Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom? How can it Replace Broom?

Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom?

Hello, readers… I am a hygiene freak homemaker. I think it not a bad one… Cannot tolerate a tiny messy in my home.  As a result, I spend most of the time by sweeping, holding a broom and a dustpan.

On a day, one of my neighbors visited my home, pointing out my cleanliness freaks she suggested to buy a vacuum cleaner. Then I began to think, do I really need to change my cleaning routine? Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom?

My Research says, “Probably, Yes, in some particular situations. But choosing a one will always depend upon many factors like size, health conditions, noise, having a pet, type of floor, electricity use, and price range”. 

Then a state of curiosity started in my mind about exploring complete details of this topic to know whether I need to change my cleaning method or not. 

Let’s start to explore….by scrolling down.

How can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom?

Like I said earlier, it depends on some factors, so, lets me explain one after another. But before starting lemme tells you what actually means sweeping and vacuuming.

I know that you are aware of these terms, but it may useful for those who are new to either sweeping/vacuuming…So, don’t mind bearing with me. Or you can skip this section.


Sweeping involves a broom and a dustpan. A broom is made up of stiff fibers attached to a straight round rod/wood. A dustpan is like a flat handheld holder to collect dust.

This is a manual process of cleaning, which is done by collecting all the dirt in the room by from a heap. And dropping into the dustbin/garbage with the help of Dustpan. We can sweep with a large broom or short broom based on the type of floor.

vacuum cleaner replace broom



The word itself suggests that the cleaning is done by vacuum. It is an electric cleaning process, where the dirt is sucked by the machine. However, the dust here is collected by a container/bag inside the machine.

vacuum cleaner replace broom for sweeping

Factors Considered for Getting Vacuum Cleaner

Ok, let us know the factors…

Size of the Cleaning Area:

However, sweeping requires more manpower, cleaning the large area with sweeping might be a hectic task. So, if you have a large home with several rooms then vacuuming is the best.

And sweeping is best for those who have smaller areas. Sweeping is also used just to clean the temporary dust also.

Health Conditions:

There are some people who are very allergic to dust, for them it is better to get vacuum your home every time. Because by sweeping the smaller dust particles will remain in the air and caused some breathing issues. 

So, by vacuuming, the HEPA filters in the machine will trap the smaller even microscopic particles also which never allow them back into the air. It is best for people who have asthma. 

Noise Pollution:

 If you are against noise pollution, then go for the sweeping method of cleaning. It is so quiet to do even at night without causing disturbance to your neighbors.

Whereas the vacuum cleaner gives more noise while cleaning, the motor in it is the reason behind the noise, especially, AC motor makes more noise than the DC motor. 

Having a Pet:

It is quite common for people who have a pet at home get irritated to the pet’s shed hair. They see pet hair everywhere at home like on a bed, couch, stairs..etc. It will get difficult to clean the pet hair by sweeping and then wet mopping on the floor. 

So, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, we can clean the floor, carpet, couch, what not everything covered by pet’s hair. 

And it is a wise option to choose a vacuum, for the people who know that pets hair will cause danger to health.

Type of Floor:

We mostly go for the best flooring in the home but we get disappointed when we see anything damage to it. If you are in this category then go for the sweeping method of cleaning. 

Because, the hard floor cleaning option in a vacuum will cause some scratches on the delicate floors like titles, vinyl flooring..etc.

If you have large rooms with the delicate flooring then it will be difficult to handle. In that case, choose a vacuum cleaner with delicate brushes to clean.

Electricity Usage:

As a vacuum cleaner is an electric machine, it requires electricity to work and also different attachable to clean at corners. But a sweeping method requires no electricity at all and can be reach without any attachable. 

If you want to go eco-friendly then go for the sweeping purpose.

Price Range:

Price becomes the primary and most important factor to consider. Generally, the range of a vacuum cleaner price varies from $150 – $1500. So, it may not be affordable for all to purchase. 

But when it comes to the price of the sweeping method, it is a budget-friendly and can be purchased by anyone.  

Finally, sweeping and vacuuming have equal importance based on other features. So, we cannot conclude that vacuum is best, or sweeping is best. If not, you can use both the cleaning methods for a squeaky clean. (If you are more and the most hygienic person !!!!)


Personally, I’m comfortable with the sweeping method when I compare these factors to my circumstances. But, if you have a pet, hard flooring, large area, dust allergy…etc then I recommend you replace your broom with the best vacuum cleaner in your budget. Happy cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the dust so bad at my house? The main reason is that your house has very dry air. Generally, dry air likely to attract more dust particles. So, by maintaining the minimum humidity levels in the home can eliminate this problem.

Is it OK to vacuum wood floors? Yes, vacuuming by the wrong type of vacuum on the hardwood floor can damage the flooring. If you want a hardwood floor cleaning vacuum cleaner then purchase the one with this option to eliminate the damage.

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