Best Floor Chair 2021 with Back Support & Factors to Consider

Floor Chair

A floor chair is a chair that doesn’t have legs and sits on the floor. A floor chair for gaming allows you to sit on the floor comfortably. It generally comes with a backrest and back support adjusted and convenient to use when reading a book, working, watching a movie, or playing games. Look for the best floor chair with back support, know the types of floor chairs and the factors to consider before buying one.

floor chair for gaming

Types of Floor Chairs

Below are the types of floor chairs.


They are designed for extreme comfort, offer more cushioning, and allow the body to relax. It may or may not have armrests.


These are similar to lounge floor chairs, but they’re designed on a swivel base. The chair allows users to rotate the chair’s direction without having to reposition it.

types of floor chair with back support

Bean bag

These chairs are filled with foam beads or pellets. Modern styles feature a structured shape than traditional bean bag chairs, with armrests, pockets, and other benefits.


These chairs are resourceful, and it offers users a place to sit or rest their feet if they’re seated elsewhere. However, these chairs lack back support, so they can use to sit for a short time.


Gaming floor chairs, designed and feature high-tech functionality. For example, many gaming chairs provide built-in speakers and vibrations to improve the experience when connected with your gaming console or by streaming movies and music.

Best Floor Chair

The best floor chair with back support must be comfortable to sit in and within the budget. Below are some.

Bon VIVO Padded Floor Chair

Bonvivo gaming chair

It is a Japanese-style floor chair made up of polyurethane material and alloy steel frame material, memory foam seat material, and one of the best floor chairs. The weight of the item is 5 pounds. The comes with 21.3 inches seat height, and the dimensions are L: 7.4 x W: 16.9 x H: 21.3 inches.

The color of this item is blue and beige. The floor chairs are for the bedroom and living room, and you can use them as a gaming chair, meditation chair, or floor cushion. You can take this chair anywhere you go as well, and it is easy to clean.

Cost: $54.79

Best Choice Products Reclining Folding Floor Gaming Chair

Best Choice gaming chair

Best Choice is a casual-style floor gaming chair made with Linen Fabric, steel material, and alloy steel frame material. The item’s weight is 25.57 pounds, seat height is 12.2 inches, and the dimensions are 25 x 24 x 34.75 inches. You can adjust the chair between 4 different positions as it is designed with a backrest and the best floor chair.

This gaming chair can also use for reading, watching TV, and more. With a removable, machine-washable base cover, your floor stays protected from scratches. It comes with a steel ball-bearing system that ensures 360-degree functionality, and it was one of the best floor chairs.

Cost: $129.99

X Rocker Pro Series Floor Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker types of floor chairs

It is a modern-style gaming floor chair made up of durable wood and metal frame covered with padded vinyl material. The weight of the item is 17.34 pounds, and the maximum weight recommendation is 275 pounds. The dimensions of this item are L: 29.13 x W: 22.05 x H: 20.87 inches, seat depth is 29 inches.

The color of this chair is black, which is designed for playing games, watching movies, reading, relaxing, etc. It contains additional vibration motors that sync with your audio’s tones. It is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, MP3s, DVDs, and most other gaming systems.

Cost: $239.00

X Rocker Surge Wireless Video Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker

It is a modern-style gaming chair made up of textile material, Faux leather seat material. The weight of this item is 36.81 inches, and the dimensions are L: 36.81 x W: 32.28 x H: 20.89 inches. The color of this chair is black and red piping. X Rocker chair, used for multi-purposes like playing games, watching movies, reading, relaxing.

It has two forward-facing speakers with a powerful subwoofer. A wireless Bluetooth receiver is built-in to the chair to play audio from any Bluetooth device. It is compatible with smart devices, TV, CD, DVDs, Blu-ray, and MP3 players.

Cost: $159.82

Back Jack Floor Chair, Extra Large, Purple


Back Jack, a modern style floor chair made up of steel material and alloy steel frame material. The weight of this item is 4 pounds, and the dimensions are L: 24 x W: 16 x H: 23 inches.

This chair is lightweight, and it can take you wherever you go. It is to sit comfortably with friends and family. It is designed to use anywhere from home, sporting events, camping, and more.

Cost: $56.74

Buyer Guidance for Best floor chair

Before purchasing a floor chair, we have to consider some factors to look into before buying.

  • Most people find it challenges to buy a floor chair that meets their requirements with so many choices in the market.
  • Dimensions: You choose chair size before buying is the major factor and makes any difference in comfort.
  • Back support: Look for the chairs that have back support because when you sit, you want to rest your back to feel more relaxing. So choose the design that offers you good resting options and gives you good support when you sit.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning is an important factor to look at as you need good cushioning to sit comfortably for a long duration.
  • Purpose: Your choice will also depend on your purpose. For example, the requirements of a floor chair for meditation will be different from those for gaming.
  • Most types of floor chairs come with an adjustability feature that allows users to customize the backrest angle to create two or more than ten different positions. In addition, some adjustable floor chairs can convert to a small cot for overnight guests.
  • Material: While buying a floor chair with back support, you must see which material to use more comfortably. Some common materials are cotton, polyester, synthetic leather, memory foam.


From the above information, everyone will have an idea of the best floor chairs and the floor chair with back support. Accordingly, buying with the above guidelines. Last but not least, get a floor chair which will be useful in the long run for all purposes.


  1. What is the use of a chaise lounge?

It is a long, slim chair for comfortably stretching out and resting—some chaise lounges are for an extra bed for overnight guests in the home.

  1. Should I buy floor chairs with armrests?

Armrests add comfort by giving your arms a place to rest while watching television, reading, or napping. In addition, armrests may limit certain sitting positions depending on how you sit.

  1. How to make my bean bag fluffy again?

After a while, all bean bags lose their fluff. For many bean bag chairs, you’ll need to purchase a refill bag of foam beans and, as per the instructions, add them to the chair.

  1. Does a gaming chair make a difference?

Gaming chairs turn to be effectively designed for hours of use. They can also consist of speakers, vibration, and other features to enhance the overall gaming experience.

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