Can a Vacuum Cleaner Clean Dog Hair? Best Vacuum to clean dog hair?

Can a Vacuum Cleaner Clean Dog Hair?

Fluffy Dog, the innocence in its eyes, and cuteness in their face make us adopt them as a favorite pet among other pets. Very loving, isn’t it? It’s all ok to take care, feeding, and even parenting them also. But the only problem comes while seeing dog hair all over the house like, on the stairs, floor, couch, bed…etc. A never-ending fight…

Since the cleaning of the dog hair is an impossible task, we always find a solution for it.

However, a vacuum cleaner is the best for cleaning purpose, why don’t we use a vacuum cleaner to clean dog hair….Of course, right!!

But the question is, Can Vacuum Cleaner Clean Dog Hair? Yes, a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction is the best way to clean the tiny, stubborn dog hair from any surface. Though a wet mob cleaning also helps in cleaning, there are chances for dog hair residue at the tiny and narrow corners. So, choose a vacuum cleaner to clean the dog hair is an easy and effective way to clean it.

As far there are many types of vacuum cleaners in the market. Only a few of them perform best to clean the dog hair. 

So, let us find which type of vacuum is best and how to clean it. We are ready to give the solutions for all the questions in your mind. If you are ready then lets dive into the details…

vacuuming dog hair

But before getting into the topic it’s better to be aware of some basic details about the vacuum cleaner. 

Working of a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner, the word itself says that it is a device used to cleans the things with the help of a vacuum. However, the vacuum means the low-pressure area, which always tends to draw the high-pressure area into it. So, the movement of changing the pressure of air results in suction.

Here we need to consider another important factor is suction power. 

The vacuum in the device is produced by a motor fixed inside it. This motor helps in creating the low-pressure area. 

By switching on the device, the power is supplied to the motor. The supplied power makes the motor to create a low-pressure area thus vacuums forms. The vacuum sucks the air (which contains dust particles) from outside. 

Finally, the sucked dust particles are stored in the container/bag by cleaning the area with dust. 

This is how a vacuum cleaner works, now move on which vacuum cleaner is best to clean dog hair.

Which type of vacuum is best to clean dog hair?

From the above information, we can conclude that a vacuum cleaner with high suction powers is best.

Similarly, as the dog hair is very difficult to remove from the surface, we need to choose the one with more suction power.

There are many brands in the market that say that their product is pets friendly, but do they really worth it?

Apart from the fake advertising, we can choose the best for dog hair removal by referring to the suction power measurements.

Because, the more the number of suction power reading, the more it helps to remove the dog hair. 

When it comes to the type of vacuum. There are 5 types of vacuum cleaners in general. Namely, 

Upright Vacuum Cleaners: 

The upright vacuum cleaners are easy to handle while it has an L shaped structure with a handle. It is used for mostly carpet, wood, and hard floors cleaning 

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners have a canister to remove and set when it is filled with dust. It also looks the same as the upright cleaner.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

As the name suggests that the vacuum cleaner cleans the floor with the help of robotic technology. Though it is an automatic machine it is not suitable for all the floor types.

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

Handle held vacuum cleaner is easy to handle with hand. It is suitable to clean the upper corners of the home.  

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

This vacuum has a stick-like structure hose to clean. Though the stick vacuums have no much feature where the other types have, it has an advantage of lightweight, less budget 

Upon all the types of vacuums, we can conclude that Upright and canister are more suitable to clean the dog hair. These 2 types are highly suggested because of having high performance on the carpet floors.

After choosing the type of vacuum how can we clean dog hair with a vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning dog hair with a vacuum cleaner

It is not a big task to clean dog hair when you have a vacuum cleaner with good suction power. 

If you want to clean the couch, bed…etc then you need to add an extension to a vacuum that is provided to you while purchasing.

Setting the extension properly switch on the vacuum to clean the dog hair from the stubborn surface.

If you want to clean the floor/carpet then switch on the vacuum by setting the type of floor you want to clean. 

After, cleaning the floor, collect the fur from the dirt depositor.

Still, you are in confusion about how to clean then refer the following video for better understanding.

Finally, whatever the pet we have, it is a known fact that its fur can cause some serious health problems. So, we need to be careful with the dog hair inhale.


You might be fed up with cleaning its hair with a wet mob on the floor all the time but changing a cleaning method is easier than changing your loving pet, right! So, if you cannot compromise on the favorite hairy buddy to leave, then go for the best vacuum to clean all the dog hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it OK to vacuum my dog? No, you cannot clean your dog with a vacuum, because the high suction power may hurt the dog. But you can vacuum your dog with attachments specially designed for dogs. This will remove all the loose hair of the dog within one stroke.

Do dogs ever stop shedding? No, healthy dogs cannot stop shedding their hair as it is the natural part of its life. But we can stop excess shedding by brushing its hair regularly.

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