Bubba Blade Knife – How to Sharpen a Bubba Blade?

Bubba Blade

People looking for high-quality knives, especially fish fillet knives and Bubba Blade pliers, are the best option. Bubba blade fillet knife is popular with anglers and preferred by professionals and amateurs. One of the best features of knife handles designed to accommodate disabilities. In this article, we will have information on how to sharpen a bubba blade knife.

bubba blade knives

There are many knives in the market, but the Bubba blade is one of the best fillet knives for filleting the fish. It is made with single-piece high carbon stainless steel, which makes the blade durable and strong. Moreover, it is protected from rust, stain, corrosion, and discoloration because of the stainless steel blade that prolongs the lifetime of the bubba blade.

Best Bubba Blade

Below are some of the knives from Bubba blade for cutting wires, filleting fishes, etc.

Bubba Blade Fillet Knife of 9 inches

bubba blade fillet knife

Bubba Blade fillet knife is long famous for filleting fish and also for the iconic, non-slip grip with high-quality, best performance, and durability on the water. The length of the fillet knife is 15 inches in which the blade length is 9 inches. It has a non-slip grip handle for the grip, security providing. In addition, the fillet knife is an ultimate knife control that has a trigger grip as an added security.

It is perfect for cleaning all types of fish and its flexibility, filleting the bones to provide enough rigidity to slice through heavy meat or cut the bones of the fish. The bubba blade fillet knife is ideal for salt or freshwater fish. It is a stiff-style knife with little flex, which is controllable and great for large game fish and precision cutting. With its flexibility, the sleek, sporty blade will cut the fish in detail and pluck out the bones.

Cost: $64.95

Bubba Blade Pliers

bubba blade pliers

Bubba Blade pliers for fishing are with length 6.5 inches and the jaws with 3 inches. It is easy to use; just quickly remove the hooks or replace treble hooks on the lure while catching fish and utilizing the split ring tool to easily open the split grip. Bubba blade pliers are patented non-slip grip handle that makes sure the pliers stay firm even the hands are wet.

The Bubba Blade pliers are made with aerospace aluminum construction for lightweight and reliable usability and built for ultimate control, durability and strength. These bubba blade pliers are stainless steel 3-inch jaws are titanium to remove hooks. The plier, built with a spring-loaded handle, provides maximum leverage and ease of use while removing hooks.

Cost: $42.13

How to Sharpen a Bubba Blade Knife?

Every knife requires a sharpening process to make a knife sharp by grinding against a hard surface like the whetstone, steel rod, etc. The knife must be sharpening when it is still sharp. Below are some of the methods:

By Steel Rod

Use a steel rod made with high carbon stainless steel and coated with Ti-Nitride that protects from rust and corrosion. The rod must be an ideal and very sharp tip to sharpening the knife. It must be with a non-slip grip handle which makes comfortable, safe grip and easy even when the hand is wet. The sheath will help to carry the rod safely and easily. The safety guard will also protect while using the rod.

fillet knife sharpening

  • To sharpen the bubba blade knife, first, the angle must be correct and smooth.
  • Now hold the sharpening steel rod at 45 degrees angle and hold the bubba blade knife at 22 degrees angle.
  • Grind the blade from the bottom to the tip of the bubba blade.
  • Rub gently on both sides.
  • Grind the bubba blade on both sides by keeping the same angles.
  • Apply pressure evenly but don’t apply too much pressure.
  • We must not grind the bubba blade knife too fast; repeat several times to sharpen the knife.
  • Finally, wash the bubba blade with mild soap by using a hand after sharpening.

By Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife and Tool sharpener will sharpen a large variety of kitchen knives, various gardening tools, outdoor knives, etc., very quickly and easily. It has an abrasive belt to sharpen the knives smoothly and will not cause any harm to steel while sharpening.

The work sharpener and tool sharpener will sharpen the bubba blade knife at a 50-degree sharpening angle and create the sharpest blades easily and replaceable. Clean the blade with mild soap by washing gently with hands after sharpening.



Bubba Blade will offer a lot when it comes to knives. They had a large variety of fillet knives and knives for different needs. People mainly use this for filleting and cleaning the fish and also use bubba blade pliers for fishing. The main advantage of the bubba blade knife is that they are handy with domestic settings for professional chefs. So people can afford and also consider as a good investment.

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