Can an Air Conditioner make Sickness and How to Prevent it?

Can an Air Conditioner Make Sickness

Most of us use an Air conditioner to cool our room with its cooling effects, after a very hot day. Some people might think they were very fortunate to have AC in their homes to tolerate the outside temperature increases. Wait, Do they really fortunate to have Air Conditioners in their homes? And what about the people who are thinking that using an Air Conditioner make sickness. Yes, there are few people who are still believing in AC Sickness.

But, Can really an Air conditioner make Sickness? 

No, an AC cannot make you sick at all. But allergens, bacteria, viruses filled-air in the room where AC is located is the actual cause for an AC Sickness. Germs free air in the room never cause sickness to us.

In simple, you should keep your room clean and free from all the germs. 

Having cleared the myth of AC sickness, now you people might be interested in other details regarding AC sickness. If yes, please read further.

So, let’s get started with how can a germ-filled air causes AC sickness.

AC sickness

How Can an Air Conditioner make sickness from germs filled-air?

In order to know about this question, it is better to know the working of an AC first.

The working of an AC starts by taking the hot/normal air from the room through the air filters which are at the foremost location of the AC unit i.e. right next to the open lid. The air filters will filter the dust present in the air. During this process, evaporator coils(set of coils) in the AC start getting cold by the refrigerant (cooling agent) in it. 

A fan attached to the back of the evaporator coils allows the normal/hot airflow to pass through the coils which make the AC blow cool air.

By this, the air in the room is then beginning to circulate right after hitting the start button on the AC remote. Just by taking hot air and passing through the cold coils to blow cool air.

Check out the video for a better understanding

When it comes to our point of Air Conditioner make sickness by germs filled-air, 

Our room consists of many germs if it not cleaned/vacuumed properly. The germs will contaminate the air in the room along with the viruses, bacteria,…etc. 

The contaminated air is then passed through the AC and comes out as cool air along with those contaminants. By inhaling the circulated contaminated air, again and again, it will result in frequent Sickness.

Apart from this cause, there are some other causes which lead to AC sickness.

Other Causes for AC Sickness:

These are some additional situations that are added to the main cause of germ-filled air.

Too Much Cold

Setting the temperature to very low will creates the most suitable environment for cold-causing germs, bacteria to multiply its growth rapidly. Multiplied growth of cold-causing germs in the air will increase the risk of having a frequent cold. 

Moldy evaporator coil

During the working of an AC, the air is then passed through the evaporator coils. The moisture content of the evaporator coil will help the germs filled the air to settle on it and help to build mildews within no time. 

As a part of circulating the air, the bacteria-filled air is then blown back into the air.

Blocked Drain Pan

The role of a drain pan in the AC is to collect all the condensed water from the evaporator coil during enough airflow through the filters. The drain pan will sometimes tend to blockage due to the damage/rust formation. 

The blocked drain pan will create a pool by the water stock. This will be the best environment for the molds to multiply their growth. The air coming from the blower includes the bacteria of molds to blow outside.  

Too much Dry 

Setting the thermostats to the dry mode will remove all the moisture content in the air. And also removes the moist linings of the nose. The absence of moisture lining inside the nose will be a better environment for infection spreading.

These are the ways of spreading the germs filled air easily inside the room. 

But, how can we prevent it?

How to Prevent it?

It is always the best option to choose prevention than suffering from AC Sickness. And here are some of the ways you can actually prevent it.

By Setting Right Temperature:

Too much cold and too much dryness are relatively dangerous for us to operate as it increases the growth of bacteria and germs. So, it’s always the best option to set the temperature moderate as possible or according to the outer temperature.

Cleaning the dirty/moldy area in a room:

This is the first and foremost to do right after finding them. Keeping an area, free from molds and bacteria is always the best to have fresh air circulation in a room.

Proper Maintenance:

This is an obvious way to keep anything under control, just by Maintaining it. If you are not familiar with how to maintain an Air Conditioner then click here to know that. Or just make a call to the HVAC serviceman to get your AC maintenance done.

If you neglect these prevention measures you and your family are more likely to prone AC Sickness by causing cold, cough, headache, and some other nasal issues.


I can hereby conclude with a tip, opening the windows of an air-conditioned room is the best way to remove the allergens filled the air and allow fresh air into the room. So, follow these prevention ways and prevent your family from being attacked by frequent cold, cough, headache…etc

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Can air conditioning cause sore throat? Yes, air conditioning can cause sore throat if there is air pollution in the room.

Q) How often should you service your AC? Experts of AC are saying to service your AC at least once a year nevertheless of problem finding/occurrence.

Image Source: scienceabc

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