Can a Dirty AC Air Filter cause not to Cool? How to Clean Air Filters?

Can a Dirty AC Air Filter cause not to Cool?

During a sunny day, having spent most of the time outside, we come to the home after experiencing temperature reaches a maximum in a day. As we reach home what we expect, a sigh of a cool breeze. 

Here comes the Air conditioner in help.

Then, What happens if you don’t get enough cooling from an AC? Terrible, right!

But have you ever thought that an important relationship that exists between the Dirty AC Air filter and its cooling effect? You might be wondering, Can a Dirty AC Air Filter Cause not to Cool? Isn’t it?

And the answer, Absolutely yes, Dirty filter cause Air Conditioner to not to cool. It actually reduces the cooling effect gradually by the amount of dirt formation on the filters increases. Not only affects the cooling effect it also affects the working of the whole AC unit.

Some of you are not even able to identify the dirty filter in your AC and the way to clean it properly. You are probably here to know this stuff, right!

Well, set back and relax, I am here to clear your doubts.

AC air filter cleaning

How can a Dirty Filter Cause AC to not Cool?

Generally, the role of a filter is to filter the dust-filled air by passing through it. In the same fashion, AC filters also take the air inside the room and allow it to pass through them. A filtered fresh air along with a cooling effect comes out from an AC which makes us feel fresh and relaxed.

However, the dusty air in the room along with allergens, dust, contaminants also gets filtered through these filters of AC. This how dirt forms on air filters of an AC

But how can it affect cooling?

As we discussed earlier, the amount of dirt formation reduces the cooling effect, let’s know it what actually happens. The working of an AC involves the circulation of air inside the room. In order to get a cool air normal air should be passed through the cooling elements.

If the air gets blocked with the dirt-filled filters then no air will be taken inside or allowed through the cooling elements. A restricted airflow to the AC will lessen the cooling effect of it.

So, this is how a dirty filter cause AC not to cool. And it also causes some other effects also.

Other effects of Clogged Air filters in AC

As we discussed earlier, the clogged air filter also causes some other effects like, Emits unhealthy air, as the air re-circulate allergens filled air back in the room.

The frozen evaporator coil, the inadequate airflow to the coils will reduce the actual condensation and increases the freezing. More Energy Consumption, clogged filters will reduce the efficiency of the AC and consumes much energy to make the room cool which results in high energy consumption.

So, it is better to clean the dirty filters by identifying them first.

But how can we identify the filter is filled/clogged?

How to identify the dirty filters in AC?

Upon, all types of problem identification in AC this might be quite easy to identify. The Clogged/dirty filter looks very messy with the black clogged dirt on the filters of an AC. And the location of it right next to open the lid of an AC and can be easily removed without any serviceman involvement.

In addition, as the technology got advanced there are some filter monitors that can actually optimize the filter changes just by notification sending with the help of a monitor called Filterscan.

If you don’t find these type filter monitors then it’s time for you to know how to clean it on your own.

How to Clean Air filters of AC?

Right after finding the dirty filters, you always tend to clean air filters as early and as clean as possible. 

Firstly, it better to switch off the main power supply to an Air Conditioner because running an AC without a filter will reduce the efficiency of it, in the case of an accidental switch on by remote sense.

Next, we need to remove the air filters by opening the lid carefully.

Better to vacuum the filters with high suction power as it will reduce the cleaning effort.

Then place the vacuum filters in the vinegar mixed solution in a blow. Make sure that the filter needs to be dipped in the solution. Rest the filters in the solution for about 10-20 min.

Or else spray the vinegar solution on the filters for a speedy fix.

Next, wash it thoroughly with water and let it dry completely.

Remembers that there should be no moisture/water residue on the filters before placing on back into the AC.

Check out the video for a better understanding

Cleaning an Air filter of an AC will not only increases the cooling effect but also helps to maintain good health conditions with the fresh air circulation. So, clean air filters will also help us to have a healthy life too…


Being a resident in the dusty areas is not the best option for a family to survive, especially for the people who have an air conditioner at home. So, in order to have a better cooling effect, it’s better to clean your Air filters very often.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Can I use my AC without a filter? No, it’s not at all a good idea to run your AC without a filter at least for once. The role of a filter in an AC is to filter the dirt from the air from being entered into an AC internal component which can affect the working of AC especially cooling.

Q) Can I run my AC without a filter for one night? No, never. You should not run your AC without a filter even for one night also. If you run AC without the filter for a short time then it leads to the huge dust deposit and damages it’s working.

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