Starbucks Halloween Cups 2020 | Glow-in-Dark Tumblers

Starbucks Halloween Cups

Starbucks sells and roasts high-quality whole bean coffee. The coffeehouses of Starbucks became a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere, it will be like an inviting atmosphere with a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time.

Now it released its “2020 fall menu”, Starbucks Halloween Cups, including the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is expanding its Halloween 2020 product line with a brand new tumbler. Customers eagerly noticed to begin the new glow in the dark tumblers to place on shelves of their stores.

It’s almost September and Halloween is very near, and it that celebration Starbucks wants to expand its collection by introducing new spooky glow in the dark tumblers and everyone is trying to get them.

Starbucks Halloween Cups

Features of Starbucks Halloween Cups

In the tumblers, we can have 24 ounces of cold beverages of our favorite. The tumbler is with skulls, moons, birds, and spider web printed and wrapped on it.

The cup designed with black and white which glows green when placed in the dark. The tumbler also comes with purple lids and reusable straws.

As to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it suspended the use of reusable cups and now we cannot fill the cup with our favorite barista-made drink. The tumbler looks quite interesting and buyers can purchase them in stores soon.

The tumbler bore is the resemblance to a matte that Starbucks launched in 2018 and one of the people announced that the new cups will be in the market for sale at participating licensed stores in the USA.

A new line of spooky tumbler features Halloween themed designs like black cats, pumpkins, moths, candles, and many more.

Halloween cups

Review for Halloween Cups

Some fans o Starbucks already got their hands on the new Halloween cups from the websites eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark with the price range from $60 to $160. The product dimensions are 12.2*5.83*5.75 inches and 15.4 ounces of weight.

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Cost: $119.99


Can you put hot coffee in a plastic Starbucks cup?

It is not safe to have hot coffee in plastic Starbucks cups. When the heat introduced to plastic, it may cause some reactions that can’t be seen through ordinary eyes. With those reactions, some toxins will release and we get health problems.

Was there really a Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones?

No, in an interview the director of the movie Game of Thrones revealed that the cup is not from Starbucks. The cup is from the local Coffee shop near where the show was filming that day in Bainbridge, Ireland.

Are Starbucks coffee cups recyclable?

No, but Starbucks committed to significantly reduce the waste generated at the stores, especially when it comes to recycling cups. Despite many challenges, Starbucks has been tackling and waste reduction on many fronts.

How much do Starbucks cups cost?

Starbucks cups are of different sizes, materials, and drinking capacity. So the cost of cups also will be different. We can get the cost of the cups at Amazon or at the official website of Starbucks.

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