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Atomic Lighter

Most of the lighters work only on the principle of ignition of highly flammable substances inside the lighter. For gasoline lighters, gasoline is used and for gas lighters, petroleum is used. Atomic Lighter is a tactical rechargeable lighter that uses an electric arc for ignition instead of flame.

In Atomic lighter, a strong electro impulse discharge created and used for fuel ignition. An electric arc is having ionized electrically quasineutral gas which called plasma. So the lighter also called Plasma Arc lighter. The lighter is perfect for BBQ at backyards to lightening fireworks.

The lighter constructed with rugged black metal casing, it can be used at any place, any time. It also has a non-slip grip and the lighter is fuel-free and flame-free. If charged once we can use the lighter for 100 lightens. The lighter is very tough and uses minimal space. We can use the lighter for camping, hiking ar to carry it for any emergency.

USB Chargeable Lighter

Features of  Lighter

  • Atomic Lighter lightens fire without butane or gas.
  • It is USB chargeable
  • Uses Plasma Arc Technology
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Durable construction
  • Windproof and flint-free

How Does the Atomic Lighter Works?

  • Atomic Lighter has Plasma arc technology which ignites the lighter.
  • There is an ON/OFF button on the bottom of the lighter. Lighter works when we slide the switch to the ON position to unlock and switch OFF which will lock and unable to turn on the lighter.

Atomic Lighter Instructions

  • To use press and hold the power button to turn on the lighter.
  • The electric arc will remain only for 8 seconds even if we press the power button as a safety precaution.
  • We can also clean the lighter, after using it for over a time some build-up will form on the tips. Using a small soft brush we can clean the build-up.
  • Before cleaning, make sure that the lighter is in the OFF position.

How to Charge the Atomic Lighter?

  • Atomic Lighter, before using the first time it must be fully charged.
  • Plug the USB connector end to the charging port of the lighter and the other end of the USB cable to the power source.
  • The blue light on the lighter blinks while the charging indicating that the lighter is into charging mode. After the charging completed the blue light stops blinking and remains solid, now remove the charging USB cable.
  • Overcharging of the battery causes poor battery life and when flashing blue light occurs while using it means the battery is low.

Cost: $27.44

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