Can Microwaves Damage Eyes by the Radiation Leakage?

Can Microwaves Damage Eyes?

Do you remember the words of your grandma saying that not to look inside the microwave oven while baking your favorite cake? Yes, right!!! But If you ask for the reason, she simply replies that microwaves damage eyes.

Have you ever thought what she said was real? Or a myth?

So, Can Microwaves Damage Eyes? Well, No. The microwaves which are tightly closed cause no damage to the eyes when we stare through the door of the oven because a mesh is placed at the door will reflect the microwaves inside the oven and the holes in it are, small enough to reflect and protect our eyes. But there are chances to damage when our eyes exposed to microwave radiation leakage.

In simple, the mesh fixed in the door protects our eyes from damage but what about the microwave radiation leakage and how it damages our eyes.

If you are interested in knowing about the microwave radiation leakage in detail then scroll down to below. Let us get into the details of it…

How can Microwaves Damage Eyes by the Radiation Leakage?

The eyes are one of the sensitive parts of the human body. It has lesser blood vessels when compared to the other parts. Lesser blood vessels indicate that no heat transfer takes place through the blood flow.

So, the areas with less blood flow are likely to get affected by the damage very easily.

The continuous radiation leakage from the oven causes cataracts in the eyes. This makes our vision blur, faded to color….etc

If the radiation from the microwaves is continuous, then it results in the formation of burns on the skin also.

But how microwave oven radiation forms?

microwave damages to eyes

How Microwave Oven Radiation Occurs

The main reason to heat the food in the oven is done by the microwave.

Microwaves are produced by the magnetron in the oven which is a vacuum device. The microwaves travel through the waveguide and reach the inner side of the oven.

Here, the waves get reflected by the reflected material painted inside the walls of the oven. By this, the amount of energy is released by the microwaves which are called microwave oven radiation.

Microwave oven working – the heating process

The radiation penetrates into the food and makes the water molecules to vibrate in the food. These vibrations are done for about millions of times per second and result in the formation of friction.

With friction, the heat is produced. Thus, the food in the microwave oven gets heated.

The oven is safe to use till now and it does not cause damage to the human body as the oven is a tightly closed container and protected with the metal shield on the glass door.

So, it is clear that eyes get damage only when it is exposed continuously to the microwave radiation leakage.

Microwave Oven Radiation Leakage:

The leakage of the microwave oven means that the oven is emitting the microwave radiation to the outer surface. The reasons for this leakage are

Damaged door latch

The door is the main thing in the oven in order to protect us from the radiation. But if any damage to it will cause the radiation leakage. The door with improper latch, spring…etc will result in leakage of radiation.

Old oven

If you are using an oven from 10 years then it has the chances of radiation leakage because any hole or damage to the container walls also results in radiation leakage.

Damage/Absence of protective metal shield

The manufactures designed the metal shield-like mesh to the door of the oven. It has enough width for the holes to reflect the microwaves inside of the box.

These ways of oven leakage lead to health problems.

Health problems caused by Microwave Radiation Leakage

As said earlier the leakage of the microwave oven causes eye problems namely cataract. Other than cataract, some other health problems are

  • Change in blood count
  • Change in heart rate
  • Cause burns on the skin

Precautions to be taken from Microwave Oven Leakage

To prevent the leakage here are some of the precautions to be taken for microwave oven leakage,

Test for leakage

The test can be done with a microwave oven detector. The microwave oven detector is the detector to test the microwave radiation with its reading. This is the easiest way to detect if your oven is free from leakage or not. The reading of the detector should not exceed is 5 milliwatts (mW) per square kilometer.

Note: The test should be done by powering on the oven with a glass of water inside it because an empty running oven leads to damage quickly.


Maintenance is an important part to maintain in every device. The oven is to check for the leakage in a particular interval of time as a part of maintenance.

Painting the inner oven

Check for the worn-out painting inside the oven. As these will cause a hole on the surface it is continuously exposed to microwaves. Try to fix the worn-out paint by painting it with suitable protective paint.

Replacing the damaged parts

The microwaves are leaked mostly through the damage that happens to the door. So, it is better to replace the door parts if you see any damage or improper work.

Check for more safety tips while using a microwave oven by clicking here


Finally, it is best to maintain your microwave oven from the leakage to prevent any health problems. As said earlier, the eyes get damaged only when it exposes to the continuous radiation leakage.

So, microwaving cannot cause any damage to the eyes when it is completely closed because the closed oven has no chance for the radiation to come out of the oven. If you are sure about the leakage matter then you can stare at your favorite food in the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will happen if the cataract is left untreated? If the cataract is left untreated then it results in total blindness. So, it’s better to check when you experience any blur in vision, color sensitivity.

Is sitting in front of the microwave bad? It is safe if the oven does not have any leakage of microwave radiation. If you expose the continuous levels of radiation from the oven you are prone to some health problems.

Is microwave harmful to health? Though the microwaves are non-ionized electromagnetic waves which are short radio waves, being a continuous exposure will cause harm to the human cells and tissues by damaging it.

What is microwave energy? The energy released by the microwaves in the oven is called microwave energy. This energy helps the water molecules to vibrate in food.

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