Castle Nut Wrench | How to Install & Remove Castle Nuts?

Castle Nut

Castle Nut also named Castellated Nut, a nut with notches cut for one end. As the nuts resemble the crenelated parapet of a medieval castle, the name Castle Nut came up. Castle Nut sometimes wrongly called as castigated nuts.

These nuts often mentioned as slotted nuts but there will be a slight difference. There is a castle nut wrench to remove or install the nuts.

Castle Nuts designed in a way that requires a pin that fits through the slots and a hole in the screw for which the nut is attached. The pin used is a cotter pin that prevents the nut from loosening and turning.

Castellated nuts allow the cotter pin tightened closer to the margin of the nuts to provide secureness. Castle nuts are used for low-torque applications, as holding a wheel bearing in place.

Castle Nuts

Castle Nut Wrenches for Different Using Purposes

JUEN Castle Nut Wrench

JUEN Castle Nut Wrench

JUEN Castle Nut wrench used for standard and commercial castle nuts. This is not a multipurpose tool, it just does one job to turn a nut. The wrench was used in all areas where castle nuts used like plumbing, pipefitting, hunting, fishing rods, automotive, safes, etc.

JUEN castle nut wrench is made with heat-treated high carbon steel or surface hardening treatment. To make the spanner durable and easy to use, it also has a non-slip wear-resistant red cover with a rubber grip. This tool is not an armorer, it cannot repair any armorer.

It is very smart and handy to use with a circular edge bar and can hang on with the O ring end. The handle of the wrench is skid-proof and designed to hold the spanner tightly. The dimensions of the product are 7.08*0.78*0.16 inches and with 3.91 ounces of weight.

Cost: $11.99

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DEF Hook Wrench for Castle Nut

DEF Hook Wrench

DEF Hook Wrench made with high carbon steel and oxidized black on the surface. It is for standard and commercial castle nuts. The rubber grip used is having improved performance with safety and comfort. It is suitable for all commercial, plumbing, fittings, cars with an outer diameter of 11/4 inches.

The wrench is not a multipurpose tool and not an armorer. It has a fixed buckle and cannot move. DEF Hook Castle Nut Wrench has a place in the application of construction machinery to facilitate the precise operation of special tools for loosening and tightening.

To use this hook wrench, apply pressure from one side, and need to lose balance on the other side to achieve the desired effect. The rubberized handle protects hands while using and prevents slipping of the tools. The product dimensions are 8.2*2.3*0.7 inches and with 4.8 ounces of weight.

Cost: $17

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AR-PRO 3-in-1 Wrench for Castle Nuts

AR-PRO 3-in-1 Wrench

AR-PRO is with a 3-in-1 innovative design by experts to make adjustments with castle nut wrench. It allows us to work on tubes, castle nuts, and free barrel nuts with one comprehensive device so that to save essential space in the toolbox.

The wrench with broad range usage, used for all castle nuts as fishing rods, plumbing, pipefitting or fixing, hunting, and more. The wrench made with heat-treated carbon steel material for strongness, tough and for long last, and chrome plated for durability to keep on working.

The multi-tool wrench made with rubber wrapped handle having a complete rubberized grip to use comfortably. The company is also providing 30 days free return or exchange policy if the customer is not happy. The product dimensions are 10.8*2.5*0.2 inches and with 4.8 ounces.

Cost: $9.99

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Spanner Castle Nut Wrench

Spanner Nut Wrench

Spanner Nut wrench used for nut removal and tightening. The wrench made with heat-treated high carbon steel/surface hardening treatment and black oxide coating to make the wrench convenient and durable to use. A nut with an outer diameter 11/4 inch installed.

The comfortable and round design on the top of the wrench that easily installs and unscrews the nut, and the round design on the bottom that easily hung on the wall. It also has a thin design so that easily manipulated into the narrow places and durable steel structure to complete the work.

The wrench is suitable for plumbing, pipefitting, fishing rods, safes, hunting, vehicles, etc.  The wrench is with excellent craftsmanship and quality. Contact the customer care and they will solve the problem within 12 hours for any queries while using the product. The product dimensions are 7.5*1.5*0.1 inches and with 3.2 ounces of weight.

Cost: $8.99

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CROSS Wrench for Castle Nut

Cross Wrench

Cross Wrench used for standard and commercial castle nuts with 11/4 inches diameter. It is not a multi-tool and the only job it does is to turn the nut. The wrench is perfect for all applications like plumbing, pipefitting, fishing rods, hunting, automotive, safes, etc. The Cross Castle Nut Wrench is also perfect for the enthusiasts.

The wrench is 2 times stronger than standard. This wrench made with 2 time’s thicker heat-treated and 6 gauge high carbon steel. The wrench also cases hardened and black oxide coated for the corrosion resistance. It is not a multipurpose tool and not an armorer. Each wrench was featured with a rubber grip for safety and comfort. The wrench is a necessity that values quality and reliability to use.

The product dimensions are 6.75*1.4*0.4 inches and with 4.8 ounces of weight. The company is providing with fess shipping and a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Cost: $8.09

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What can we use instead of Castle Nut Wrench?

We can use a pipe wrench or just lay the AR down on the side and use a screwdriver, hit it with a hammer. We can also use cloth at the end of the screwdriver so that the castle nut won’t get damaged. Using Castle Nut Wrench is safer than using any other tool.

What is the purpose of the castle nut?

Castle nuts look like crowns or parapets of mid-evil castles. These nuts used together with a bolt and cotter pin. It secures the nut in place and the nut will not be tightened or loosened.

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