Strange Demogorgon Costume for Halloween Day 2020


Demogorgon, a demon and a deity connected with the underworld and predicts it as a powerful ancient being. The name origins are not clear and consider it to be a misreading of Greek-based manuscript variations and are crystal clear in Lactantius Placidus. The name derived from the Greek words Dimon and gorgon. It is famous as the Demogorgon costume.

Demogorgon Costume

This is one of the central characters in Voltaire’s 1756 short story “Plato’s Dream” which is a lesser super being responsible for creating Earth. It is a powerful demon prince in Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

He portrays a reptilian with 18 feet tall and with a humanoid form. He has two heads with individual minds, two hyena heads germinate from his twin snake-like necks and arms with long tentacles. In the NetHack game, Demogorgon displayed with a combination of poisoning, stunning, disease, and damage attacks.

Demogorgon is now famous for its show on Netflix, The stranger things. He is the absolute strongest character in the show and it is driving the force behind the plot in both seasons.

Demogorgon Costume

Many people who watch the stranger things, attracted to Demogorgon’s character and wear the costume to support him. For the coming Halloween Day people are looking for Demogorgon costume for adults and children.

Demogorgon Costume Product Description:

Demogorgon for Halloween

The stranger things about Demogorgon costume is a jumpsuit comes with print through hook and loop fastener tabs. It has a stick-out rib cage that covers the top portion and creates a cool 3D effect. The gloves come with monsters long spear-like fingers. The shoe cover features elastic straps that match the costume and fit for all size feet.

The mask for the head stretches and slips easily over the head. The mash also featured with a mesh lookout hole with scary petals and is always puffed out for a frightening look all the time. People till now who never heard and saw the stranger things, after wearing Demogorgon costume they will jump and scream on the Halloween night by seeing its realistic fold open mask.

People wear this costume not only for Halloween night but also for cosplay, theme parties and even for shows, etc. This Demogorgon costume is available for kids and adults also.

Where to Buy: Click Here

Cost: Price ranges start from $28 to $52

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