Best Back Massager for Pain Relief – Functions & Features

Back Massager

Now a day’s back pain became a nagging issue with a lot of strain to many people. Massager will stimulate circulation, relax stiff muscles, relieve stress, tension and also helps to improve the posture. The best back massager can relay immediate comfort after a long day, so people must choose accordingly from the different styles and models available in the market. Most of the people go with an electric massager or handheld massager, etc. And will go with the vibrant or shiatsu back massager types. The massage gun is useful for people who will sit all day or feel more stressed than usual.

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The first thing to look after for a massager is the style it provides. Shiatsu back massager will deliver the deep kneading movements to get a deep tissue massage and experience the spa feeling. These massagers also rotate nodes, which are great for treating muscle pain or knots post-gym. On the other hand, the vibrate massagers are less intended and intense for soothing the tired muscles. These massagers will not have nodes and have features like all-over vibration or pulsing movements.

Functions and Features of Best Back Massager

A wide range of functions and features of the massager depend on the electric and non-electric massagers. Below are some of them.


The shape is the most important determines of the back massager exactly to treat. Most people go for an S-shaped stick but do not have the motion range to reach the mid-back. Go with the shape that suits according to the massager needed.


The main feature of the massager is its size. Before purchasing the massager, looks for the dimensions and also that which provide the coverage needed. Think about the size; it must be large or portable upon the usage of the device and to make an informed choice.

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The weight factor decides according to the style of the massager. If the massager’s weight is too heavy, people may struggle to do massage for a long time. In addition, there is wind or gun massagers need to hold in place to treat the back.


There are two types of massagers electric/non-electric; take the massager to use it as the favorite chair. For a non-electric massager, people must apply pressure to the device to do massage. For an electric massager no need to put pressure.


The massage nodes number depends on the size of the nodes. It is also important to tell about the back cover that is expected.


If people have knots and want a massage, kneading will work for them, and then look for the kneading function.

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Get a wand massager, which includes a wand that is for easy handheld operation and controls the massage’s intensity.


Some of the massagers will offer a vibrant function that is the other way to treat pain and provides relief after using.


Heat will offer comforting relief from pain and dilates the blood vessels, improve circulation and blood flow. It also soothes and will help relax the body when struggling with back pain.

Acupressure Points

Certain massager tools have acupressure points, and this acupressure massager is powerful for back pain. The therapy will stimulate the nerve centers within the body and encourage endorphins to reduce the pain.

Auto Shut-down

This autos hut down option is a safety feature that protects and unit from overheating.  However, it takes a while to get the source of the pain, and a short auto shut down can be frustrating.

Intensity Setting/Speed

People who have good and bad days need a massager that can flex and want to look for something with a selection of speed or intensity settings. Unfortunately, some of the back massagers just come with settings that might be limiting and switch between gentle and rigorous.


Most manufacturers are making rechargeable products for the people who want a device to use daily without worrying about running out of battery. Now the battery life will vary from device to device. Check the battery life before purchasing.

Best Back Massager

Finding the best back massager to treat the pain will be sometimes tricky; below are some of the massagers with features and prices according to every requirement.

BUTYCE Massage Gun

BUTYC Electric massage gun

BUTYCE is an electric back massager; it contains the percussion massage gun that helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness with eight interchangeable head attachments. The massage gun is quiet during working with25-55dB; the other features are 7-speed settings ranging from 1300 to 3200 rpm, meet different muscle groups, and provide great deep tissue massage. Additionally, the 7-speed levels meet different body parts where the massage needs adjustable speed settings.

The BUTYCE is great for arm leg and neck back muscle massage; it awake the whole body muscles from daily to deep massage. It is the best back massager with a Y8 Pro Max massage gun equipped with a 4800mAh Lithium battery that lasts from 15 to 24 hours massage use on every single charge. The charging voltage rate will be from 100V-240V 50/60Hz max 0.5A; it is a lightweight device with only 2.1 lb, a gross weight of 4.2 lb along with the portable carry case, and easy to carry everywhere.

Cost: $139.99

Zyllion Shiatsu Back Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu back massager

Zyllion Shiatsu back massager will relieve the sore muscles and stiffness with powerful three-dimensional deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes. These nodes will help to relax overused and tight muscles with its automatic changing direction every minute feature. It is a versatile and ergonomic compact pillow massager that fits perfectly behind the neck and body contours of the lower and upper back, calf, abdomen, and thigh areas. Zyllion shiatsu back massager has to overheat protection and advanced heating function.

It soothes the aching muscle,s which will turn on and off with ease, and comes with a free sleeve to lessen the intensity of the massage. It has a car adapter to relax and enjoy the long commute to work or even for road trips. The shiatsu back massager needs to be plugged into a wall or power outlet to work. It is not rechargeable or cordless; it has a UL-approved power adopter that works with 110V-120V and 220V-240V electrical outlets.

Cost: $49.95

Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Massage Gun

Naipo shiatsu back massager

Naipo is the best back massager and also an electric back massager. This shiatsu back and neck massage gun is with adjustable intensity button that provides three different speeds from low, medium, and high, depending on the preferences. It has features of eight deep-kneading massage nodes to soothe the tired, relieve muscle tightness. This electric massage gun is built-in with an advanced heat function that transfers warmth to muscles and automatically shuts down in 20 minutes.

The Naipo kneading handheld back massager is with 3D-rotation kneading massage rollers in ergonomic U design; it is perfect for offices, homes, and even vehicles. Use it for body, neck, back, shoulder, leg, and waist massage. It keeps the direction, intensity, heating, and power in control and is suggested to use for only 15-20minutes at a time. Do not lay the whole body on the massager. To use the massager for a long time, strict according to the given instruction manual.

Cost: $49.99

Bodybay Percussion Massage Gun

Bodybay electric

Bodybay is a handheld back massager and is the best self-recovery tool. It is equipped with six different-shaped massage heads to help the user relax from different muscle tissues. Bodybay relaxes round head, forkhead, flathead, spade-shape head, foot head, and bullet head. It is a physiotherapy gun that improves the body’s soft tissues’ overall health and prevents the inflammation caused by the adhesion between fascia and muscle. We can adjust the massage gun with 20 adjustable speeds for professional and personal use.

The bodybag handheld back massager has very powerful percussion vibration, which gives 1500 to 3500 frequencies professionally designed strokes per minute. It helps relieve the warm-up muscle exercises and will take away the stiffness and soreness of the muscle. It will also accelerate the recovery and brings refresh. The massager is with intelligent HD touch screen, a 20-speed display of massage strength, and battery life. It has batteries that can charge.

Cost: $69.99


What does a back massager do?

The back massager is designed to stimulate circulation and relax stiff muscles to relieve back, neck, and body pains. There are different types of massage guns available in the market and use different massage techniques and intensities.

Is a massager good for back pain?

Many researchers declared that massage is highly effective in treating back pain. In addition, these massagers will provide short-term relief from all types of back pains.

Can we sleep on back massagers?

It is not recommended to sleep on the back massagers for a long period as it causes bruising of the muscles.

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