How Can Air Purifiers help with Pet Allergies in the air?

Can Air Purifiers help with Pet Allergies?

On average, one in three homes will definitely have some kind of pets, especially for animal lovers. Some may have 2 pets, and few people may have 5 pets. Raising those pets is not a big deal at all if the pets are healthy. The problem comes when they become a cause for some problems like Pet Allergy or Animal allergies. And the people are safe those who raise a pet in the presence of an Air Purifier. Really!!!! Can Air Purifiers help with Pet Allergies, for sure? Might be the question which strikes your mind.

Yes, an Air Purifier can help in preventing pet allergies. The filters in the air purifier will trap all the allergens/contaminants in the air along with its fur and dust released by the pet. 

The above answer will make sense for those who are aware of the pet allergies, right! 

But what about the people who know what actually pet allergies mean. Unfortunately, if you are the one who is new to the topic and having a pet at home then don’t panic, set back and relax. This article will help you with the in-depth details of the above topic …Keep Scrolling

So, let’s begin our topic of pet allergies.

air purifiers help with pet allergies

What is a Pet Allergy?

It is a type of allergy caused by the proteins found in an animal’s skin, urine, saliva, dander. The symptoms for this allergy include runny nose, nasal congestion, cough, facial pressure & pain …etc.

Mostly this allergy is self-diagnosed and can be cured within a day and it becomes difficult for the people who are already suffering from asthma. This also may cause your skin to itch and results in forming redness. Pets like dogs and cats shed its fur along with the dander, dead skin cells will get stick to the furniture. This is all about the basic info of pet allergy that you are looking for and also refer to this article for more information about pet allergies.

Knowing this pet allergy info is not enough for this topic, so let’s now look into how an air purifier works to eliminate the pet allergies…

How Can Air Purifiers help with Pet Allergies?

Basically, the goal of an air purifier is to purify the air. The purification in an air purifier is nothing but several stages of filtration. The process of filtration involves several types of filters in it some of them like HEPA filter, UV filter, electrostatic filter…etc

When it comes to the topic of pet allergies, the air purifier will suck the air which contains allergens, dust, contaminants that got released from animal’s fur and let them pass through the specified number of filters and let the clean/fresh air back into the room by circulating it.

It is clear that, here in the pet allergies filtrations, the key is played by the filters in it. Isn’t it?

So, let us know which filter containing air purifiers is the best for pet allergies. 

Best Filter for Pet Allergies Removal

In an air filter, it is quite common to have pre-filter at the initial stage of filtration. So, the use of the best filter comes right next to the pre-filter stage.

As per the research, HEPA(High-efficiency particulate filter) is the best filter among the other types of filters in an air purifier. Because as the name suggests High-efficiency particulate filter, HEPA filter has the capacity to trap 99.97% of the airborne, contaminants in the air when it passes through it. This also results in filtering the allergy particles in the air which cause pet allergies.

Check out  the video below for more info about HEPA Filter,

The story is fine till now, but what can we do to prevent ourselves from this pet allergies in the worst case.

Prevention measures for Pet Allergies:

Though it is self-diagnosed and cured by itself with time, it’s always better to maintain prevention measures.


Cleanliness plays a key role in maintaining a healthy life. So, it is always the best option to keep our environment clean by cleaning it on a regular basis. Cleaning will remove the residues of pet allergy causing germs.

Regular bath for pets:

Animal fur is one of the most dangerous one in the pet allergies as it will act as a medium for many of the viruses, bacteria to get inside the home. So, bathing your pet on a regular basis will prevent pet allergies.

Maintaining Dust-free Fabrics:

There are high chances of having the allergens on the fabrics of sofa, bed, carpet…etc. So, try to maintain a special fabric which will not let the allergens to get struck by it.

Allowing Specified Area for Pets:

As animal fur carries allergens, it is better to not allow the pets to sit on some hygiene areas like the bedroom, kitchen…etc.

Check for Dust-filled Filters: 

Whereas filters are the main components in the air purifiers, it will get filled by the dust easily within a short time. So, better to check the filter at least once a month.

Conclusion for Air Purifiers help with Pet Allergies:

I can hereby conclude that air consists of not only the pet allergies airborne, it also contains many more bacteria and germs which even cause some chronic diseases. So, choosing the best air purifier is a smart choice in order to get clean and fresh air for a happy life. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Can Dog Allergies Be Cured? Yes, they can be cured if the symptoms are mild. But if they are strong enough to cause chronic diseases then it’s better to avoid exposure to dogs.

Q) How long does pet dander stay in a house? Pet danger can stay for about months in the home of it is not cleaned properly. And it gets multiple if we don’t remove pets from home further right after recognizing the symptoms of pet allergies.

Q) How do I know if my dog is allergic? The symptoms of dog allergies are swelling, itching, redness on the skin where the dog has licked.

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