Best Tactical Flashlight – What to Look in a Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical Flashlight

Flashlight or lantern is every day carried toolboxes, and tactical is a word used to describe the flashlights with special features in the market. Based on some features and results, they make a flashlight tactical. The best tactical flashlight with more shine than just giving light in the dark comes with features constructed and set, which helps in mission-critical work. There are different types like brightest, military, pro four tactical flashlights, etc. A few of the models are J5, Por 4, TC1200 pro tactical flashlight, etc.

brightness tactical flashlights

The true tactical flashlight is designed with self-defense and critical situation in mind. Therefore, it is more than what it looks like or a badge carelessly put on each flashlight that is black-out with a strike bezel. Unlike other EDC flashlights, these tactical flashlights will tend to sport lower output and even moonlight mode for long run time. In addition, these flashlights will feature high brightness, a forward throw switch for any momentary activation, strobe mode, aggressive knurling, and even sometimes a strike bezel.

Best Tactical Flashlight

Best Tactical Flashlight with features and price are given below.

TC1200 PRO Tactical LED Flashlight

TC1200 PRO flashlight

TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight with 2000 lumens, five modes of flashlights with belt clip for Hurrican camping hiking emergency. It is durable and made with durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The five lighting modes are high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe ZOOM IN-OUT. It has digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness.

The TC1200 PRO Tactical flashlight is low battery consumption that allows for hours to use; the XML-T6 LED bulb can also reach a maximum output of high 2000 lumens. It is zoomable, adjustable beam, and shock-resistant. TC1200 PRO flashlight is lightweight, easy to carry, pocket-sized, tail switch for one-handed operation, etc. The package contains two zoomable LED flashlights, two AAA battery holders, two 18650 battery tubes.

Cost: $19.99

PRO-4 Tactical Portable Lantern

pro - 4 best tactical flashlight

Pro 4 Flashlight is the brightest tactical flashlight that includes four collapsible camping LED lanterns with 300 lumens and 360 degrees brilliant light used as a flashlight for directional lighting or campsite fitting. Each lantern operates with 3 AA batteries so that the power and light need right out of the box. They have a magnetic base and hanging hook; use the magnetic base on the lanterns to mount the light or hang it with the convenient base hook. It is perfect for hanging in tents.

The Pro 4 tactical flashlight has a collapsible design to reduce or increase the light when collapsed or expanded the lantern. When the flashlight collapsed, it will be as small as the phone, which easily fits in a backpack or emergency kit. It is built-in with a 300-lumen flashlight along with emergency red hazard flashers. These flashlights are waterproof and shock-resistant, and constructed with aircraft-grade materials.

Cost: $19.99

Military Grade Camping Lantern

Military tactical flashlight or lantern

The military tactical flashlight is the best-grade camping lantern with unique COB LED lanterns. With the same 30 lamp beads as LED bulbs, COB LED is more energy-efficient, enabling the light to last long and bright. These military flashlights are camping lights with a bottom magnet design; they can stick to any steel surface. These are coupled with foldaway handles to hang and place it anywhere handily.

It looks like a small lantern and will perform all its duties in an emergency. It is a creative thought to put a fire starter and whistle inside to minimize the inconvenience at outdoor camping, hiking recreation, etc. So it is with military-grade material that lasts long with durability, easy to carry, and lightweight.

Cost: $13.99

J5 Tactical V1 PRO Flashlight


J5 Tactical flashlight will easily light up the entire room or focus on objects that are 600 feet away and ten times brighter than old incandescent lights. They are conveniently powered for hours with a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery. There are three lighting modes with settings high, low, and strobe, with wide-to-narrow beam zooms that make them ideal for use around the house, hunting, dog walking, fishing, or camping. In addition, the J5 flashlight is compact enough to fit in the pocket, wallet/purse, or backpack.

The J5 flashlight is compact and tough nails; it can survive a 9-foot drop or be temporarily submerged in water. Best to use in car, kitchen, even as a gift to a friend and in the garage. The compact size makes it ideal for keeping in a pocket or purse. Suitable for the people who use the flashlight in the rain, snow, or emergency.

Cost: $12.95

What to look at in a tactical flashlight before purchasing?

People who want a perfect and best tactical flashlight must not have a simple tracking function to light up a room. But it must be useful in numerous situations and used to make sure to pick the torch to carry for exploits and adventures.


The lumen output of the flashlight is the most important factor to consider. It is not simply about the maximum light but the available range. Many of the tactical flashlights are offering more than just an output. Make sure to have 3 to 4 settings of the range 0.5 to 1000+ to utilize the perfect amount of light for any situation.

Lighting Mode

The second factor to consider is the lighting modes. The lighting modes like SOS, strobe and a full-lumen will burst. We can use these modes for a multipurpose like signaling for assistance and temporarily/disorienting blinding assailants. So choose a tactical flashlight that suits actual tactical usage and with the lighting modes of utmost importance.

TC1200 PRO flashlights or lantern


Size is also a factor that needs to be considered. The flashlight must not be too small also not big that will not suit to use. The trick is to get the perfect and best tactical flashlight in between, with the flashlight that is big enough to hold a grip for self-defense but not too big to become a blunt instrument. So this varies from person to person; choose the one that fits into the arms to use.


Construction is also an important feature to consider, especially with regards to use as self-defense. Most of the tactical flashlights are sturdy, built with anodized aluminum, and sometimes with softer synthetic exteriors. A flashlight with a toothed bezel is a perfect idea for striking. Choose a flashlight with an IP rating and waterproof to act according to the weather.


Getting the best tactical flashlight for everyday carry is challenging because many flashlights are available in the market. Choose the one comfortable using and have lumen output, size, construction, lighting mode, etc. Above are some tactical flashlights with features and prices to choose from according to the requirement and budget.

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