Can Air Purifiers Remove Dust and Odor in the air?

Can Air Purifiers Remove Dust and Odor?

Do you know, a healthy environment with pleasant odor will definitely increase productivity? Well, most of you. Yes, a healthy environment with pleasant odor will make our thoughts to work more creatively and results in more productively. And this is what happens in many business companies’ secrets… Fortunately, everyone is believing that achieving this type of environment has made it easy with the help of Air purifier. But, the question is Can Air Purifiers Remove Dust and Odor, for sure?

Yes, air purifiers can remove the dust and odor in the air within a short span of time and let the air as dust-free after passing through it. This might confuse a little for the people who are not aware of these air purifiers.  Are you the one among them, then you have reached the right platform which will allow you to get aware of maximum details about air purifiers.

So, let’s begin with How can it do this job?

Can Air Purifiers Remove Dust and Odor in the air

How can Air Purifiers Remove Dust and Odor?

Generally, an air purifier an electrical device used to clean the air inside the room where it has been placed.

This process of purification involves many components in it. Namely, 

Filters: There are many types of filters used in the Air Purifier in order to get the most cleaned air by filtering it.

Housing: It is a type of covering or case used to close the entire air purifier unit.  

Motor Fan: This component will let the air get out of the purifier unit.

Apart from the components, its purification of air from dust and odor happens in stages.

Air Sucking: Firstly, the process starts with sucking the air inside a room where it is located. The process of sucking will run parallel with further purification process and it will take nearly 30 minutes to take the dust and bad odor filled air into it.

Pre-filter: Right after sucking the air filled with dust, the pre-filter stage starts its working by filtering the air which contains large dust particles, dust mites, pet’s fur…etc. The pre-filter will reduce the strain of the further purification by filtering maximum dust in this stage.

Carbon Activated Filter: In this stage, after completing maximum purification, the air with bad odor and small dust particles will pass through the carbon activated filter. The use of the filter in this stage is to purify the air from bad odors by trapping the odor-causing particles. So, this stage will remove the bad odor from the air and release a fresh/clean air to the further purification.

HEPA Filter: This the most efficient stage in the air purifier. In this stage, there is a chance for micro and nano dust particles remain to stay back in the air even after a carbon activated filtration. So, in order to remove the tiny dust particles, the HEPA filter is used. Because HEPA means High Efficient Particle Air, it is very effective enough to trap the dust particles about 99.97 % from the air. By this process the maximum dust particles from the air removed.

Blowing Fresh/Clean air: This is the final stage of purification, where all the purification will get done here. The air purified from dust and odor get into the room with the help of a fan motor. The fan motor fixed inside the purifier with high speed blowing. And the process continues by circulating the air inside the with better purification in every cycle of purification and also the air gets more clean and fresh by each cycle of purification.

Also, check out the video for a visual understanding of air purifier working

This is how an air purifier removes the dust and odor from the air by its working. The maximum duration for an entire cycle of purification is about 30 minutes – 1 hour based on the size and area of the room. 

Not only the Dust and Odor, but the air purifier also filters some other dangerous things.

What do Air Purifiers Remove?

Yes, an air purifier has the ability to remove many more. Like,

Pollen: There are a lot of chances for the pollen deposition which are carried out by many of the insects flying in our home.

Pet dander: This is a type of dry skin flake of the pets that are released and get circulates in the air.

Mold: Molds are one of the reasons for the bad odor in the home but using the purifier will dry up the mold and reduce the bad smell.

Dangerous Gases: Uranium mixed with the soil, water release the radon gas which is a dangerous gas.

Bacteria and Viruses: The seasonal viruses always transfer from one person to another through the air itself. It is the best medium for them to travel long.

All the dangerous things will cause danger when we inhale it. So, with the help of an air purifier with specified filtration technology will help you to get contaminants free air.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Where should I put an air purifier in my room? You should place the air purifier at the corners in a room. Because this is the place where all the airborne particles will get circulates as a part of air direction. And also corner place will help the air purifier from the hit by us while walking.

Q) Can I put my air purifier on a table? Yes, you can put your air purifier on a table if there is no chance to place it in the corners.

Q) Should I leave my air purifier on when I’m not home? No, you can turn it off in your absence at home i.e right after you leave the home. But you should run an air purifier all night long as it helps you to have a good night’s sleep.

Q) Do air purifiers make the air dry? No, the main use of air purifiers is to purify the air in the room, whereas it is not designed to decrease the level of humidity in the room like an air conditioner.

Image source: businessinsider

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