from so vacuum it carefully without escaping.

Makes sure that you cannot press the hose against bed bugs as it will lead to the baby bed bug comes out of its egg. 

After vacuuming the area, we have to remove the bed bugs that are stored in the vacuum, right!

It is fine till capturing the bugs… 

For a surprise, these bed bugs can survive in the hose of the vacuum also. Annoying right!!! In fact, they can survive for about a year without any food source.

How can we avoid it from surviving in the hose of vacuum cleaner? 

How to avoid bed bugs surviving in the hose?

After capturing, the removing process depends on the type of vacuum you are using.

If it has a removable bag then gently take out the bag and place it in a plastic bag by closing the bag tightly and transfer it to the garbage. It is so simple, isn’t it?

But if you have a reusable container, then you need to drop the bug carefully into the trash and wash the container thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Most importantly, it is mandatory to clean the filter inside the vacuum as we can see a filter in any type of vacuum.

Take out the filter and wash it with hot soapy water. 

Precaution to be taken for Bed bugs:

Followed by the vacuuming, it is better to steam the vacuumed area because this will helps in the regrowth of bed bugs again.

Vacuum the area very often can also decrease the chance of bed bugs formation again.

Wash the cloth of bed bugs in the hot water as it will kill the bed bugs.

Try to maintain your home with less furniture/things because bed bugs grow more in the hidden area.  

It is very important to clean your vacuum after vacuuming the bed bugs.

You can also refer to the following video to eliminate the bed bugs.


It is to remember that vacuum cleaner alone is not a solution bed bug eradication. These bugs can travel longer distances and can transfer from one home to another especially in apartments. So, Prevention is the better way to protect our home from getting attacked by bed bugs. Finally, have a good sleep at night without a bed bug bite. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can bed bugs live in a carpet? Of course Yes. Bed bugs can live in a carpet especially the corners. 

Do Bed Bugs die in the washing machine? Yes, bed bugs die in the washing machine that runs at high temperatures. Scientifically, bed bugs cannot survive at extreme temperatures

Can bed bugs kill you? No, Bed bugs cannot kill humans they only cause irritation and cause little bumps on the skin. Usually, bed bugs are like little vampires they only suck the blood of a human. 

Can you feel bedbugs crawling? No, bed bugs are not strong enough to make us feel it crawlings and it depends on how sensitive our skin is to feel. And also we cannot feel the bite of bedbugs as it contains anesthesia in it but causes itching after biting.

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