Can Vacuum Cleaner be Used on Tiles? Which is best for cleaning Tiles?

Can Vacuum Cleaner be Used on Tiles?

We generally go for the tiles flooring to have that glazed, elegant look to the floor in our house because of its smoothness. But have you ever observed that flooring with tile has more dust than other floorings? I think, No.

Actually, Yes, the smoothness of the tile “give a home” for the dust to form easily. The formed dust must be clean regularly as it from layers like sediments, next the task of cleaning will be beyond one.

If you look at the latest machine to clean the tiles in an easy way, then Vaccum cleaner is the first product that you see.

But the question is, Can Vacuum cleaner be used on Tiles? Absolutely, Yes. A vacuum cleaner can be used for tiles by setting the options of cleaning to the respective floor type. Based on the type of floor, the vacuum automatically changes the type of cleaning itself. 

That sounds incredible, right!

It’s ok if you have a vacuum cleaner with the latest technology, but what about the people who don’t even have a vacuum cleaner?

Don’t worry, this article will help you with what to choose in a vacuum cleaner in tile cleaning, which is best and details about the vacuum.

Nothing to Wait for, Let’s begin…

What type of Vaccum is best for Tiles cleaning?

Tile is a delicate material to handle while cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. An improper type of tile can cause damage to the flooring. So, choosing the best vacuum cleaner for the tiles flooring is important. 

Firstly, let us know the types of vacuum we have in the market. We have 5 types of vacuum cleaners namely Canister, Upright, Handheld, Stick, Robot…

Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

Why I mentioned this vacuum first because it is the most popular one which you can see when a vacuum cleaner model is displayed. The model of this vacuum cleaner is easy to handle which is attracted by most of the people based on its model. The structure of this vacuum is in “L” shaped with a handle and also provided with a hose extension.

This is suitable for both the carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning.


Canister looks similar to the upright model. It is known for its multifunctional design. Compare to upright it has more options for vacuuming the home. It can also clean both the carpet and hard floors.


The name itself says that it can be handled with hand. Except for the floor cleaning, it is a great option to choose in cleaning the car, couch,..etc like narrow places. Because a handheld vacuum cleaner needs much time to clean the floor.


These robots are the latest sensation among the vacuum cleaners. The robot vacuum cleaners are the self-driven type that runs on its own. This reduces the human effort and time by cleaning the small, narrow areas like under the couch, table..within no time. Though it is a super machine to clean the area, the price is very high compared to other vacuum cleaners.


This is the modern model for the handheld vacuum cleaner. The slim design of this vacuum makes the vacuum to reach the small, narrow places also. This vacuum is also used to clean the carpet and hard floor with less baggage where the upright, canister consists.

From all the above types, it was clear that vacuum cleaner of Upright, Canister, Stick is best to choose for cleaning the tile flooring.

Selecting the right vacuum cleaner is not end to clean the delicate flooring like tiles. We need to keep in mind some important things regarding cleaning

Points to remember:

Apart from how much a vacuum cleans the floor, it is equally important for us to choose some features in a vacuum cleaner.

As we need a vacuum cleaner to clean tiles, it is a good option to choose a one with proper brush control. A hard brush can easily cause scratches on the floor which reduces the elegant looks in the glazed tile floor.

Next, it is important to check whether the vacuum has the best filtration or not because the smoothness of the tiles results in the formation of electrostatic force, which makes the dust to return back. If the vacuum has good filtration, then there will be no chance for dirt spilling out. 

While vacuuming the tile floor we need to set the cleaning option to the respective type. Different types of tiles require different forms of cleaning purposes. For example, if you continue to use the carpet settings on the floor this will lead to the suction power disturbances because the rate of suction power is different from one another.

Changing the bag is also an important factor to consider while cleaning, the full filled bag may reduce the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

Finally, regular vacuuming will reduce the formation of dust on the tiles. So, clean your clean at least thrice in a week for good looking flooring.


By keeping the above details in mind and narrowing the best features you want in a vacuum cleaner to clean the tile floor, purchasing the best one might be an easy task for you.  Isn’t it? Make your tiles to look glazed like a new one with the proper cleaning of vacuum. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use a carpet cleaner on ceramic tile? Probably, yes. You can use a carpet cleaner on ceramic tile but you cannot expect the same result what a hard floor cleaner gets. Because the suction power may vary between the type of setting it has.

How often should I vacuum? It is recommended to vacuum twice in every week if you are lazy at every day. But If you have a pet in your home then there is no chance to escape, you need to clean the home every day to reduce the health risks.

Is it better to vacuum or dust first? Undoubtedly, dust first, then vacuum. Because dusting after vacuuming will again lead to the formation of dust in the air.

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