Ahegao Hoodies – What is Ahegao Hoodie & Ahegao Hoodie Meme?

People around the world are changing and the fashion industry also. To keep the fashion desire and senses of people there are many innovative styles and patterns released by the fashion brands. Hoodies now preferred by the people during winters. As there are many types and varieties of hoodies, the trending style is Ahegao Hoodies. Now many people thinking in their minds about what is Ahegao Hoodie and Ahegao Hoodie Meme?

What is Ahegao Hoodie?

Ahegao originates from Japan which is used to represent the erotic facial expression of a girl. Some of the characteristics of Ahegao crossed or rolling eyes, blush on the face, tongue hanging out of the mouth in excitement, etc. The other exact word for the expression of Ahegao is Ikigao.

What is Ahegao Hoodie

According to some sources, Ahegao is on-trend since the 1990s and mainly used in pornographic magazines to represent the facial expression of a female while having a pleasant time during sex. From the year 2000, it became the style of representing adult-oriented stuff and spread among otaku culture in Japan.

Why Ahegao Hoodie?

People are in fashion and dare to wear unusual things. They want to surprise the community with their breaking the shackles of fashion tradition of wearing clothes. Ahegao Hoodies introduced for the people who like fashionable wear to show the different types of facial expressions like ooh, yeah, ouch, aah, etc.

These hoodies from Japan are very stylish, bold and people who take courage to wear Ahegao hoodies. The expression on the hoodie considered a symbol of pornographic enthusiasm and pleasure in Japan. There are many options like titillating, erotic, lustful, and seductive anima characters enjoying moments. These hoodies are available in both color and black & white for the people to choose from.

Ahegao, not only chosen as a hoodie but also as sweatshirts full of lusty, erotic, sensuous, and seductive expressions. Ahegao hoodies, available in a cotton/spandex blend of fabric crafted with perfection. The hoodies only have the mouth of erotic girl’s expressions with the tongue.

Who is the character in the middle of the Ahegao Hoodies?

The character in the middle of the Ahegao hoodie is Hentai characters. In the year 2015, the Ahegao Hoodie showing expression from Hirami, the Hentai artist circulated online.

Ahegao Hoodie Meme

Below are some of the Ahegao Hoodie Meme’s

Ahegao Hoodies

Ahegao Hoodie Meme

Erotic Expression

Where to buy the Ahegao Hoodies?

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